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Handicrafts with children in autumn & for Halloween with any material

tinker with children in autumn fox-pine-cone-felt-easy

Like every other season, autumn encourages crafting and creating. And with the selection of beautiful, suitable colors and materials, it’s no wonder that you immediately feel like spending a pleasant afternoon handicrafts with the children. In addition, the weather gets worse at this time of the year and means that you have to keep yourself busy indoors. Autumn offers various occasions for handicraft projects such as Halloween, the lantern parade or the Thanksgiving Day and the selection of natural materials that make every decoration or other autumn handicraft even more beautiful and interesting is also huge. Should you still lack the imagination to come up with handicraft ideas for autumn, use our instructions for handicrafts with children in autumn and for Halloween and create unique decorations and things that are simply fun.

What can you do handicrafts with children in autumn?


The variants are endless! In addition to the classic figures and craft ideas with chestnuts, acorns and other tree fruits, decorations made of pumpkins, apples or other fruits, sticks, paper, cardboard or wire are also suitable. Use typical autumn motifs like the ones already mentioned or the kite, leaves and others to spend a nice afternoon and do beautiful things for autumn. Here are some great ideas, some of which also use natural materials.

Handicrafts with children in autumn with pine cones

handicrafts with children in autumn owl-pinecone-felt-adults-decorate

Although the owl might look complicated at first glance, it is not at all. Depending on the age of the child, the elements can be cut out of felt by himself or prepared by an adult. Then all you need is wiggle eyes and possibly string, in case you want to hang up the owls later to put together an original autumn bouquet. For this it is best to use branches that are designed with the pendants and why not with colorful leaves. Other autumn decorations can also be used. If some of the branches have berries, the better!

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Make turkey as autumn decoration with children

handicrafts with children in autumn turkey-ribbons-tail-simple-funny-decoration

The turkey should not be missing, especially at Thanksgiving. You can also quickly make this one out of a pine cone with children in autumn. In addition, you will need a few pieces of gift ribbon in fall colors and felt. Shape the ribbons into a loop and then glue them into the tenons. This is how you create a luscious and colorful tail. Then you need a beak, eyes and head from a bobble and the children have already made a cute autumn decoration themselves. Many other animals can also be moved in this way. The hedgehog, for example, goes very well with autumn. Just come up with something.

Handicrafts with sticks and other things from nature


Sticks and leaves are just as suitable for handicrafts with children in autumn. This is because different males can be made from it. The sticks are simply shaped into any picture on a sheet of paper. It doesn’t have to be a stick figure. Other motifs are also suitable. You can then also tinker some elements with leaves. Imagination is required here and, as is well known, children have a lot of them. Collect the necessary materials together while taking a walk and have them ready to keep you busy on a rainy day. In the same way, the children can also do handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts or other natural materials.

Tinker kites with children

handicrafts with children in autumn make-your-own-mini-kites-paper-sticks

What is more fun for children, but also for adults, than flying a kite? The otherwise annoying wind is also much more pleasant and useful. So the dragon is a wonderful autumn motif that can also be used for handicrafts in the autumn of decorations. Decorate walls with a small mini dragon in autumn or use the motifs as autumn decoration for windows by using transparent paper. They are also well suited for making garlands.

handicrafts with children in autumn decorate kite garland

You can get mini kites quickly and easily by cutting out a typical kite shape from brightly colored and cheerful craft paper. You then provide this with a cross made of wooden sticks or straws. If the kite is to be used for playing, tie the yarn at the crossover point of the bars. If you want wall or window pictures for autumn instead, the thread is superfluous. Finally, create a tail. Various materials such as cord or fabric are suitable.

Handicrafts with children in autumn – Funny robots made from pumpkins


Playful motifs or figures are great ideas for handicrafts with children in autumn. So the little ones are sure to have fun with this handicraft project. They are fun robots made from any pumpkin. You also need screws, nuts, wire and similar items from Papa’s workshop to make the face and arms. Googly eyes are also suitable.


Adult help is needed despite the simplicity of the project. You should paint the pumpkins and the small objects. Since robots are mostly made of metal, silver or gold is best for the autumn fruits. The small accessories can, in turn, be made beautifully colorful. As soon as the colors have dried, the children can get started and come up with any faces. There are no rules.

Making lanterns with children in autumn


The lantern parade is of course an important day for the little ones. And if your children have also made the lanterns themselves, they will have even more fun with them and carry the lantern with great pride. A simple variant is to use empty plastic bottles. You design these either with colors that are not too opaque or with crepe paper so that the light can shimmer through. Then shape a handle from wire. Make two holes in the lantern and tie the handle. You can then tie the rod to hold the lantern to it. If you find candles too unsafe to light, simply use the electric “fishing rods” with lightbulbs that are offered.

