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Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself – 11 colorful ideas that even beginners can create!

A wonderful season is approaching – autumn is just around the corner and it will soon bring us all its romantic colors with which it creates its unique atmosphere. And if you think of autumn, you probably imagine all the handicraft projects that you can now carry out. The colored foliage, the many fruits such as chestnuts, acorns and beechnuts in combination with branches full of berries and other natural materials are perfect for making beautiful and, above all, durable decorations. Supplement the natural spectacle in the garden with a few such handicrafts! We have put together a few ideas that you can use to make autumn decorations for the garden yourself.

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself – decorate the garden table

Make a basket with a candle as an autumn decoration for the garden yourself - decorate with chestnuts

Autumn still offers enough sunny days that we can spend comfortably with a cup of coffee on the terrace or in the garden. So do not neglect your seating area and decorate your table by making an autumn decoration for the garden table. Such a wire basket with autumnal nuts such as chestnuts and a romantic candle is ideally suited and also made super quick and easy. The basket gives the decoration a rustic flair, but you can of course also use any other container. Put the candle in it and spread chestnuts around it. Of course, you can also use other fruits when you make this autumn decoration for the garden yourself.

Autumn decoration in the garden with a vintage flair

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself - decorate the front yard and entrance area with a bird cage or lantern

Anything made of wrought iron and nicely ornate is perfect for creating a vintage mood. An old bird cage is ideal if you want to make a beautiful autumn decoration for the garden yourself without much effort. Simply fill it with things that you associate with autumn – pumpkins, apples, pine cones, etc. You can then display the filled cage on a matching side table or next to the front door if you have autumn decorations in the garden especially at the house entrance want to set up.

This idea also works wonderfully with large lanterns.

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself – umbrella with colorful leaves

Make an original umbrella as an autumn decoration for the garden yourself with leaves

Do you still have an old umbrella that can no longer quite serve its purpose? It doesn’t belong in the trash for a long time, just look what a beautiful garden decoration for autumn you can make with it! If you make this autumn decoration for the garden yourself, you have the choice: Use real leaves that you collect beforehand on a leisurely walk with the children or use artificial autumn leaves. You are also free to decide on the color scheme. Create a motley pattern, a monochrome design or get particularly creative and create an even color gradient.

Umbrella with colorful autumn leaves as autumn decoration for outside

Either way, start at the outer edge of the opened umbrella and glue a row of sheets in place (hot glue works well for this purpose). After that, make the next row, which should overlap the previous one a little. Gradually work your way up to the tip of the umbrella. Then you can use the leaf umbrella in the garden as an autumn decoration. By the way, a parasol is also suitable for this craft idea.

Craft idea with real pumpkin

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself with pumpkins and leaves

If you want to use real pumpkins, we recommend the outdoor area. The cooler weather ensures that they last longer than indoors, for example. But of course you should also choose an area in the garden that is not directly illuminated by the sun. If you have found such a place, you can also make this autumn decoration for the garden yourself. Glue a pumpkin simply with leaves and, if you like, with evergreen twigs.

Paint the pumpkin white and decorate with decoupage with leaves

The brightly colored leaves come into their own when you use a light-colored pumpkin or paint it with white paint beforehand. After the paint has dried, it is best to glue the leaves themselves with Mod Podge or other napkin glue so that they are completely sealed. Apply glue to the leaf first, glue it to the pumpkin, and then spread another layer of glue over it. The initially whitish glue becomes transparent as it dries.

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself – a different kind of flowerpot

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself from pumpkins as flower pots

Would you like an idea with real pumpkins? How about using them like a flower pot? Hollow out a pumpkin, possibly add drainage holes or at least a layer of drainage, and fill in with soil. Then you can plant any autumn flowers in it. And although this autumn decoration in the garden will already attract everyone’s attention, you can go a step further and design a mini or fairy garden and make an even cuter autumn decoration for the garden.

Planting a pumpkin and creating a fairy garden as an autumn garden decoration

This project is also very suitable for children. Hollowing out the pumpkins, but also planting and decorating the pots will certainly be a lot of fun for the little ones. You can then admire your own work with pride in the garden every day.

