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Ideas for test tubes as decoration, vases and wedding favors

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Test tubes are known from chemistry and biology classes. But nowadays these well-formed vessels can also be encountered outside of the laboratory, because they are just as popular as decorative items and handicraft utensils. Filled with colorful candy or decorated with flowers, test tubes are real eye-catchers and can not only embellish every wedding celebration, but also give the apartment a new kick. In today’s article, you will find some test tube ideas that are easy to make with a little imagination and creativity.

Ideas for test tubes – from wedding decorations to kitchen gadgets

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Whether for storing spices, as decoration for events and celebrations or when implementing your craft ideas – the shapely glasses are real all-rounders! Test tubes come in many designs – with and without a beaded rim, made of glass or plastic, with round and flat bottoms, etc. When buying, pay attention to the size and capacity of the tubes. If different contents are intended for the test tubes, then you still have to get suitable closures made of cork or plastic.

Test tube as an invitation, place card or gift


Would you like to design your wedding individually? Often it doesn’t take much to make impressive wedding decorations yourself. Test tubes are incredibly diverse and fit perfectly with the wedding motto “We have the right chemistry”. The original invitation could not be a card, but rolled up and packaged nicely in a test tube.

Test tubes are also ideal for wedding favors. Thank your guests in a very personal way for coming. The small tubes filled with nice attentions are guaranteed to cause a stir at the wedding.

Test tubes also cut a fine figure as place cards. Tie a satin ribbon in your wedding color around the glasses and attach a nice name tag to the glass.

Filling for test tubes as a wedding present

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An infinite amount of content is available to fill the test tubes. The wedding colors and the message that you want to convey with your small gift play a decisive role.

– You can fill the delicate tubes with wedding almonds according to the motto “sweet and bitter like life”. According to tradition, exactly five wedding almonds are given to each guest. With a suitable saying, the guest gift gets a very personal note: “Love, happiness, health, success and God’s blessing, these five almonds should give you that.”

– An interesting alternative to wedding almonds are chocolate dragees, chocolate pearls and chocolate hearts. They stand for “Love can be so sweet!”

– Flower seeds, tea, spices, coffee or cocoa mixtures and bath salts are also perfect as fillings for test tubes. In terms of color and aromatic, they can be adapted to any motto. A filling aid such as a funnel would be desirable for filling the test tubes. If you don’t have one on hand, just roll up a piece of paper like a sugar bag.

Ideas for test tubes as flower vases


You can also make beautiful decorations for your home with test tubes. In order for the tubes to stand upright, they must be fastened in a stand. There are several options for making vases: drilling holes in wooden posts and driftwood branches, pouring concrete or gluing copper pipes of different lengths together.

ideas for test tubes floristry-flowers-vases-frescoes

Test tubes are also often used in floristry, because they are ideal for making flower arrangements of all kinds. You can easily make a wonderful table decoration yourself with moss, cut flowers and test tubes. Place the soaked floral foam in a suitable bowl and cover with moss. Simply press the test tubes into the floral foam or first make an opening and then stick the test tube in place. Shorten the flowers and put them in the test tubes. You can add dyes to the water for an interesting effect.

You can also decorate the flower arrangement to match the season. Gray-green fir branches look beautiful at Christmas and nuts, berries and fruits can be wonderfully processed in this arrangement in autumn. For Easter, choose fresh spring flowers like daffodils and tulips.

Ideas for test tubes – store spices or pack them as a gift


Dishes get that special kick from the right mix of spices and herbs. A practical and original idea would then be to pack spices in test tubes. So you can not only have your favorite spices to hand when you cook, but also your own Mixtures of herbs and spices from all over the world make it yourself and give it as a gift. Perfect as a gift for a barbecue party, invitation to dinner or for cooking lovers. Regardless of whether Mediterranean, Asian or other special for Christmas – you are only limited in your own imagination when putting together the herbal mixtures.