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Make a pretty garland yourself as a table decoration


A pretty table decoration does not necessarily have to consist of real flowers or plants. This is especially advantageous when it is winter. Finding pretty, fake flowers can be tricky at times. That’s why you need for that Garland as a table decoration, that we’re going to show you today are just artificial green leaves of your choice. You can imitate ivy or ferns, for example. If you’d rather have a flashy garland of glitter and add fake snow (if you have the Garland as a table decoration in or for winter), you can also look for something suitable and add it. That’s exactly what is great about DIY projects. You are free to design and add or omit whatever you want to suit your taste.

Make a pretty garland yourself as a table decoration


As I said, it is enough if you apply for this Garland as a table decoration choose green leaves. You can add a nice shimmer yourself instead of buying the garland ready-made. All you need is a spray in a metallic color of your choice. For the example garland, the fern leaves were sprayed with a bronze paint. These became the Garland as a table decoration added to add a pretty, delicate, and shimmery accent without making the whole look over the top. There are also a few table candles and silver candlesticks in the form of balls. You can also choose a different style for this, depending on what you like and what you have available. The result is perfect for a winter wedding or a cozy dinner party because it creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.

A garland as a table decoration in autumn and winter


As you will find out, artificial flowers and plants don’t have to look cheesy. So in case you are concerned about how your guests like this Garland as a table decoration then you don’t need to. Because it is classic and easy to make and cheap. If you’re one of the braver ones, you can even add a few neon, glitter, or leopard-print flowers. That makes for a little more pep.

Also, it seems that metallic greens are the future of decorations as they become more and more common. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you have probably already noticed or will.

For the garland as a table decoration you need:


  • a garland of artificial greenery (ivy in this example). For this pattern, a garland has been chosen that has a style suitable for winter. But there are also garlands that contain lavender or grape leaves, as well as Christmas garlands that are also suitable. The trick here is to find something that is as simple as possible and yet also well filled and looks complete. Longer garlands can be cut into pieces and used for multiple tables.
  • Extra artificial leaves that you can color (fern in this example).
  • Floral wire
  • a scissors
  • Candles (in this example table candles)
  • Candlesticks (in this example silver balls)
  • a nice ribbon if you want to decorate the place settings with the remaining leaves.

The instructions for the Garland as a table decoration see above in the form of pictures. Have fun copying!

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