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Handicrafts with natural materials in summer – 15 creative ideas for children

Handicrafts with natural materials in summer collect leaves-flowers

Nature offers us many natural materials that we can use perfectly for handicrafts with children. However, in no time of the year is there such a great variety as in summer. Colorful flowers, green leaves and filigree shells are just a small part of it. Since the children also like to do handicrafts in summer, we have collected some creative handicraft projects for you. You will find many ideas and suggestions for handicrafts with natural materials in summer in the following.

Handicrafts with natural materials in summer – ideas with green leaves and flowers


For children, summer means only one thing: summer vacation! If you are looking for creative handicraft ideas that you can try out with your small and large children, then natural material is perfect for this. Any material from nature, such as green leaves, twigs and colorful flowers, can be collected on an excursion or while on vacation. You can then press these between books or turn them into beautiful wreaths. There are no limits to imagination and creativity.


A wonderful idea for handicrafts with natural materials in summer are elegant flower wreaths for girls. They can be tinkered with any flowers and grass and always look delicate and graceful on the head. A nice accessory for your little princess in summer. For the base of the wreath you can either use aluminum wire or a vine without the leaves. The collected flowers can then be attached to the wreath with some floral wire and arranged nicely.

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Making animals and insects is always fun for children and is one of the most popular activities in summer. With materials from nature you can, for example, make colorful butterflies with your child. You will need construction paper for the template, green leaves, two thin twigs and several brightly colored petals. First, cut a butterfly template out of green construction paper. Then let the child decorate the butterfly with any leaves and flowers. These butterflies can also be designed as finger puppets for fun games in the garden.


Here are some great examples of different insects made from natural materials: a praying mantis, a dragonfly, a butterfly, two small spiders, a beetle and a mosquito. Let your imagination run wild and you can make cute insects with the children. If you wish, you can stick this to a sheet of paper and design it as a natural decoration for the apartment.

Craft ideas for the summer with shells


If you are planning a vacation by the sea, you can collect sand and various kinds of shells with the children on the beach. These are perfect for handicrafts with natural materials in summer and offer great handicraft ideas for children of all ages. So don’t forget to bring home the seashells you have collected and other beauties from the beach. The toddlers, for example, can paint the mussel shells in bright colors and transform them into small animals, with the larger ones being able to conjure up beautiful pictures and accessories.


With mussel shells of different types and sizes, larger figures and animals can also be tinkered. First try different combinations of the existing clam shells to create any animals. The tinkered creations are best glued together with a liquid glue and are perfect for an original summer decoration made of natural materials.


When doing handicrafts with natural materials in summer, the children can make beautiful necklaces with mussel shells themselves. For this you need air-drying clay to serve as a base. For colored chains, the clay can be mixed with any water-based paint. Make a coin shape out of it and press the conch shell onto it. Now poke a hole for the chain on the upper part. As soon as the clay has dried, pull a string or chain through the hole and you’re done.


If you don’t want to use clay for the jewelry, you can make holes in the mussel shells. In this way, the string can be pulled directly through the shells. Alternatively, you can also use small jump rings. With this method, not only necklaces, but also earrings and bracelets can be tinkered with natural materials in summer.


A beautiful wind chime made of shells and wood offers a simple and original idea for handicrafts with natural materials in summer. The children can also help and creative decoration for the garden can be created. In addition to mussels, starfish and the shells of sea snails are also suitable for this. To make such a wind chime, you should drill a hole in each of the shells with a small drill. Then pull the bowls through cords and attach them to the piece of driftwood. The more cords with clam shells, the more beautiful the wind chimes will be.


With the collected natural material from the beach, you can also decorate various objects in the apartment. Sand and seashells, for example, are perfect for decorating picture frames. So you can make several summery photo frames for the photo wall with the children and put the souvenir photos from vacation in scene.

Handicrafts with natural materials in summer – painting branches


There is no doubt that wood is a popular natural material that can be used for many things. If you are looking for some creative activity for your children in summer, you can collect branches together and paint them in a colorful and original way. Prepare different colors and paintbrushes for this and let the creativity of the little ones run wild.


To make painting branches even more fun, you can transform the pieces of wood into different animals and figures. Depending on the shape, funny lizards, dinosaurs and even funny males can be made. The finished figures are perfect as toys for the children, with whom you can spend great time outdoors.

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Creative handicraft ideas for the summer – paint stones


Another popular material for handicrafts with natural materials in summer are stones. Small pebbles can be found everywhere in nature, especially near water and streams. They can then be painted in bright colors by the children and designed as an atmospheric decoration for the garden or the doorway.


Stones with a smooth surface are best for this craft project. You can use both acrylic paints and felt-tip pens for painting. With other materials such as thin twigs, feathers or leaves, the children can make various animals and insects with the stones. The ideas for painting stones are just endless and are perfect for children of all ages.