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Handicrafts with styrofoam balls – great ideas for young and old are easy to implement

Crafting with styrofoam balls offers you an incredible number of possibilities to create enchanting and unique masterpieces with little effort. Styrofoam as a material is light as a feather and can be shaped in practically any way and processed in a variety of ways. From glittering Christmas balls to animal figures to disco balls, you can make lots of great objects. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

tinker with styrofoam balls autumn-decoration-gold-silver-tinker

Handicrafts with styrofoam balls – what to watch out for


Tinkering with styrofoam balls is child’s play, but you have to pay attention to a few things when handling this material. If you glue Styrofoam, you can work with special glue for Styrofoam, with craft glue, silicone glue or wood glue. Solvent-based adhesives are therefore not suitable. The styrofoam is not heat-resistant and starts to soften at high temperatures. This creates vapors that should not be inhaled. However, you can use a low temperature gun to glue. If you want to paint the styrofoam ball, you should refrain from using solvent-based paints. You are welcome to use acrylic paints, gold and silver lacquer for the decoration.

Handicrafts with styrofoam balls – what can you do with them


If you are wondering what you can actually do with styrofoam balls, you can make beautiful decorative balls using various techniques, for example. The design options are almost endless. If you want to create a decorative ball with a natural look, you can wrap the white ball with paper rolls. For the wire, you will need pages from an old newspaper or magazine. Roll up a few pages and twist the whole thing up. You can read here how you can still do the roles. Apply the glue to the styrofoam ball and cover the ball with the wire. Glue the paper wire on in a spiral shape until you have completely wrapped the ball. Make a small hole in the ball and put a drop of glue and the string in it. Rice pins are also very suitable for attaching the string. You can use the same technique with the scraps of fabric and create colorful balls with it.

Make decorative balls out of styrofoam 


If you want to have more shine in the decoration, you can use different beads, plug-in ornaments, sequins and rhinestones. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to decoration. Mosaic stones in your favorite color transform the white styrofoam ball into an attractive and wonderfully glittering decorative ball. If you want to provide the ball with certain patterns, it makes sense to paint the course of the stones in advance.

Handicrafts with styrofoam balls for Christmas – beautiful handicraft ideas for adults & Small

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Craft ideas for Christmas – design Christmas tree balls


Apply the glue and place the selected mosaic stones next to each other. Put a wooden skewer through the ball, where you can later pull a nice organza ribbon through it. If you don’t want to cover the whole ball with decorative stones, you can apply mosaic grout. Depending on the pattern, color and design, you can use the homemade balls as a decoration on various occasions. Such glamor balls are, for example, beautiful ornaments for the Christmas tree.

thumbtacks-gold-copper-table decoration-balls

If you want to set accents in gold, silver or copper in your apartment, you can imitate this great, simple and very effective handicraft project at home. Get different sized balls and thumbtacks in the desired color. Put the thumbtacks on the ball, if possible with no space between them. Start from the center of the sphere and work your way around the equator. For a ball with a diameter of 8 cm you need about 100 thumbtacks. Without a doubt an elegant table decoration.

Crafting with styrofoam balls and fabric


You can also decorate a styrofoam ball with fabric. Cut out several squares of the same size from an old piece of fabric. Using an embossing tool or pen, press the center of the fabric into the ball. The bigger the ball, the bigger the pieces of fabric need to be. Repeat the same until the whole styrofoam ball is not covered. A great ornament is ready with little time and material expenditure.

Crafting with styrofoam for Christmas


Another easy technique to turn the styrofoam balls into beautiful jewelry is shown in the picture above. Here, smaller styrofoam balls were wrapped in fabric and tied together as a package. What do you think of such a Christmas tree? It was assembled exclusively from branches and decorated with the self-made balls. Choose fabric with Christmas motifs – small fir trees, stars or snowmen, look great.


You can also create beautiful table decorations for Christmas with different punched-out motifs. Fine snowflakes look just great on the festively decorated table. The choice of motifs is of course entirely up to you. A ball with paper flowers or butterflies just looks adorable. Punch out the selected motifs and attach them to the styrofoam ball with pins with a decorative head of your choice.

