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Handicrafts with crown caps – 20 great recycling ideas for young and old

Handicrafts with bottle caps garden decoration-flower-diy

Anyone who takes great pleasure in recycling handicrafts should definitely consider the various crown corks. With the small round pieces of sheet metal, many creative things can be conjured up, which are perfect as a fancy decoration. Whether for the garden, for the apartment or simply as a creative handicraft project for the children, tinkering with crown corks is certainly fun.

tinker-bottle cap-garden plug-flower

The small pieces of sheet metal that seal the bottles of soft drinks or beer do not belong in the trash at all, because they can be used to conjure up a lot of creative handicrafts. But what can you actually do with bottle caps? In fact, the ideas are particularly numerous. On the one hand, an interesting decoration can be made from crown corks for both the home and the garden. On the other hand, you can make really useful things for the household yourself or spice up existing furniture and accessories. In addition, this material is perfect for wonderful craft ideas for the children. Below we’d like to share some of the best ideas for crafting with bottle caps. let yourself be inspired!

Make unusual garden decorations with crown caps

tinker bottle cap recycling wind chime

If you are looking for unusual garden decoration ideas for spring and summer, then you can use crown caps and make a creative decoration yourself. Wind chimes are particularly popular for the garden area because they sound lightly with the wind. Since crown caps are also made of sheet metal, they can be used to create playful wind chimes. A pasta strainer is required as a base for this project, as well as several jump rings to attach the individual crown caps. You can achieve a great design with both the same color and colorful crown corks.


In addition to the wind chimes, you can make really nice garden plugs yourself with the small bottle lids and decorate the flower beds with a pretty decoration. The easiest way to make these beautiful flowers is to make them. Each flower consists of a total of seven crown corks, which are first painted and then glued together with hot glue. Finally, the finished flowers are attached to a wooden stick and stuck in the ground.


With the right technique and a little creativity, flowers that are just as complicated as garden plugs can be tinkered with crown corks. For a nice effect, the beer capsules are bent with pliers and bent into interesting flower petals. In this case, you need fifteen crown corks and a screw cap to which they are glued for each garden plug. To design the flower, a round crown cap is first stuck in the middle of the lid with a strong adhesive. Then a total of twelve coasters are bent and glued around the middle one. The flower is then attached to the wooden stick and the leaves are tinkered with the remaining two crown caps.

Make creative magnets with bottle caps


A practical upcycling idea for the old bottle caps would be to turn them into pretty magnets. So after all, a few magnets are never superfluous for the refrigerator and are always used when you want to make a note for the shopping list, for example. You can decorate the DIY magnets as you like and even use them as a small homemade gift. For this project you need bottle caps, colors or decoration of your choice, as well as small magnetic plates and superglue.


You can make a bottle cap magnet yourself in two ways. Either the magnet is glued to the bottom or to the top of the crown cap. The decision depends on which side you can decorate best. Of course, the beer mat magnets can also be left as they are if you like the top. If not, you can either paint the top or stick a small piece of paper on the bottom.


Here we would like to introduce a simple idea with instructions for making ladybug magnets. This handicraft project is particularly popular with children and the resulting magnets are perfect for the magnetic wall in the children’s room. All you need for the project are:

  • Bottle caps
  • red spray paint
  • black nail polish or permanent marker
  • Googly eyes
  • hot glue
  • small round magnets


First, spray the top of the beer mat with red spray paint and let it dry. Depending on the color and decoration of the bottle cap, you will need several layers of the spray paint. The resulting color should be rich and completely cover all labels and logos. Then the ladybug pattern is painted on the dry crown corks with black nail polish or marker. Then attach the googly eyes in the appropriate place. Finally, turn the bottle caps, glue the magnets to the underside and let them dry. The ladybug magnets are ready!

Crafting with bottle caps for the apartment


In addition to magnets, many other practical accessories for home can be tinkered with crown caps. You can turn the small lids into beautiful mini candles and decorate the table with a beautiful DIY decoration. For this purpose, candle remains are melted in a water bath and placed in the underside of the beer mat together with the candle wick. When the wax has set, the candles can be placed on the table and lighted.

Whether for the hot teapot, mug or for the cold beer, you can protect your furniture from unwanted stains with a coaster. You can use the hot glue to create beautiful coasters in different shapes and sizes with crown caps from a sheet of cork. With different colors and patterns you can also conjure up creative designs that suit your own taste.


The old crown corks can be particularly decorative and thus decorate various furniture or home accessories. You decide for yourself whether the wall mirror, the food tray or a coffee table.

If you want to build or decorate a bottle cap table yourself, then there are two ways of doing this. First, in both cases, a mosaic is made from the beer capsules and then glued to the table top. On the one hand, you can simply use the hot glue and glue each crown cap separately. If you want a faster process and a more solid result, you can also use grout and grout the beer coasters.


A similar technique can be used to make beautiful decorative letters with crown caps. They’re perfect as a DIY gift for your best friend or family member. You can also put the decorative letters in the limelight as a decoration with the initials of your family name. Simply buy the desired letter from cardboard or cut it out yourself and stick a colored beer mat.

Make jewelry with bottle caps


Another creative use of the beer stopper cap that you may not have thought of is making jewelry yourself. Whether earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, you can do a lot with bottle caps. If the lids already have a cool design, you can even use them in their natural shape. If this is not the case, the crown caps can be decorated to your own taste. For a project like this, you still need the appropriate accessories, such as a chain, jump rings, beads, clasps and so on.


Alternatively, the underside of the lid can also be used for making jewelry with crown caps. You can paint the underside with a liquid textile paint of any color and use it as the front of the homemade jewelry. You can only use one bottle cap, or you can use several to create a creative design yourself. The individual beer capsules can be drilled with a drill and attached to one another using jump rings.

handicrafts-bottle cap-jewelry-storage

Not only jewelry, but also creative jewelry storage you can make yourself with crown caps. These small plates are best for small jewelry such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Twelve crown caps are glued to a rectangular piece of cardboard and sprayed with spray paint. After the paint has dried, the DIY jewelry storage can be used.

Tip: DIY enthusiasts who love to tinker with beads and sequins can use this small bowl to store these materials.

Craft ideas with bottle caps for children


Children like to do handicrafts with all kinds of materials, but they are more looking forward to handicraft projects with things that can be found in the household every day. A great idea for such a project is this little owl. To make them you will need a screw cap, two crown caps, a paper clip, a can ring, two buttons, and white spray paint. The coasters are used as eyes together with the buttons in this case.


A bottle cap magnet becomes much more creative when made and decorated with the kids. With a little imagination and acrylic paints, cute magnets can be tinkered with crown caps. Small animals or insects are the easiest to design. Just like the ladybug, you can turn the beer mat into a little bee with your child. You can also use several crown corks to create larger animals, such as a caterpillar.


For the Christmas decorations, you can make cute snowmen with crown caps with the children. For this project, three coasters are placed one below the other and glued together. Then spray with white spray paint and decorate accordingly with a brush. With hangers made of ribbon, the creative snowmen made of recycled materials are ready for the Christmas tree.

tinker-crown-cap-macarons-tree decorations-instructions

Another great decoration idea for the Christmas tree, or simply as a decoration for the apartment, are these sweet macarons made from beer coasters. They can be tinkered very quickly and easily with crown caps and are really perfect for any occasion.


Since the macarons are usually made in delicate pastel colors, you can use the same colors for this project. Of course, individual designs are also perfectly fine. With a little glitter, the edges of the crown caps are hidden and the little jewelry looks exactly like the French macarons.

So, if you’ve never collected the bottle caps before, now is the best time to start and do something creative with them!