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Ideas for crafting with autumn leaves – make pretty decorations

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If you feel like doing handicrafts with natural materials, the perfect time of year will now be available in a few weeks at the latest. Because nature now offers a particularly large number of suitable materials and this also includes the leaves, which can also be used in other seasons, but are not as beautifully colorful as they are now. And you can make the most beautiful decorations with leaves and make the whole house autumnal in this way. But what can you tinker with with autumn leaves? We have put together some possibilities for handicrafts with autumn leaves for you. Find the perfect activity for the cool and rainy afternoon and spice up the interior with new decorations!

Make roses with autumn leaves

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I am sure everyone likes to have roses in their apartment, but in autumn they are hardly or not at all to be found in the garden. So it would be a good idea to create your own autumn decoration ideas and use them to decorate the table. It is best to use red, orange, or yellow maple leaves. These have the perfect shape. Of course, you can also try out the roses with other tree leaves and put together different models.

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Furthermore, you need branches of any length and tape or another nice tape in a natural color. For the latter, you should also have glue ready. You can see exactly how you make these attractive handicrafts from leaves in the instructions. Simply attach the finished rose blossom to the branch with the adhesive tape. Place the autumn leaf rose individually or in groups in a beautiful vase.

Fall craft ideas for the wall

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How about if you tinker a wall decoration with autumn leaves? The best way to do this is to use as many different types of leaves as you can find. If you would like to do handicrafts with children in autumn at the same time, you can turn this project into an educational afternoon by explaining the different trees and their leaves to the little ones. The leaves that you have gathered together will only be pressed into heavy books for a few days. Then stick each sheet on a separate sheet of paper. You can now connect these together like garlands, whereby you can create several rows. Fix it on the wall and you have a beautiful autumn wall decoration.

Make a pennant chain in autumn


This pennant chain is made in a similar way. The tree leaves, dried and pressed in advance, are glued to paper, which you either cut out like here or in the form of triangles. Not only white, but also colored paper or the pages of old books and newsprint are suitable as paper. Glue string to the back. Try to keep the distance as even as possible. The self-made pennant chain is particularly beautiful if you make it from leaves, each of which has a different color or color pattern.

Decoration and handicraft ideas for autumn – design a tablecloth yourself

tinker-fall-leaves-tablecloth-do-it-yourself-table runner-pattern

Would you have come up with the idea of ​​making such a table decoration with autumn leaves? It is a simple tablecloth that you can easily rearrange with any pattern and color. You can get the patterns with the help of the leaves, while it is best to use textile paint as the color, so that it also lasts when washed. A wide variety of leaf shapes can be used.


You also have the option of using just one leaf shape to design the fabric, or you can combine different variants with one another. This is a great way to spice up a boring fabric. It is best to use a sponge to apply the paint to the sheet. Then the imprint on the fabric will be a little more subtle. You can also do handicrafts with autumn leaves in this way if you want to make curtains or other things to match autumn yourself.

Make metallic pictures with fresh autumn leaves


How about if you make such attractive murals with leaves? You can make the attractive autumn decorations yourself in just a few steps and simply tinker with autumn leaves. Get various sheets of paper for handicrafts, as well as wooden boards or canvases, aluminum foil, spray adhesive, very soft steel wool and black, matt spray paint. First, spray glue on the wood and on the surface of the leaves and then glue them in place. After that, spray another layer over the leaves. Now take the aluminum foil and wrap the board with it. The shiny side should face up and the film should be pulled tight so that the leaves can come into their own. You can also do this by running your fingers over the surface afterwards.

Finally, spray the black varnish evenly over the picture. Another color can be used if you are making this idea with autumn leaves. It’s a matter of taste. Just experiment! With the help of the steel wool, you can now remove the black paint at any point. Be extremely careful when doing this so that the film does not tear. Should it happen to you anyway, you can hide the hole with the spray paint. You decide for yourself how much silver you want to show.

Tinker fairy lights in autumn – ideas for a cozy atmosphere

Tinker-fall leaves-fairy lights-garland-stair-railing-decorate

As colorful as autumn is, unfortunately it also has some rainy and dark days. You can make this much more cozy with a few pleasant lights in the house. You can also easily redesign a simple string of lights and use it for handicrafts with colorful autumn leaves. In addition to the string of lights and colored leaves, you’ll also need wax paper, an iron, and eagle owl glue.


The collected leaves must first be made durable. The quickest way to do this is to put a sheet of paper between two sheets of wax paper and brush over them with the iron. The wax is transferred to the leaves and seals them. So that the leaves always cover the front of the lamp, it is an advantage if you first hang the light chain in the desired place. This can be a railing, a column, but also the window. Only then do you glue the leaves onto the lamps. Otherwise they would twist or fall off when the chain is attached. When you switch on the fairy lights, the light shimmers through the colored leaves.

Make glittering autumn decorations

tinker-fall leaves-decorate-fall-glitter-gold-glamor

It is also very easy to make a glittering decoration with autumn leaves. You can cover the entire sheet or create certain patterns with glitter. We recommend glitter colors that go with autumn. With the help of a brush you apply glue to the leaves, which you then cover with the glitter and let dry. With the designed leaves you can create garlands or you can use them as window pictures. Even just spread out on the table, they look very pretty and glamorous autumnal.