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Make autumn arrangements yourself – 4 pretty & simple ideas for everyone

Some do not feel ready to welcome autumn anytime soon, others can hardly wait for it due to its bright colors and pleasant freshness. However, a few themed crafts and DIY projects can get you in the mood. In addition, today we have some wonderful ideas on how you can make autumn arrangements yourself to decorate the dining table or other areas such as the mantelpiece, side table or coffee table.

Make autumn arrangements yourself – pyramid made of baskets

Make your own autumn arrangements with baskets and natural materials or artificial plants

There are plenty of autumn arrangements for the table to buy, but homemade is and remains the best, isn’t it? That’s why we also provide you with instructions on how to make autumn flower arrangements and we start with an idea for which you stack pretty baskets. This autumn pyramid can be varied and thus completely correspond to your ideas. You can make the example model yourself with the following things for autumn arrangements:

  • 3 baskets in different sizes and shapes (1 small rectangular, 1 medium-sized round and 1 large square)
  • Floral foam
  • 3 different types of artificial green (e.g. ivy, fir green, blades of grass)
  • Pine cones and walnuts
  • Candle in the glass (not too big, must fit on the top of the pyramid)
  • artificial ears of wheat
  • small decorative pumpkins or artificial mini pumpkins
  • Shish kebab skewers made of wood
  • Floral wire

Autumn arrangement for the table with baskets, plug-in screws and fir greenery

If you want to make such autumn arrangements yourself, you first have to cut the floral foam into the necessary size. In the middle of the smallest and uppermost basket, however, you have to leave a hole free for the candle to fit. Once you have filled the baskets, place another piece of floral foam on the bottom and middle basket. This way the baskets are raised a little. Pin these with kebab skewers, which you shorten a little, or with toothpicks. You then put the baskets on these skewers in order to get a stable pyramid. Simply break off any skewers that are still visible afterwards.

Self-made decoration for autumn with artificial greenery and candle

Place the candle in the hole provided. Then you can start plugging in. First, wrap the ivy around the baskets. The best way to do this is to cut it into longer pieces and then stick it in the foam or fix it with hot glue. Then distribute more greens, which you can always cut to the desired size. Try to cover the floral foam with the green.

Make autumn arrangements yourself for the cemetery, garden or table with pumpkins and pine cones

After that, you can fill in the gaps with the cones and pumpkins. To do this, tie toothpicks or broken kebab skewers to the cones with the floral wire and insert them into the foam. Stick the skewers directly into the pumpkins so that they stick out a little at the bottom and then insert them into the arrangement here and there as well. Now distribute a few ears of wheat. complete!

Autumn arrangements in the glass

Make small autumn arrangements yourself with white decorative pumpkins and garlands with berries

Do you still have a nice glass container that you don’t really know what to do with? Perfect if you want to make autumn arrangements yourself! We will show you an example of an autumnal arrangement that you can implement in any glass container. You need:

  • Glass container
  • Floral foam
  • artificial moss
  • Ornamental or artificial pumpkins
  • other autumnal decorative elements (e.g. garland with berries in autumn colors, ivy, cones, etc.)
  • optional stones, fairy lights
  • hot glue

Make a glowing arrangement for autumn with artificial berries and fairy lights

Cut a piece of floral foam (or several smaller pieces) and wrap the moss around it. You can glue the moss to the foam with hot glue. Be sure to cover the sides as well, as these will be visible in the glass. Then put the floral foam covered with moss in the glass and spread all the other decorations over it. Arrange the pumpkins in the middle, with a few stones or the berry garland around them. You can take out, swap and replace decorations from time to time. Just experiment until you are happy with the arrangement.

Autumn arrangements with pumpkin

Autumn arrangements for the grave or as table decorations with flowers in autumn colors

The pumpkin is without question one of the most popular and typical motifs for autumn. That is why it is also very suitable as a material if you want to make autumn arrangements yourself. You can use an artificial one by cutting off its lid, or you can hollow out a real pumpkin. Both variants are also wonderfully suitable for outdoors or even if you want to make autumn arrangements for graves yourself.

  • pumpkin
  • Floral foam
  • Louisiana moss or artificial moss
  • artificial, real or dried flowers and any other plant parts to stick
  • hot glue

Artificial, white pumpkin with dried flowers and floral foam

Cut off the top of the pumpkin with a sharp knife and, if you are using a real one, hollow out the pumpkin. Then cut floral foam and stack several pieces in the pumpkin on top of each other until the stack ends just above the edge of the pumpkin. We recommend fixing the foam pieces with hot glue so that the arrangement becomes more stable. Then spread the moss in the area between the edge of the pumpkin and the floral foam. Now you can start to assemble and make any autumn arrangements yourself in this way. It is best to use typical autumn flowers or those in autumn colors. For example, dried flowers are very appropriate, popular, and long-lasting.

Make your own autumn arrangements for the table with a list of flowers

Do-it-yourself autumn table decorations with flowers

You have already noticed the basic idea of ​​putting together arrangements based on the instructions above. According to this principle, i.e. with floral foam, any container and suitable flowers and plant parts, you can make all kinds of autumn arrangements yourself. Don’t you find the example in the picture above very impressive and romantic too? How about if you make such sumptuous autumn arrangements yourself and use them to decorate the autumn table? Ideal if you want to make autumn arrangements with hydrangeas. We give you a list of the types of flowers used:

Idea with real or artificial flowers for a lush table arrangement

  • 3 red hydrangeas
  • 2 red peonies
  • 15-20 marigolds
  • 8-10 dark red roses
  • 10-15 red cockscomb
  • 5-10 yellow Celosia
  • 1 bouquet of silver-colored ragwort
  • 1 bouquet of eucalyptus with berries
  • 5 orange snapdragons
  • 1 bouquet of dried eucalyptus
  • 1 bouquet of any dried plants

Make your own autumn arrangements with autumn flowers, artificial flowers or dried flowers