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How to use beginners’ instructions to paint stones – 14 ideas

If you have still not tried the trend of painting stones, you should do so now at the latest, because with our painting instructions the task really becomes child’s play. So forget the excuse that you can’t paint and draw and try our simple ideas by following step-by-step instructions for painting stones.

How to paint stones with cute forest animals

To paint stones, use instructions for forest animals - owl, fox and bear

Forest animals are incredibly personable and can be put out in a forest after they have been painted to delight walkers there. Painting a fox, owl, or bear on stones is a lot easier than you might think. Below are instructions on how to paint stones for all three of these animals. At the beginning you can paint the cleaned and dry stone with a white acrylic paint so that the colors come into their own afterwards. But that is optional. Let the white paint dry well before you continue painting.

How to paint stones Instructions – paint an owl

Painting stone with a gray owl - instructions for beginners

With a pencil, thinly draw the outline of an owl’s head and then paint it in with gray paint. Let the paint dry, then use white paint to draw the eyes, as well as a yellow beak. As soon as the white paint has dried, you can also draw the pupils with black acrylic paint or a pen. Finally, the stone can be sealed with a clear varnish if you want. The cute owl is ready!

Painting stones – instructions for a fox

Instructions for the garden with orange fox stones

A fox is also made quickly and easily. With orange acrylic paint, first draw a teardrop shape on the stone and let the paint dry. Then paint narrow white stripes along the two sloping sides that run to the top. Now add the eyes, nose and ears and you’re done with painting! Seal the stone with clear varnish if you like.

Brown bear

Paint a bear on a stone as a gift

Or how about this bear? The basis is a brown circle, which can also be tapered as in the example above. Also paint the ears at the same time. Once the brown paint has dried, use beige acrylic paint to paint the mouth and inside of the ears. Once these layers of paint have dried too, paint a black nose in a triangular or round shape and the eyes. You can also seal the picture with clear varnish.

Paint chicks

Paint stones with chicks, follow the step-by-step instructions

An idea that you can also paint with children is these funny chicks. Start with a white layer that you let dry, followed by a yellow layer. When the yellow acrylic paint has dried, you can draw the faces of the chicks: First an orange beak, which you let dry, and then the two white eyes, which you can also dab on with the eraser of a pencil.

Simply paint stones Instructions for yellow chicks for Easter

Paint red cheeks with beige or pink and first the pupils and then the eyebrows on the dried eyes with black acrylic paint or a marker pen. The chicks are a great idea, especially at Easter. If you seal them with clear varnish, you can even use them to decorate the garden.

Painting stones with cacti – free instructions

Painting stones instructions with a Mexican theme

Cacti are currently a very popular motif when it comes to decorations. That is why we would like to offer you simple instructions for this too. Paint the stones with acrylic paint a dark green and let the paint layer dry. Then, with a thin brush, draw lines on the stone and brown between these lines. You then draw points along the green line, which then turn into spikes with a cross.

How to paint stones Instructions for cactus in green and with prickles

Universe on stones

Painting stones Instructions for galactic designs with stars

Painting stones Instructions for galactic designs: This time, use black instead of white as a primer for the stone. Use a sponge to dab colors typical of galaxies on the stone. Such are shades of blue, lilac, pink and pink, but also turquoise. If you are happy with the design, you can add the stars. You can get this using two simple techniques:

  • Either you pick up white or light yellow paint with a toothbrush and splash it on the stone by running your finger over the bristles or
  • You mix the paint with a little water to make it a little more fluid, pick it up with a brush, and tap the handle on another brush while holding it over the stone. So the splashes fall directly on the stone.

Painting lucky stones – what you need, where the trend comes from & Ideas with instructions

How to paint stones with sayings – handicraft instructions, ideas & Templates for printing

Transferring the motif to stone – this is how you can bring images, text and photos onto stones of all kinds

Painting stones instructions for further motifs

How to paint stones instructions for children and adults - seahorse and strawberry

We have put together a few more creative and simple instructions for you with which you can paint your stones. In this way you can create unique lucky stones that you can put back outdoors in nature or give away directly.

Cute penguins with flowers paint to give away as a lucky charm

Outline the penguins with a pencil

Penguins paint on pebbles in black and white

Paint the stones black

Turn lucky stones into penguins with a painting guide

Paint turtle with felt-tip pens on white stones

Funny turtle just painted with felt-tip pens

Sketch a turtle in pencil

Draw the outlines of the turtle with a pencil and then color in

Color the turtle in brown and green

Use felt-tip pens to paint on stones - cute turtle motif

Create a bee as a garden decoration

Paint bee on stone in yellow and black and use it as a garden decoration

Paint stones yellow and add black stripes

Painting with children - cute bees make handicrafts with pebbles

Dog with bone

Idea for a dog as a motif for lucky stones

Paint a dog’s head step by step

Dog instructions for young and old

Outline the dog, color in and trace the contours with a black pen

Draw a dog with a bone and color it in with colors

How to paint stones Instructions for colorful owls and unicorns

Coloring instructions for colorful owl and unicorn