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Handmade carved candles by Natalia Burikov


Carved candles are particularly beautiful and unique and ideal as a birthday present, wedding present or for Christmas. They are made of paraffin, wax and acrylic varnish and are made by hand using an ancient technique. We present you the decoratively carved candles, made with the greatest care and passion by Natalia Burikov.

Carved candles of different shapes and colors


Since this technique dates back to the 16th century, the decorative candles are made true to the baroque aesthetic, but modernized with fresh and bold color combinations. The material is first poured into a basic mold. After triggering, each candle is individually dipped in colors, so that several layers of colors are formed. When the candle is at the right temperature, the carving begins by hand with special tools. Natalia has about 15 minutes to bring each candle into its final shape before the material cools down.

After completion, each candle is also dipped in a special acrylic varnish, which provides protection, stability and a brilliant shine.

Carved candles with unique color combinations

Handmade-candles-unique pieces-romantic-candlelight-festive-decoration

The candles are true works of art with which tables and panels can be beautifully decorated. A carved candle is 17 cm high, weighs 0.7 kg on average and burns on average for about 80 hours. The carved areas let the candlelight shine through wonderfully.

With every candle from Natalia Burikov it is a unique, hand-made product that exudes a very special atmosphere.

Unique and creative decoration


A variety of modern colors


Candle in Christmas colors


The candles bring joy for a long time


Beautiful festive jewelry


Carved candles are a real eye-catcher


Stunning decorative candles


Handmade unique items