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Handicrafts with paper plates – 20 ideas for Christmas handicrafts with children

Handicrafts with paper plates christmas-crafts-children-decorate-fir-trees

Paper plates are an inexpensive material that can be used to make beautiful decorations for various occasions with children. For those who are looking for a creative activity for the children in the run-up to Christmas, we have many great ideas for Crafting with paper plates compiled for the most popular festival.

Crafting with paper plates for Christmas

Handicrafts with paper plates kindergarten-ideas-christmas-tree-diy

Christmas crafts for the children start in kindergarten, where they make creative Christmas decorations themselves. One of the world’s most famous symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree, which is decorated with tree decorations and garlands. With paper plates, the children in kindergarten or at home can make large or small Christmas trees and use them to decorate a room in the apartment.

Make a Christmas tree with paper plates

Handicrafts with paper plates instructions-christmas-tree-tinkering-ideas-christmas

You can make a beautiful Christmas tree for Christmas with the children from a single round paper plate. First, paint the plate with green acrylic paint and let it dry. Then cut into thirds, one third slightly smaller than the other two. When you put the different pieces together with the smallest on top, you get the shape of the Christmas tree.

Decorate the Christmas tree from paper plates

Tinkering with paper plates Christmas tree-tinkering-decorating-ideas

To decorate the tree, you should first punch six holes in each part and use them to weave a colorful ribbon or thread. This is how garlands are made. Now you can put the Christmas tree together by stapling the individual parts and a brown rectangle together as a tree trunk. Finally, decorate with decoration of your choice and the paper plate Christmas tree is ready.

Make a Christmas tree party hat

Handicrafts with paper plates christmas-tree-hat-christmas-crafts-kids

Round paper plates can also be used to make party hats for Christmas. First the child should paint the whole plate with green, and then draw the contours of a fir tree on it. To make the paper plate as a hat, you should help the little one and cut out the shape of the tree with a craft knife. It is important that the trunk remains attached to the edge of the plate so that the Christmas tree is on the front of the party hat.

Handicrafts with paper plates – Instructions for mini Christmas trees


When doing handicrafts with paper plates, you can also create 3D figures, such as a small Christmas tree. To do this, cut out a quarter of the paper plate, twist the rest into a cone and fix it with adhesive tape. Finally, paint the cone green and decorate it with any decoration to create a beautiful Christmas tree.

Make Christmas decorations with paper plates


With children you can also make the door wreath for the Christmas decorations. A paper plate can also be used as a ring for the wreath. Simply cut out the middle of the plate and decorate the resulting ring with green crepe paper and decorations in matching colors.

Ideas for Christmas crafts with children

handicrafts-paper-plates-christmas-crafts-children-santa claus

When making Christmas crafts with children, paper plates are always a good idea, because they can be used to create any number of characters for Christmas. The plates with a round shape are perfect for handicrafts from Santa Claus, snowmen or elves for the popular festival.

Tinker Nicholas for the Christmas decorations


The ideas for Nicholas handicrafts with paper plates are numerous. For example, you can use the round shape as a head and decorate it with cotton balls or white paper as a beard. If the plate is folded in half, the edge of the plate looks like a beard and you only need to make a hat.

Make mask with paper plates


Instead of making a Santa Claus for the Christmas decorations, you can make a funny Santa Claus mask with the children. For this purpose, the middle of the paper plate should be cut out again and the lower edge designed as a beard with cotton wool or paper. Finally, make a Christmas hat out of red construction paper and attach it to the upper edge.

Tinker Santa Claus beard

tinker-paper-plate-children-santa-claus-beard-cotton balls

Instead of a whole mask, you can also just make the beard of Nicholas. For this you need half of a paper plate that is to be designed with a hole for the mouth. Then simply stick cotton balls on the outer side and Santa’s white beard is ready.

Rudolph the reindeer tinker with paper plates

tinker-paper-plate-fold-paint-rudolph-reindeer-children's hands

Red-nosed Rudolph is one of the reindeer who pulls Santa’s sleigh. He is also a popular Christmas figure for many children, which is why reindeer are often made with children during Christmas crafts. When tinkering with paper plates, you can either tinker with Rudolph’s head or the whole reindeer.

Make reindeer with simple materials


A round paper plate can be used to make Rudolph’s face, which should first be painted brown. Then the antlers can be tinkered with popsicle sticks and pipe rigs and glued to the plate. Finally glue two googly eyes and glue a round pompom as the famous red nose.

Rudolph tinker with paper plates and construction paper


To make the whole reindeer out of a paper plate, you should first paint the plate and cut it in half. One half is used as a body and a triangle is to be cut out of the other. Then cut out rectangles from construction paper as legs and handprints as antlers. Finally, make a red nose and put everything together.

Tinker Christmas elves with children

handicrafts-paper-plates-christmas-handicrafts-children-imp-construction paper

Besides the reindeer, the elves are Santa’s greatest helpers. To make a gnome, you can use paper plates again and use them either as a head or as a body.

Do handicrafts with paper plates


With paper plates in different sizes you can make a gnome with a head and body. The Christmas elves usually have red, green and white clothes, but you can use any color you like. If the gnome is a bit plump, just turn the paper plate upside down and decorate the bottom.

Ideas for making snowman with paper plates

tinker-paper-plate-winter-snowman-buttons-pipe cleaner

Even if there is no snow yet, the children can build a snowman out of paper plates. If you have paper plates in different sizes available, the snowman can also be made a little larger.

Craft ideas for children for winter

tinker-paper-plate-snowman-head-tinker-idea-cotton balls

No matter whether you are making a small or large snowman with children, different materials can be used for it. You can make a nose and hat with construction paper and paint the face with pencils. Old buttons, on the other hand, are perfect for the body and black pipe pens can be used to create arms.

Angels tinker with paper plates – ideas for children


Another popular figure for Christmas crafts is an angel. For the first idea, the paper plate is simply painted and folded, with the angel wings made from handprints. As an alternative, both the wings and the body can be tinkered from the paper plate.

Christmas crafts ideas – The Grinch


The figure of the Grinch presents an unusual idea for handicrafts with paper plates for Christmas. The Grinch is a green creature from an American film who doesn’t like Christmas at the beginning, but eventually realizes the real meaning of the festival.