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Iron-on bead templates to print out – 25 exciting motifs


Fuse beads are small and cylindrical and are made of plastic. They are also called hama pearls and are fused together with an iron using heat. They are available in different colors, also transparent or with glitter, and in three sizes: mini, midi and maxi. This results in beautiful images based on the grid principle or pixel images. The pearls are placed on a pegboard, fixed on one side with a hot iron and connected to one another to form a whole picture. In this way, mostly flat objects are created, but three-dimensional models and large motif pictures can also be made. In order for it to be successful, you need beautiful iron-on bead templates.

Fuse bead templates – what can you do with them?


Fuse beads are a nice activity for almost all age groups. On the one hand, they promote fine motor skills and concentration, and on the other hand, the children are enthusiastic about them for hours. So that you can gradually reinvent playing with the iron-on beads, we recommend that you provide different and exciting motifs. They vary in difficulty and are plentiful on the Internet for downloading and printing. In the following we offer 25 great iron-on bead templates that would not only delight children, but also their parents.

Crafting with iron-on beads – how does it work?


After a motif has been selected, it can be printed out and placed under the pegboard. Most of the time this is transparent so that you can see the template underneath. So you arrange the picture according to the template, put a piece of baking paper on it and iron over it with a hot iron. This is how you connect the iron-on beads and then the pegboard can be removed. Fuse beads are available in three different sizes: mini – small, midi – medium and maxi – large. Accordingly, there are also larger and smaller pin plates. Usually you get everything in one set, but you can also buy what you need right now. The choice is huge and divided into different themes such as animals, anime, cars, jewelry, princesses, etc..

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 Rainbow giraffe

Fuse-bead templates -print-giraffe-rainbow

Rainbow zebra

Fuse-beads templates -print-zebra-rainbow

Anime fox

Fuse-beads templates -printing-fox-anime-cute

Nick from “Zootopia”

Fuse beads templates -print-fox-cartoon

White anime kitten


Snowball rabbit from the cartoon “Pets”


A cute dalmatian


Cute frog with big eyes


Little fox


White Tiger


Grumpy Cat


Scooby Doo




Alice in Wonderland


Disney Snow White


Blue butterfly


Motley butterfly


Mexican skull


Green cactus in the flower pot


Sweet pie and cake