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How you can make a pretty decoration out of bottles

decoration from bottles glass wine vases colorful lamps ideas

You may not have noticed before, but in our rushing everyday life we ​​throw away items that we could actually use again. Today we’re going to show you some great ideas on how to make a pretty Decoration from bottles design and decorate your home in an original way.

1. Decoration from bottles – Pretty vases made from wine bottles

decoration from bottles of yarn pastel colors colorful vases

This is perhaps the most mundane idea for reusing glass bottles. It is interesting on the one hand and easy to implement on the other. For this Decoration from bottles all you have to do is cut the neck of the bottle where you think is best and of course rinse the bottle well. There are many techniques for cutting glass bottles. You can find various tips on this on the Internet. It is best to use a special knife and a dedicated diamond cord.

Golden bottles idea

decoration from bottles diy idea gold spray stripes vases

Of course you can also use the bottles in full size for the vase idea. In this case, you can decorate them with thread, paint or other things.

Bottles with blackboard paint

decoration from bottles blackboard paint idea black original gift

You can also use blackboard paint to paint the bottles. Then you can also label them individually and whenever you want. A brightly colored flower will also stand out particularly well because of its black color.

2. Chandeliers made from bottles

decoration from bottles chandelier candles design romance

Don’t throw away the old chandelier! Instead, you use the rack to build such a model that you can use for lighting with candles. A romantic atmosphere is guaranteed!

Vase as a decoration for the wall


3. Decoration from bottles – stylish glasses


Also this idea for the Decoration from bottles is easy to implement. You can get interesting and different sized glasses by cutting the bottle to the size you want and decorating the lower part. Matting glass is also a great idea. There are several techniques for doing this, but the easiest way would be to use foil. You can also look for a matting paste or spray in stores. It is also important that you sand the sharp, cutting edges smooth. To do this, use a whetstone to sharpen a knife and sandpaper.

4. A plate for serving appetizers


This idea for a Decoration from bottles must have immediately caught your attention because she is really original. The only problem here is that this idea is difficult to implement unless you have a suitable oven. Another question is whether they are worth the effort, considering that there are similar plates on the market at normal prices.

5. Luminous bottles


Glass bottles are particularly suitable as a decoration for the house at Christmas time. It is entirely up to you how you use the lights for this Decoration from bottles arrange and what colors you choose. If you intend to pierce the bottle then you should know that you can do it with a drill and a special drill bit made of diamonds with slow turns.

6. An original torch


This torch as Decoration from bottles is original and practical. The idea is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas of the house. It is also not that difficult to imitate.

7. A chandelier made from bottles


Have you ever been paying attention to how much a chandelier costs lately? Even the most common chandelier can cost quite a bit of money in many cases. With that in mind, it’s a practical and inexpensive idea for one Decoration from bottles, to make one yourself out of glass bottles.

And even more ideas for a decoration made of bottles:


Egg cups


Nice candlesticks


Candlestick with decoration