Design a moss ball as a decoration

Table decoration-styrofoam-ball-moss-tinkering

If you want to create a rustic table decoration, you can make moss balls yourself. With the autumn decoration or as a natural decoration for the Advent wreath, you simply look great and bring a piece of nature into the apartment. Get one or more styrofoam balls, a few layers of moss, and wire or thread. Put glue on the ball and cover the ball piece by piece with moss. You can wrap the moss pieces around with wire so that they adhere properly. As soon as the syropor ball is completely covered with moss, you can give it the finishing touch with a few pearls, sequins or wooden beads.

Tinker with styrofoam balls in spring


Styrofoam balls can also be used to create beautiful floral arrangements in no time at all. Whether you want to bring a touch of spring and a sunny atmosphere to your apartment with a flowery and colorful decoration or perhaps you want to design a chic flower table heart for a special occasion, flowers give a decoration that certain something. A rose or flower ball is a great craft project. Flower balls can be made from real flowers, but they have a short shelf life. Artificial flowers are a great alternative and look no less pretty than the real flowers. Simply stick all the flowers one after the other in the styrofoam ball close together.

disco ball-styrofoam-ball-cocktail-decoration

The simple, white styrofoam ball can just as easily be transformed into sparkling disco balls with the help of glitter powder and sequins. If you want to surprise your guests with elegance and glamor at a party, you can design this great cocktail stirrer. First put the small styrofoam ball on wooden skewers and coat it completely with liquid glue. Then sprinkle glitter over the ball or turn the ball directly into colored glitter powder. A few small sequins provide an additional play of colors.

Handicrafts with styrofoam balls on different occasions

halloween eye pipe cleaner giveaway

You can also do handicrafts with styrofoam balls on various occasions such as Halloween. Make the Halloween party an unforgettable experience for your guests with such a table decoration. The colorful eyeballs are also great, creepy giveaways. Choose bright colors for the Halloween eyeballs and decorate them according to your own ideas. Simply skewer the styrofoam balls on wooden skewers or pipe cleaners.

Tinker colorful solar system with styrofoam balls


If your child is fascinated by space, tinkering with styrofoam balls can be a great decoration idea for the nursery. For example, you can design an entire planetary system that creates a galactic atmosphere and invites your child to dream. For this simple handicraft project you need nine styrofoam balls in different sizes. Note the rough proportions of the individual planets and have your child paint them in the appropriate color. In order to hang the balls, you will need string and rice tacks. Then hang the sun in the middle and hang the rest of the planets around. If you want, you can connect the planets with wooden skewers.

Pokemon tinker with styrofoam balls


If your child is also enthusiastic about the cute Pokemons, you can easily imitate Taubsi or Pikachu together. Put a styrofoam ball on a wooden skewer so that your child can paint the ball all around. First, let your child paint the ball with a black line with a white dot. Leave one half unpainted and dye the other half in red. You can of course design the Pokeballs in different colors to your heart’s content. Now the Pokemons just have to dry. If children are too impatient, you can use the blow dryer to help. Be careful when doing this, as air that is too hot will deform the ball.

Animals tinker with styrofoam balls with children

tinker-kids-animals-spider-styrofoam ball

You can make various cute animals from styrofoam balls in just a few simple steps. A cute spider that you really don’t need to be afraid of is a suitable handicraft project even for the very little ones. Pierce the styrofoam ball on a wooden stick and let the children paint it brightly. While the balls are drying, pipe cleaners can be used to cut eight legs for each spider. If you opted for a smaller styrofoam ball, you can only cut 6 legs for the spider. If the paint is already dry, you can pierce your legs and glue on googly eyes. Now the children can let off steam creatively and bend their spider legs. A lying or standing spider can arise from the styrofoam balls. The self-made spiders are not only ideal for playing. They are very suitable as Halloween decorations. You can use scraps of fabric or lace as a cobweb and hang the spider on it.


Handicrafts with styrofoam balls offer you countless possibilities to design figures from the animal world. A bear is ready in no time. All you need are styrofoam balls of different sizes that you glue together and paint. If you have leftover old wool and felt scraps, you can make a cute owl out of a styrofoam ball. Cut the eyes, ears, beak and feet, wrap the ball with wool and the fluffy owl is ready.