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How you can make a pretty chandelier yourself

Make chandeliers yourself with cucumber jars of different heights

A chandelier is beautiful and you can impress any visitor with it. But as beautiful as they are, some can cost up to 15,000 euros. And even the cheaper versions are usually available for at least a few hundred euros.

Make your own impressive chandelier yourself

Make your own chandeliers hanging in a spiral shape

If you can’t or don’t want to spend that much money on a chandelier but still want to add a stunning accent to your living room, the following are simple, relatively cheap, and gorgeous ones Make chandeliers yourself. Try it!

If you make a chandelier yourself, you can not only save money, but also have the opportunity to bring in your own style. Plus, it becomes a truly unique model using beads, waxed paper, mason jars, and even candlesticks and anything else you can think of. Below we have some great ideas and helpful hints about what you need to get one Make chandeliers yourself can.

Make a chandelier yourself out of paper


As simple and simple as this type of chandelier may seem, it usually makes the greatest impression. To make it, you need paper that is more durable than ordinary paper. Wax paper, construction paper or poster cardboard are suitable for this. Paper that is too soft will tear quickly. The project will cost you a maximum of 50 euros, so get on with the scissors!

What you need if you want to make a chandelier yourself out of wax paper:


  • a hanging basket for plants
  • white paint as a spray
  • Tapes
  • Scissors
  • 1 to 2 rolls of thick wax paper or parchment
  • Iron
  • Glue gun and glue cartridges
  • a round cookie cutter

Make your own chandeliers -circles-floors-crown-chandeliers-round-design

Make a pretty chandelier with pearls


If you’re looking for a variant that is more stable, you can get one Make chandeliers yourself, by using glittering pearls. The great thing about these chandeliers is that they require less manual work than some other variants, since the pearls are bought ready-made. With them you can set a cheerful accent of bright colors and sparkling effects. In addition, it will not cost you more than 25 euros.

What you need if you want to make a chandelier yourself from pearls:


  • a hanging basket for plants
  • approx. 6 packages of colored pearls of your choice
  • thin cord or wire
  • a wire cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • additional decorations or jewelry

Make your own chandelier -bead-jute-cord

Make a chandelier yourself out of mason jars


You can also use this gorgeous Make chandeliers yourself. Extremely pretty and original, they are not only suitable for a rustic, landscape-style kitchen, but can also be used outside on the patio or for barn weddings. This design was made famous by Pottery Barn, with its variant costing almost $ 400. No wonder so many resort to DIY. To make your chandelier something special, spray the mason jars with an upbeat pattern in a great color. This gives you a dazzling, unique look.

What you need if you want to make a chandelier yourself out of mason jars:


  • 21 mason jars: 6 large, 9 medium and 6 small
  • Lamp cord
  • Sealing rings
  • Hex nuts that fit on the thread
  • Steel nipple
  • small hose clamps
  • 4 slotless sockets
  • 10 cm PVC lid
  • 7.5 cm metal thread screw
  • Cable connector

Adding a homemade chandelier to your interior is a great idea and a great way to add shine, glamor and a pleasant atmosphere. Plus, you don’t need to spend a fortune on it in this case.

Also use lace or other fabrics 


Combination of different types of fabrics and colors


A chandelier made from old light bulbs






Make chandeliers yourself-empty-canned-jars-make-candlesticks

Make your own chandelier-crown-chandelier-out-of-paper-circles-yourself

Make your own chandelier-cardboard-circles-crown-candlesticks-make-alone