Craft ideas

Lego craft ideas – practical DIY inspirations for the interior

Craft-ideas-lego-container-colored pencils-kids-diy-easy

Lego is only for kids? But you thought wrong. Because you will be amazed what practical and attractive things can be made with the help of this popular children’s toy. The advantage of the Lego craft ideas is not only that you can create a design according to your ideas. In addition, you ensure colored pep in the interior, which makes the new decoration a real eye-catcher.

Lego craft ideas – a colorful flower vase

tinkering-ideas-lego-attractive-flower-vase-stripes-table decoration

Whether a key ring, a wall covering, a lamp or a picture frame. The Lego craft ideas are not only extremely original and practical, they are also a lot of fun to implement. So if you are into DIY projects, you will definitely enjoy our ideas and maybe you won’t be able to stop at all.

Lego craft ideas – charging stations

lego handicraft ideas mobile-phone-stand-charging-station-build-red-blue-yellow

Would you like a practical stand for your cell phone or other device in which you can also charge it at the same time? Just build one also Lego bricks. If the jack for charging is below the device, plan for a hole in the structure through which cables can pass.

Lego soap and soap holder


Don’t you also wish your children could find out to wash their hands on their own without you having to constantly remind them? We have found the perfect variant. You can work wonders with Lego craft ideas.

Craft idea with soap


You can make soap yourself that your children will fall in love with. In addition, it stimulates the children to wash their hands. You hide a Lego figure in the soap, which can only be taken out after the soap has been used up. Such Lego craft ideas are also perfect for giving away.

Tinker soap holder


You will definitely want a suitable soap holder for the soap. Above is an example of how you can style this one. Many of our Lego craft ideas are quick and easy to replicate.

Kitchen accessory


If you would like a particularly original cutlery dryer, you can use one of our Lego handicraft ideas to make one yourself. For this purpose, it is best to leave a few holes in the floor so that the excess water can drain off.

Hamster house made of lego bricks

Craft ideas-lego-pet-accessories-pyramid-hamster-house-rodent

Lego bricks allow the most varied shapes for figures. Make your hamster happy and build him a house out of Lego. Lego craft ideas like these are of course also suitable for other rodents, but also for cats. Another larger project is a dog house. So if you have the time and inclination, give it a try.

Tinker funny picture frames


Picture frames as an example for our Lego handicraft ideas are also a great way to upgrade the interior. Depending on which Lego bricks you use, you can use them to decorate the living area or the children’s room. You have the choice between a playful design like in the example above and an ordinary one for an adult area.

Lego clock 

lego handicraft ideas wall-decoration-clock-colorful-stones-diy

Would you have come up with this original idea? Clocks as Lego craft ideas are also extremely easy to imitate. Which patterns and colors you use is entirely up to you. You get a funny and playful decoration for the wall, the chest of drawers or the side table.

A new game from toys

lego handicraft ideas chessboard-figures-playing-blue-white

Are you in the mood for chess, but neither a game board nor the pieces for it? Then make it yourself. Use Lego bricks again for this. You can design the figures in any way you want. More Lego craft ideas will follow.

Mirror frame

Craft ideas-lego-mirror-frame-bathroom-bath rugs-dot-colorful

A simple bathroom can be wonderfully decorated with a few colorful accents. This can be wonderfully implemented again with Lego handicraft ideas. Just create a colored frame. Whether colorful or from a combination of selected colors – the result is a real highlight.

Thin mural


As is well known, Lego bricks come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. For example, you can use the thin variants to create a pretty mural like this one. You can choose any motif for these Lego handicraft ideas.

Lego lamp


Is your lamp stand not too pretty to look at or is it broken? You don’t have to throw the lamp away! Instead, use our Lego craft ideas to create something new. You can build a hollow container to put the lamp in.

Lego craft ideas – stow keys


An area right next to the front door where you can hang your keys when you come home is very handy. Lego bricks are again very suitable for this and you also receive an original key ring, which in principle is used to peg a Lego plate attached to the wall.

Craft idea as a variant


Here you can see another variant for the key idea. As you can see, you can redesign all of our Lego handicraft ideas individually and create the right design for your taste and interior style.

Ladies handbag


Are you looking for Lego craft ideas for particularly extravagant people? A handbag like this one is just the thing in this case. This is a great way to spice up an old handbag. Glue them with thin Lego bricks.

Great Lego projects

lego handicraft ideas railing-design-colorful-white-children's room

In addition to smaller decorations and accents, the Lego bricks can also be used for larger projects. Wall cladding is particularly suitable for this purpose. Here you can see a children’s room with stairs where the railing was decorated with Lego. These are really elaborate Lego craft ideas, but they are definitely worth it, you won’t find them?

Handicrafts with Lego – a dining table


A wide variety of things can be displayed under a glass table top, such as pictures, puzzles or posters. But like it when you use one of our Lego handicraft ideas again. Create a colorful and happy mess or design certain motifs. Let your imagination run wild.

Design the kitchen

tinkering-ideas-lego-kitchen-island-build-modern-bar stool-red

As in the white bathroom, you can highlight the white kitchen in a particularly original way. The practical thing is that you can use an ugly, old kitchen island yourself to decorate it with Lego. You can even implement this very time-consuming design with the whole family. We hope you have found some helpful inspiration among our Lego craft ideas that you want to imitate.

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