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Handicrafts with foam rubber – 15 fun handicraft ideas with children

Handicrafts with foam rubber children-spring-DIY-girl-pencil-butterfly

Handicrafts with foam rubber offer fun handicraft ideas and various techniques that develop the dexterity and imagination of the little ones. Foam rubber has long been a popular craft material. Because the foam rubber sheets are very soft and therefore easy to cut out, the children have a lot of fun doing handicrafts with foam rubber. It is also very suitable for craft ideas with which you can conjure up homemade jewelry, individual stamps, spring decorations or, for example, Easter baskets. There is a large selection of simple instructions with templates on how to make beautiful and colorful toys out of foam rubber with children. You can find practical tips on this under the interesting craft ideas in our collection.

Crafting with foam rubber offers a wide variety of ideas for spring decorations

Handicrafts with foam rubber children-spring-DIY-girl-flower-wreath-pipe cleaner

Crafting with foam rubber is particularly suitable for smaller children because of the quick sense of achievement when they create flowers, animals or other figures from the foam rubber. While the foam rubber sheets are used for tinkering in cheerful colors or with glitter, there are practically no limits to the imagination. Different shapes can be easily and precisely cut out of this craft material with scissors. For figures with straight lines such as letters or picture frames, we recommend that you use a cutter. The popular all decoration fans die-cuters also come to the rescue when doing handicrafts with foam rubber.

Handicrafts with foam rubber – create beautiful spring and Easter decorations with children

Handicrafts with foam rubber girl-children-homemade-flower-wreath-pipe cleaner

The picture above shows the materials required for a flower wreath made of foam rubber as a spring decoration to make yourself. For this craft idea you need bows, pipe cleaners in light green and foam rubber leaves in cheerful colors. Flowers are cut out of this and two holes are made in the middle of each figure. Line up the flowers on the green pipe cleaner as you pierce the wire in the holes. Place the foam rubber flowers of different colors next to each other and decorate with bows in matching tones in between, so that the spring feeling of the craft idea is really brought out.

Practical things and gifts for handicrafts with foam rubber

Handicrafts with foam rubber children-tinkering-idea-stamp-wine corks-foam rubber sheets

The foam rubber stamps are themselves a work to design and decorate with various craft ideas such as greeting cards, calendars, etc. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or Mother’s Day, you can always count on a suitable, individual design. The handle of a stamp can be made from a wide variety of materials – small, cuboid pieces of wood or wine corks, as in the example shown. But the images of the stamps are easiest to design from foam rubber, because it takes a little more effort and diligence with materials such as the potato halves, erasers or the linoplates.

Making Easter baskets – an idea for Easter decorations made of foam rubber

Handicrafts and foam rubber tinkering idea-children-easter basket-easter bunny-instructions-green-yellow

The typical joy of colors in the Easter decorations can be created with skill when tinkering with foam rubber. Cut the grass for an Easter basket made of foam rubber in light and dark green using a template and the handle and the fence – made of foam rubber in bright yellow. The Easter bunnies or other Easter motifs can be made from pieces in white, baby pink, purple and other colors and decorate the Easter basket with glitter or rhinestones according to your taste.

Children’s bag to do your own handicrafts with foam rubber and handicraft cord

Handicrafts with foam rubber bag-easter basket-children-homemade-orange-girl

Handicrafts with foam rubber are very popular with children because they can use it to create colorful 3D objects themselves. A fun children’s bag made of two contrasting colors of foam rubber can be easily created by following the steps in the instructions given. The two sides of the bag and the connecting element are perforated on the edge and sewn together using a craft cord. Glue the bag handles and additional decorations to the side of the children’s bag. B. cut out of foam rubber with glitter.

Nutzhafen tinker pencil bags with foam rubber – a colorful craft idea for children and adults

Handicrafts-foam rubber-tinkering-idea-pencil-bag-kids-DIY-instructions-do it yourself

If you can later use the end products for handicrafts with foam rubber or other materials, then the handicraft fun is certainly much greater. We present you the idea of ​​how you can make a pencil bag yourself and decorate it individually with figures made of self-adhesive foam rubber in different colors.

Materials required for the project made of foam rubber pencil sockets

Handicrafts-foam-rubber-pencil-bag-kids-DIY-template-do-it-yourself-tinkering idea

Use sponge rubber sheets DIN A4 and cut out of the rectangle the shape shown in the picture above. You don’t need any tools other than scissors and a ruler.

Pencil bag made of foam rubber – put it together and decorate it yourself

Handicrafts-foam rubber-tinkering-idea-kids-pencil-bag-hand-punch-do-it-yourself

Make a Minion pencil container out of a tin can with foam rubber


Enlarge the attached template for the details of the craft figure to match the size of a tin can. Then cut out the typical Minion dungarees in white, gray, black and blue from foam rubber.

Minion pencil container – crafting with foam rubber as easy as 1-2-3

Handicrafts-foam rubber-kids-tinker-idea-minions-DIY-pencil-container-glue

Cut two rectangles out of canary yellow foam rubber and cover the inner and outer surface of the tin with them. Use the details that have already been cut out to conjure up the shape of the minion. For more precise handicrafts with foam rubber you can use a punch – z. B. for the eye circles and the glasses.

A colorful craft idea for children – alphabet made of foam rubber

Handicrafts-foam rubber-letters-tinker-idea-children-aplhabet-clothesclip

Turn learning the alphabet into a game by tinkering with foam rubber and clothespins. If you’re doing the project with toddlers, it’s better to use self-adhesive foam rubber instead of all-purpose glue for gluing.

Photo frame made of foam rubber itself make – a nice present for Mother’s Day

Handicrafts-foam rubber-photo frame-homemade-children-flowers-glitter-haerz

The photo frame is a successful giveaway or gift to make yourself on many occasions, such as children’s birthday parties or mother’s day. It can also be implemented as a fun craft idea for Christmas or spring decorations.

Photo frame made of foam rubber – instructions and tips for the support

Handicrafts-foam rubber-photo frame-tinkering-idea-children-flowers-glitter-haerz

The back of the photo frame is made from solid cardboard in a rectangular shape. Glue a layer of clear film on top and attach it from three sides. Decorate the photo frame with foam rubber figures of various shapes according to your idea. You create the support from a piece of hard cardboard, which you fold in a zigzag and attach to the back.

Handicrafts with foam rubber – glittering accessories for little women


Create a small bobby pin crowns made of foam rubber with glitter in the popular colors of your little princess. The diameter of each crown must match the size of the bobby pin used.

Kronen bobby pin – crafting with foam rubber creates beautiful things


Decorate the surface of the chosen bobby pin with a bow of the appropriate width and glue the foam rubber crowns on it with hot glue.

Craft ideas for Hebst – creative things made of foam rubber in warm colors


Let the children feel the beauty of autumn through this simple and sustainable craft idea. First a tree is drawn on a cardboard plate and then sheets of foam rubber are glued to the branches.

Precisely cut tree leaves from foam rubber with a punch

Handicrafts-foam rubber-kids-herbs-instructions-DIY-punch-out-yellow-orange

Help the little craft fans with this project by first punching out circles out of yellow foam rubber with a punch. Then create two tree leaves out of it and have the children cut out the leaves themselves from the orange foam rubber with scissors according to this pattern.

A snowman as a Christmas decoration for handicrafts with foam rubber

Handicrafts-foam rubber-kids-DIY-christmas-snowman-white-idea

Handicrafts with foam rubber for Christmas – packaging idea to make yourself


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