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Handicrafts with felt for Christmas – 10 handicraft ideas with felt for young and old

tinker with felt for christmas fabric snowflakes

Felt is a great and popular craft material. And of course not unfounded. The material is robust and hard-wearing, but it still feels very soft. The delicate felt is also easy to handle, which makes it possible to easily put wonderful handicrafts into practice. Felt is available in various sheet thicknesses and is offered in a wide range of colors. With felt you can do handicrafts for different occasions and give shape to your creative ideas. Crafting with felt for Christmas will be the topic of today’s article. Below you will find great and easy craft ideas with felt that will fascinate both children and adults.

Tinker Christmas tree and jewelry with felt

felt jewelry fir tree children christmas

What would Christmas be without a magically beautiful Christmas tree with the associated glittering Christmas tree decorations. Our first pre-Christmas suggestion would be to cut out a Christmas tree out of fabric or felt and simply hang it on the wall. You can of course decide for yourself about the size and location. Perhaps hang your pretty work of art at eye level with your children so that they can come and be amazed at any time.

jewelry tinker children fir tree christmas felt

A beautiful Christmas tree made of felt would only be half as beautiful without the right jewelry. You can also make the Christmas tree decorations yourself from felt. Let your child support you actively. So the anticipation for Christmas among the adolescents is even greater. Crafting with felt for Christmas gives you the opportunity to design jewelry with different motifs, in different colors, sizes and according to your own ideas. You don’t have to be able to sew for this great handicraft either. It is enough if you cut out the desired shapes and let your little one let off steam while warping.

fir tree ombre gifts styrofoam

Although a traditional Christmas tree carries a lot of meaning and memories, its extraordinary and modern interpretations look no less attractive. Without a doubt, such a Christmas tree in the trendy ombre look adds to the warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere. First get craft felt in two or three shades and a styrofoam cone. Cut out several diamonds of the same size from the colored felt sheets and attach them to the cone with a slightly overlapping layer using craft glue. The great color gradient and the material used make this felt handicraft absolutely unique.

Simply cut out the Christmas tree felt decoration

If you would like to involve younger children in the handicraft project, this variant of the Christmas tree made of felt would be an excellent idea. Tinkering with felt can be really easy. Let the little hands cut out circles in different sizes from the craft felt. Now these just have to be stacked on top of each other and fixed to each other with hot glue. Decorate the Christmas tree in mini format with small felt balls or glue tiny, glittering pearls.

Craft ideas with felting wool

Make felt wool balls garland with children

If you want to make a nice Christmas decoration with felt, you can perhaps imitate this simple handicraft project and make colorful garlands from felt balls. You can either purchase the balls prefabricated from handicraft supplies or you can make them yourself from felt wool. Let your children pluck the felt wool, shape it into balls and soak you in a soapy solution of warm water and soap. Now the children can roll the felt balls between their hands. This makes the colorful balls smaller and firmer. If they are already dry, you can simply thread them in with a needle and thread and the festive garland is ready.

Angels do handicrafts with felt for Christmas

angel tinker wooden bead felt wool

If you would like to create a cute Christmas angel as a Christmas tree ornament or themed decoration for your home, you are welcome to use felt again. You can either cut out the filigree figure and its angel wings from felt sheets or, as in the picture above, shape the angel figure from felt wool. The body consists of a felt ball in two parts. If you want to give the angel a nice face, a wooden bead that you paint beforehand would be very suitable. The delicate angel wings can be made from glittering organza strips. The sweet lucky angel would also be a great gift.

Make a snowman with felt for Christmas

snowman felt branches natural materials christmas

Making a snowman yourself is always a good craft idea with felt. While the real snowman melts quickly under the rays of the sun, you can enjoy the homemade snowman indoors for a long time. For these cute snowmen you first have to cut out two identical eight-shaped pieces of felt, fill them with cotton wool and glue them together. Thin twigs quickly turn into arms. So that the felt snowman doesn’t freeze, he gets a warm scarf. Now it’s your children’s turn.

Christmas tree ornaments sewing craft ideas

With colored gel pens you can give the creature a face and paint buttons. Alternatively, small wiggle eyes and glue dots can be used. You can use the same principle to create all kinds of Christmas decorations. With or without sewing, an almost infinite number of figures can be created using templates or handicraft templates. When doing handicrafts with felt for Christmas, you can let your imagination run wild and embellish the small crafts with rhinestones, pearls or glitter and give them an individual touch.

Make gifts with felt for Christmas

christmas stockings felt sewing gifts candy

As you know, it is a time-honored tradition to fill Christmas stockings with gifts for loved ones and hang them by the fireplace. If you want to distribute loving, handmade gifts among family members for Christmas, you can go back to handicraft felt. To do this, cut out the stocking shape from double-layered felt and sew on by hand or with a sewing machine or glue the pieces together. Then attach a loop to the top edge so you can hang the socks.

gifts christmas sock decoration felt gingerbread man

Think about the recipients and decorate the Christmas socks for each person taking into account their interests and preferences. This way the beautiful gift will look original and melt its recipient. You can also do handicrafts with felt the individual decorations for the gift stocking. What do you think of a happy gingerbread man made of felt that you brought to life by hand. A flying and funny reindeer with a sleigh full of gifts is also a great decoration idea.

mug coaster gift christmas felt wool balls

As a present for Christmas you can make a colorful and original mug coaster with felt. For this personal gift idea, you actually only need a beer mat and several different colored felt balls, which you can make yourself or buy from felt. Glue the colorful, small balls of felt wool together with the hot glue gun and the coaster for glasses and cups is ready.

Make table decorations with felt for Christmas

table runner christmas decorate felt pine cones

If you are already thinking about how to decorate the festive table for Christmas, this craft idea with felt will come just in time and can be great inspiration for you. Making such a table runner with felt is child’s play and satisfies the need to decorate your own home in a festive, atmospheric and creative way. With the help of templates, the small and large snowflakes can be cut out in no time and attached to a monochrome table runner.