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Hedgehogs make cute decorations with children: 15 easy instructions

Are you already planning the next afternoon handicrafts with your children? Then this time you are looking for suitable materials for a hedgehog. It is great for putting the whole family in the autumn mood.

Hedgehog tinker mobile-ideas-felt-inspirations-natural materials

Do you want one Tinker hedgehogs, In principle, you can use all kinds of materials, from paper to felt and even wool. Take a look at our simple handicraft ideas for children and try out the examples this weekend!

Hedgehogs make handicrafts from wool


Wool is very suitable for autumn handicrafts with children. When children make this hedgehog they will have a lot of fun, because on the one hand it is not too easy, but also not too complicated. You are more than welcome to help. Cut out the hedgehog from paper and let your little ones draw a face on it.

Instructions for making hedgehogs with wool in kindergarten


In the meantime, you can cut the brown wool into short pieces. If your child is big enough, they can do this themselves. The wool is then glued onto the body in rows. Start on the outside and work your way in. If you are making the hedgehog, you can also glue the body together from individual elements.

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Bobbles for handicrafts


If you want to make hedgehogs out of wool, you can also do this with pompons. Making pom pom hedgehogs is really easy and can also be done by beginners. In addition to wool in two colors, you will also need a little felt for the faces. With these hedgehogs you can nicely decorate different areas in your home or leave them to the children as toys.

Instructions for pompons


There are practical tools called pom pom makers for making pompons. But you can also easily cut a ring out of cardboard, which was used to make pompons in the past. You make the hedgehog from two colors of wool that you wrap around the ring, whereby the lighter color only takes up a quarter of the ring. Then cut the wool along the outer edge of the ring. Trim the wool a little to get a matching face shape and glue felt eyes and noses in place.

Make cute hedgehogs out of thistles

Hedgehog tinker thistle-idea-pins-black

Would you have thought of making such cute hedgehogs out of thistles? The idea is so simple! When you go for a walk, collect dried thistles that are ripe. You only need the head of it. All you then need are just three pins per thistle and you can make your hedgehog by simply inserting the needles into the thistle.

Creative instructions for books hedgehogs

Hedgehog tinker old-book-autumn-tinker-kids-bobby pins

You can make hedgehogs from old books and get a particularly interesting result. If books are too bad for you, thicker notebooks are also a good alternative. You will also need hair clips, possibly paper clips and buttons to design the face. Also, have a good glue ready. You will see that this hedgehog tinkering idea is easy.

Fold sheets

Hedgehog tinker instructions-book-fold-buttons

Depending on the age of your children, it is best to judge for yourself whether you can tinker this idea with children. In itself, there is nothing complicated about tinkering with this hedgehog project. The individual pages of the book or booklet are folded as shown. When you are done with all of the sides, simply pin hair clips or paper clips on them to imitate stings. Glue the buttons in place and that way frame the face.

Make hedgehogs out of paper plates with kindergarten children 

Hedgehog tinker paper plate-white-paint-cut-fringes

How about if you and your children make a hedgehog out of paper plates? For this purpose, the plate is simply folded up in the middle. After that, trim the nose, after which you shape the spines with the help of scissors. For this, the edge of the plate is simply cut into, so that fringes arise. You can also paint the plate beforehand. Draw a face and you’re done. The idea is so simple that it is also suitable for handicrafts with toddlers.

Make hedgehogs out of paper plates and leaves in kindergarten

Make hedgehogs out of construction paper in kindergarten

Hedgehog tinker with leaves-colorful-leaves-autumn-ideas-decoration

Children like to tinker with paper. If you want to tinker with a hedgehog, you must of course first go to collect leaves. This is a great opportunity to take the family for a walk. Collect colorful leaves. In an emergency, artificial leaves are also suitable if you want to make a hedgehog out of leaves. Cut out the face and body from cardboard, construction paper or felt. Then stick the leaves on the hedgehog’s body.

Playing in the garden


A hedgehog can be wonderfully used for playing in the garden if it is made oversized. If you like ring throwing, then this idea is just the right one to take advantage of the last few nice days outdoors. You can also make a small hedgehog and use it as a decoration. Use sturdy cardboard or even wood as a craft material.

Handicrafts with toddlers in autumn – hedgehogs made from beechnuts


For handicrafts with children in autumn, you can use many natural materials such as chestnuts, acorns, sticks or beechnuts. Of the latter, the covers are suitable for the design of the coat by sticking them on a potato with toothpicks. You can also make hedgehogs out of chestnuts by simply sticking toothpicks in the chestnuts and painting a face on the chestnut.

Tinker hedgehog nail picture as decoration with elementary school children


You can make a pretty wall decoration out of wood and a few nails. This is a great way to create an autumn mood. Paint the wooden disc in any color and let it dry. Then you can make the hedgehog. Paint the head and body on the background and hammer nails along the edge of the body. You then connect these nails with brown thread or wool.

Make a mobile hedgehog out of wood


If you are particularly talented with your craft and have the necessary tools, you can make such a wooden hedgehog. If this is nicely painted and equipped with wheels, you get the perfect toy for the children, which they can also give to friends. Such hedgehogs in small format can also be hung on the window or even serve as Christmas tree decorations.

Make your own greeting card


Do you enjoy making greeting cards yourself? Then try this idea out. With scrapbooking paper or normal craft paper you can conjure up cute hedgehog motifs. First, use a pencil to draw the outline of each element on the back of the paper and then cut it out. Glue them on the card. Feel free to use googly eyes for the eyes.

Hedgehog tinkering in kindergarten Assemble picture with parts made of paper

Funny accessories for primary school children’s desks


These hedgehogs are made from styrofoam eggs that you can find at the craft store. They are first painted. Once the paint has dried, put a strong magnet inside and glue both polystyrene halves together. You can then use pins to design eyes and nose. Paper clips can be stowed on these hedgehogs.

Pine cones and felt


If you would like to make such hedgehogs out of felt, get some pine cones right away. The head is then made from felt. Shape a funnel and glue the ears, eyes and nose to it. You can also make paws out of felt. The final step is to fix this head to the pine cone with glue.

Pine cones and paper


You can use paper instead of felt. This can be patterned or just plain. In this example of making a hedgehog, the ears are glued separately to the cones. The face again consists of a funnel and you can come up with something for the nose yourself. Let the glue dry well before moving the new decorations.

Hedgehog-look flower pot

Hedgehog-tinker-flower-pot-garden-cress-instructions-do it yourself

How about a flower pot that looks like a hedgehog? It is made very easily from a plastic bottle that you cut a hole in. Wrap the bottle with twine and glue eyes. The nose consists of the colored lid. You can also make a useful cress hedgehog this way. But all other plants will also feel comfortable in the hedgehog.

Make Christmas tree decorations yourself


The final idea that you can use to make a hedgehog is more for adults. Fine incisions are made with a craft knife. Imagine triangles (you can sketch them out with a pencil). These are cut on two sides. After that, fold the triangles outwards and get a coat of hair. All that’s missing is an eye and a hole to tie the string with which you can hang the decoration.