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Handicrafts with toilet rolls in autumn – 4 great ideas for children and adults

Tinkering with toilet rolls has been very popular for a long time. No wonder, because you use things that you would otherwise throw away and in this way save money on some of the more expensive handicraft materials from the store. Perhaps you have collected a lot of roles again and are now looking for interesting handicraft ideas for autumn that you can try out together with your children?

Tinker with toilet rolls in autumn - ideas-handicraft instructions-children-adults-decoration

Then start with today’s autumn ideas for DIY with children. If you want to tinker with toilet rolls in the fall, just add a few more handicraft materials and you will get interesting things that you can even use to decorate the house. But now we come to the ideas that you can tinker with in autumn.

Owls tinker with toilet rolls in autumn

tinker with toilet rolls in autumn owl-paper-easy-children-decorate

Owls are really easy to make with toilet paper rolls. The basis for our two handicraft ideas for children and adults is always a roll, the upper edge of which is folded inwards so that pointy ears are created. Then you can continue with the external design. For this first idea of ​​doing handicrafts with cardboard tubes, you only need colored craft paper in any autumn colors, acrylic colors and double-sided adhesive tape. With the acrylic paints you first paint the entire roll from the outside. You can do this before folding the edges, if you find it easier.

Then prepare several paper circles for handicrafts with toilet rolls in autumn. You can cut these out freehand and with the help of a template, or you can make it particularly easy for yourself and use a punch. That would come in very handy with smaller children too. You also need a small heart shape, a shape for the beak and two different sized circles in white and black for the eyes. First glue the heart shape with hot glue or another glue. Then tape the tape over each circle and distribute the many circles as shown. Finish with simple glue, beak and eyes.

Make an owl with pumpkin seeds as an autumn decoration

tinker with toilet rolls in autumn natural materials-owl-pumpkin seeds-acorns

You can even make a beautiful owl with the help of pumpkin seeds. First prepare the correct shape of the toilet roll with pointed ears. Also get pumpkin seeds, hot glue and hot glue gun, acorns and more precisely their cones, white craft clay and peppercorns. Alternatively, you can use buttons for the eyes.


First, prepare the eyes. To do this, fill in the acorn hats with the clay and put the peppercorns in the middle. If you use buttons instead, stick a small colored one on top of a large white one for handicrafts with toilet rolls in autumn. With the help of hot glue, first attach the eyes and then start with the feathers. First glue the seeds along the ears and around the face. You use a smaller core as a beak below and between the eyes. Then continue with the rest of the feathers until the owl is covered in front and back. A really simple handicraft idea that you can also use for handicrafts with children in autumn, as well as if you want to make an autumn decoration yourself.

Handicraft instructions – making apples in autumn

tinker-toilet-rolls-autumn-children-idea-apple-muffin cases

An apple or the core is a funny motif that can be used especially for autumn handicrafts with children. And for handicrafts with toilet rolls in the fall, you don’t even need special materials. In addition to the rolls, you can also use red muffin molds (green ones are also suitable) for handicrafts with toilet rolls in autumn, as well as twigs, green craft paper, white acrylic paint and a black felt-tip pen.


You can either paint the toilet rolls white or wrap them with white paper. Once the paint has dried, you can draw the cores with a black felt pen. Then, as shown in the picture, stick a branch through one of the two cupcake liners. Be careful not to tear the paper as you do this. Now place the roll in another mold and glue it in place if necessary. Now put on the other mold with the branch and the autumn apple is ready.

Make napkin rings with toilet paper rolls for Thanksgiving

tinker-toilet-rolls-autumn-napkin-rings-turkey-felt-table decorations

DIY napkin rings are also very easy to make and can decorate the table not only during Thanksgiving, but also on normal evenings in autumn. Napkin rings as autumn craft ideas are practical and decorative at the same time. You are also welcome to tinker with kitchen rolls, as the rolls are cut smaller one way or another and the typical size of the toilet rolls does not necessarily have to be adhered to. Here’s how these turkeys are made:

First cut the roll to any size. With spray paint in an autumn shade (copper looks very attractive), spray the pieces of roll. It is best to do this outdoors so as not to inhale the fumes. After that, cut out some elements from felt. Such are three leaf-shaped pieces for the turkey’s feather crown, a triangle for the beak and a rather irregular shape for the throat. You can use ready-made googly eyes or felt as the eyes. All these elements are glued to the ring as in the example. After that, you can roll up the napkin and put it in the ring. The first autumn table decoration is ready.

Wreath as autumn craft ideas


In addition to toilet or kitchen paper rolls, collect lots of colorful leaves to make such a door wreath with toilet rolls in autumn. Again, this is a great idea if you want to get some decoration with your fall crafts. Use packing paper to connect the rolls to each other. To do this, crumple it up like a sausage and put both ends in a roll. You fix this connection with some adhesive tape. In this way you can now shape a ring of any size.

Now tie a thread taut around a roll to start designing with leaves. Alternatively, a rubber band can be used here for handicrafts with toilet rolls in autumn. Now clamp several sheets of paper into it all around. Then tie another thread a little further under around the roll, but not too deep. The next row of sheets should always cover the previous one a little. Then repeat the whole thing until the entire wreath is covered with leaves. If you want to make an autumn decoration for windows, you can use this idea. But the decoration is also great for walls or doors.