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Ideas for crafting with wool for Christmas – What can you do with wool?

tinker with wool christmas tree christmas tree decorations christmas decoration tinkering ideas

Crafting with wool can be really fun during or before the Christmas season. The festive season is perfect for making handicrafts, in the form of packaging for Christmas gifts or creating Christmas decorations. For example, some homemade pompoms or a DIY Christmas tree made of wool are perfect as Christmas decorations that you can make with your children. We are all a bit impatient these days, and some wool crafting techniques seem very awkward and boring. That’s why we’ve put together some simple guides that you can use to get inspiration for your next DIY project.

Ideas for crafting with wool – pom-poms

tinker with wool christmas tree christmas tree decorations wrapped gifts decoration craft ideas

After some experimentation, you will surely find easy ways to make beautiful and fluffy pompoms out of wool. Just follow the instructions to make it work.


diy christmas decorations tinker scissors needle wool thread materials

  • Cardboard or cardboard – the thicker and stronger, the better.
  • Yarn – We have found that the thick, chunky grain yarn is more suitable for the large pom-poms, while the fine wool is more suitable for the small sizes. However, there are no hard and fast rules here.
  • Scissors – sharp instruments are a must for cutting and trimming.
  • Cardboard templates – You can also cut out these yourself.


tinker with wool christmas matching christmas decorations pompons cardboard cardboard templates shapes

  • Cut out a shape that looks like a rectangle with the slot going down the middle but not all the way to the end. You can see in the picture that three or more different sizes are possible.
  • Wrap them in thread, you can use thicker paper for the larger templates or finer paper for the smaller ones.
  • When the thread is wrapped around the cardboard, tie it tightly in the center.

tinker with wool christmas matching christmas decorations pompoms cardboard cardboard templates shapes thread wrap around

  • Slide it off the end, turn it over, and tie it even tighter on the other side.
  • Use your sharp scissors to cut off the looped ends. It will look very shaggy and a little uneven.
  • Now the whole thing just needs a good cut, which is the big secret of crafting with wool for a round, fluffy pompom.
  • Instead of throwing away the leftovers, keep them in a plastic bag for future craft projects. By the way, you can use the pompoms for various Christmas decorations or in anything you can imagine.

tinker with wool diy santa claus head hang branch decorate craft ideas

The best thing about this technique is that you can make the pom poms so quickly without having to go through cumbersome steps. The children will also master this art as they develop their manual skills. However, if the little ones are making pom-poms, they’ll likely need help, but it’s very easy to do with wool all round.

Advent wreath made of pure wool

merino wool make christmas wreath yourself craft ideas christmas advent wreath wood background

Christmas is just around the corner, but you still have time to make a beautiful Christmas wreath out of wool. This is also an easy and quick craft project that you can complete in the evening after work. It only takes about 2-3 hours to attach all of the wool to the wreath frame, but you don’t need any knitting, crocheting or other special skills.


nature wool alpaca sheep mohair advent wreath tinker foam ring needle fasten christmas wreath

  • A frame made of foam or any material
  • Clean, raw pieces of wool (sheep, alpaca, or mohair)
  • Safety pin or other needle for crafting
  • ribbon


merino wool christmas wreath yourself make craft ideas christmas advent wreath door hanging diy

  • To attach the wool, first pick up a few pieces of it and open or fluff them up if necessary.
  • Use one of the needles and put the wool through the needle so that the point of the needle is in the middle of the wool.
  • Insert the needle into the wreath with the wool on top and repeat the process, looping wool and needles around the circle.
  • Once the top of the wreath is covered with wool, start tucking this around the outside as well.
  • First, bring wool to the inside of the wreath. How much of it you use per needle depends on how full you want your Christmas wreath to look. The more wool you use, the bigger and fluffier your work will be.
  • Now all you have to do is tie a pretty loop to hang your Advent wreath as a door wreath. Choose a matching red loop to make the whole thing more festive as well as create a contrast.

Crafting with wool – creating Christmas trees as jewelry

Yarn wrapped around a Christmas tree. Children make Christmas tree decorations

This Christmas tree ornament wrapped with yarn is suitable both as a free-standing decoration and as ornament to hang on the tree. The Christmas trees are fun to make, and crafting with preschoolers will make a great motor exercise for the little ones too.


tinker with wool christmas tree jewelry triangle green yarn wrap around craft ideas pompons craft glue

  • green wool yarn
  • Pompons in different sizes and colors (the more colorful the better)
  • Shiny balls are optional, but look even more fun.
  • Cardboard or cardboard
  • scissors
  • white craft glue


Yarn wrapped around free-standing decoration with children tinker

  • First cut out the triangles from cardboard. This is more of an adult task as cardboard is a little more difficult to cut.
  • Tie the thread to the triangle, somewhere in the middle. You can add some glue to hold the yarn in place before proceeding.
  • Add a generous amount of white craft glue to one side of the triangle.
  • Start wrapping the wool yarn around the triangular figure. Make sure you have wrapped the thread around all three sides.
  • When you’re happy with the look of the wrapped tree, finish off the yarn by knotting it.
  • Make a knot and secure it with some glue. You can use more of this to glue the pom poms together.
  • If you want to turn this into Christmas decorations, simply tie some woolen yarn on the back / top of the wrapped Christmas tree decorations and the fun can begin.

Garland as Christmas lights for gift wrapping

tinkering with wool christmas suitable christmas decorations what can you make with wool gift wrapping pompoms

You can add a woolly touch to your surprises with this simple idea for wrapping Christmas presents. Make an ornate and colorful chain out of pompoms with just a green marker or thread and glue. The children will love such creative packaging as much as the gift itself.


handicrafts with wool christmas kraft paper edding marker pen drawing green gift packaging

  • Kraft paper
  • smudge-proof marker pen (Edding)
  • Yarn / thread
  • Tape and glue stick
  • different pompoms according to your preference


tinker with wool christmas fairy lights matching christmas decorations gift wrapping yarn red

  • First, wrap the gift box with kraft paper using the adhesive tape.
  • To imitate a Christmas string of lights, draw the swirls with the green pencil or tie the thread around.

tinkering with wool christmas suitable christmas decorations what can you make with wool gift packaging pompoms yarn thread needle

  • Glue or lace colorful pompoms along the drawn lines. complete!