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Handicrafts with crepe paper with children: great ideas for birthday, decoration, etc.

tinker with crepe paper flower-decoration-colorful-crepe

Handicraft enthusiasts know about the many possibilities that crepe paper handicrafts have to offer. Different things can be designed from colored crepe paper, from flowers with bright colors, to pictures, decorations for every season of the year and on festive occasions, to cute animal figures. In today’s article we have selected some craft ideas for you that children can participate in and have a lot of fun in the process. Let yourself be inspired by our picture gallery and plan the next exciting craft afternoon with your little ones.

Crafting with crepe paper for a birthday


When your child’s birthday is approaching, you are probably already thinking about the festive decorations. Of course, you always try to create a unique decoration so that the youngsters feel very special on this special day. The anticipation of the upcoming party will be even greater when your child can help create and do handicrafts. Treat him to this experience and create an atmospheric decoration. Your child’s letter or birthday number, for example, can be quickly made from construction paper and pieces of colored crepe paper and conjure up a cheerful atmosphere.


If you want to create a festive wall decoration, you can make colorful and magnificent flowers with crepe paper. Oversized roses, tulips or tiny flowers, you are sure to succeed with the colorful flowers. You don’t let your heads droop and are ready in no time. It is best to let your children determine for themselves which flowers adorn the room and then make them with masking tape.


The garlands transform every room into an inviting and colorful paradise, and not just on a children’s birthday party. Create a colorful garland of crepe paper together with your child. You don’t need anything other than crepe paper in the colors that match the motto of the celebration and the rest of the decoration. The variants for making the garlands are almost infinite and you can of course develop your own creations, which actually often come about through experimentation.

muffin plug party food birthday crepe paper

If you want to make the party dinner more appetizing and inviting for the little guests, it is an excellent idea to decorate the goodies with your next handicraft project together. What do you think of these brightly colored muffin plugs? Your child is welcome to cut thin strips of masking tape of different colors, shape them into tassels and then glue them to a wooden stick.

Make flowers with crepe paper

flower crepe mothers day anemones

Children can also do handicrafts with crepe paper on Mother’s Day. A bouquet of homemade roses will undoubtedly melt the mother’s heart. Kindergarten children will probably still need your help with this, but the radiantly beautiful paper flowers are a suitable crepe paper craft idea for toddlers too. If you want to make the classic flower tinker with children, cut a five centimeter wide piece from a roll of crepe paper, roll it out and let your little fingers wrap the crepe tape around a wooden skewer or ballpoint pen.


The children can make crepe flowers in different shapes and colors. In addition to bouquets of flowers, the beautiful, colorful flowers also create magical decorations for spring or autumn. Crepe paper flowers of all kinds can be remade in a few minutes and with a few simple steps. They are also very versatile.


For example, you can design a unique flower crown with your daughter, with which she appears proud on a festive occasion. For this you need pieces of crepe paper of the same size and a paper rope for the headdress. Give your child a small ball and let the crepe paper wrap the ball like candy. The upper side should be left open. The small boats created in this way represent the individual petals and are tied to the rope in the form of flowers and arranged next to each other. You are welcome to make a spring-like wreath with flowers.


Making pictures with crepe paper is also very easy. If you want to create a pretty picture with a spring-like motif, you need handicraft crepe, some pipe cleaners and a sheet of paper. Get crepe paper in different colors and let your child cut strips out of it. For a butterfly, the children have to stack the strips in two piles and use flexible plush to shape the body and feelers of the flying beauty. Simply stick it on the paper and the 3D image is ready in no time.

Cute animals make handicrafts with crepe paper


You can create funny animals in bright colors with your child from the elastic and finely folded paper. There are no limits to your imagination. A pompom made of crepe paper, for example, can be transformed into a cute turtle, owl or ladybug that hangs down from the ceiling in the nursery and puts a smile on your child’s face.


Even toddlers can tinker with crepe paper. Simply choose an animal motif, cut out its outlines from paper and first let your offspring make scraps of paper out of the handicraft crepe. Now you can stick it together on the animal figure and finally give the animal a face. You can find beautiful templates online that you can decorate as you wish. Snippets of crepe paper are also easy to roll into small balls that can be glued together.