Bouquet of multicolored leaves

Simple bouquet made of twigs and real or artificial autumn leaves

And if you are already in the process of decorating the entrance area with autumn decorations for the garden, we can also offer you a simple idea. Regardless of whether you want the bushes and trees to be cut back in autumn or collect natural materials for handicrafts on a walk – simple twigs with a few colorful leaves here and there are great for an autumn bouquet. Just put them in a metal jug, weatherproof vase or any other container and place them on the patio, next to the front door, on the outside staircase or any other place you want. Didn’t find any branches with leaves? Just take bare branches and glue real or artificial with hot glue.

Scarecrow from flower pots

Funny scarecrow made of clay pots for autumn garden decoration

A very cute decoration that will immediately put everyone in the right autumn mood is such a scarecrow made of clay pots. You can paint the pots as you like, but even leaving them in their natural color will make the scarecrow very personable. You need two of the same size for the head and torso and four smaller ones for the arms and legs. Tie the small ones to the body with ropes (through the drainage holes) and glue the straw to the edges so that it sticks out. Now glue the head to the trunk and also provide the edge with straw.

Alternatively, you can plant a pretty flower on the head or put on the plate like a hat in addition to the straw. So you can let your imagination run wild and make your own autumn decoration for the garden yourself. Put the scarecrow on steps, on a tree stump, or even on the windowsill. It is also ideal as an autumn decoration for the garden bench. For example, replace the throw pillow by putting the scarecrow on the bench instead!

Present the house number in an original way

Idea for the front door area - house number on a white pumpkin and colorful flowers

You have probably already noted the house number on the mailbox or on the house facade for the postman. But you could temporarily supplement or even replace this with an autumn variant. Use a pumpkin as a kind of sign in the entrance area or front yard! There are various ways of doing this. If you would like to make this autumn decoration for the garden yourself, you can:

Present the house number on pumpkins and make autumn decorations for the garden yourself

  • Take the numbers off the house facade and hang them on pumpkins instead.
  • Write the house number yourself on the pumpkins with paint.
  • Carve the number into the pumpkins and then place candles in them so that they can be recognized in the dark.
  • Use stickers or stencils.

Put numbers on pumpkins, decorate with bows and decorate the front yard

As you can see, you can arrange the designed pumpkins very differently. Line them up or stagger them on different levels. You can also stack them on top of each other. You just want to set up a single pumpkin? Then just write the number on a large pumpkin. Make sure, however, that the number is easily recognizable from a distance.

DIY chalkboard as a welcome sign

Make a simple welcome sign out of an old or new picture frame

Would you like to welcome your guests with such a table? It can be made quickly and can also be used in any other time of the year – so not only perfect if you want to make an autumn decoration for the garden yourself. All you need is a picture frame (with the glass), the surface of which you roughen with fine sandpaper. You can then repaint it (or you can get one in your color right away). While the frame is drying, paint the glass panel with blackboard paint. If the first layer doesn’t cover well, apply a second after the first has dried.

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself - make a sign with blackboard paint

Now let everything dry well, glue a piece of tape to the back of the frame to form a loop and reassemble the frame. Now you can hang the sign on the door thanks to the loop and write on it with chalk as you like.

Garland for pillars or railings

Decorate the pillars of terraces or verandas with garlands made of grapevines

Get willow twigs, grapevines or a ready-made garland of twigs and decorate them with any decorations. In the example above, metal baking tins were used, but other things are of course also suitable. It is important that these stand out in color from the brown of the branches. If you would like to make this autumn decoration for the garden yourself, simply tie the selected items to the garland and you can use it to decorate the outside area.

It can be wonderfully wrapped around the columns or beams of a terrace or veranda, but also around the railing of the balcony or stairs. Do you have a canopy? Then hang on to it! If you want, you can also work in a string of lights to create beautiful lighting effects in the evening hours.

Garland of corn on the cob

Garland made of corn on the cob for an autumn decoration for the outside area with a rustic flair

Another cool idea for a hanging garland is one made from corn on the cob. With their warm colors, these radiate just the right atmosphere. How is she tinkered? Very easily! Insert hooks into the top of the pistons, then thread a rope through these hooks. To prevent the pistons from slipping later, you should use a thicker rope. If you can’t find one, you can simply tie ribbons between the ears of corn, which will keep the ears in place.

Make autumn decorations for the garden yourself - cool ideas that can be tinkered quickly