Make autumn decorations yourself – scarecrow made of popsicle sticks

tinker-children-autumn-ice-cream sticks-scarecrow-instructions

If you want to do handicrafts with children in autumn, you can also choose a scarecrow as a motif and use it to design walls, doors or other areas. It is also suitable as a table decoration for autumn made of natural materials. Another nice and simple idea is this one where you only use paints, popsicle sticks and cardboard. Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard and spread glue on it. Then fix the stems in place.


Paint the upper part of the stems and an extra stalk brown. Glue the extra handle diagonally onto the rectangle. Now you can paint on the face. Alternatively, a scarecrow can also be tinkered with children in autumn by using googly eyes for the face and a Halloween candy for the nose. Of course, other materials such as acorns, leaves and the like can also be used.

Halloween craft ideas

tinker-children-autumn-spider-plush wire-pipe cleaner-pinecone-wiggle eyes

You can not only make masks or a Halloween costume yourself, but also many other things. How about if you also make an interesting Halloween decoration. This is guaranteed to be fun for the children, because there are many different options that the little ones can create themselves. Here are some interesting Halloween ideas to try out.

Simply tinker with natural materials

handicrafts with children in autumn candy-corn-orange-white-yellow-painting-pine cones

Candy corn is simply part of Halloween. So if you want to do handicrafts for Halloween and make a decoration, this motif is wonderfully suitable. If you would also like a table decoration for autumn made from natural materials, combine the two with each other. Use pine cones that you paint with the respective colors. For this, you can use not only normal colors, but also glitter. You need white, orange and yellow. Then put together a pretty arrangement for the table and decorate with natural materials in autumn.

Do handicrafts with children for Halloween – pumpkins made from edible plasticine


Pumpkins are not only generally a suitable motif in autumn, but especially for Halloween time. So you can’t go wrong with it. And if the children are still too young to carve real pumpkins, you have to come up with ideas made from other materials. How about if you just let the little ones play independently with modeling clay and do handicrafts? However, it is not meant to be ordinary dough, but even edible, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Simply prepare the following recipe for this and you can implement various handicraft ideas for Halloween. Perhaps the children would like to make other figures besides pumpkins themselves. Then prepare putty in different colors.

  • 1 cup of homemade frosting in any flavor
  • 2 3/4 cups powdered sugar
  • Orange food coloring (or other colors)
  • Wooden stick for the stem
  • green cord for imitating leaves (or other material)
  • possibly aids from the kitchen for mixing, shaping and handicrafts

Mix the powdered sugar with the frosting. Do this little by little and check the putty at regular intervals. As long as it is still sticky, more powdered sugar must be added. If the “dough” is no longer sticky, the food coloring is added. Then check the stickiness one more time and add more powdered sugar if necessary. Then you can make any Halloween decoration with children and even give it away.

Making pictures from legumes with children in autumn


Legumes come in a wide variety of colors and that makes them perfect for pretty pictures. Templates are particularly helpful here. Coloring pictures can be designed with legumes instead of colors. You can of course also use your own pictures. Combine lentils, beans, peas or spices and create particularly likeable motifs on a sheet of paper or on a piece of fabric. Finally, frame your children’s pictures in order to make the walls autumnal and rustic.

Halloween tinker with loo rolls

Tinker-kids-autumn-pumpkin-toilet roll-rings-inspiration

You can make this funny pumpkin for Halloween from just 4 toilet rolls. If you would like to make this Halloween decoration yourself, three of the rolls are cut into approx. 2 cm wide strips and then painted orange. Again paint the fourth roll with green paint. It should serve as a stem. When the colors are dry, thread the rings loosely on string and create a ring. You will need about a third or half of the green roll. Cut out strips from the rest. And with that, the decoration is finished. In this way, you can also make other suitable fruits with children in the fall.

Make a Halloween garland – instructions


If you have decided to do handicrafts with children in autumn and for Halloween, such a garland or pennant chain is also not a bad idea, because it is quick and easy to make. Several triangles are made that represent any Halloween motif. A Halloween ghost, spiders, Frankenstein, pumpkins, black cats, but also owls or a funny Halloween vampire are suitable. You are also welcome to make a witch. The triangles are then punched with a hole punch, threading yarn through the holes. You are also welcome to glue the triangles directly onto the string. You can then use it to decorate any area. The mantelpiece is particularly suitable, but windows or walls also look much more festive with it.

Halloween lantern handicrafts with children in autumn

tinker-children-autumn-paper mache-lantern-lantern-pumpkin-balloon

For this lantern you first have to make a Halloween pumpkin out of paper. You can get this quickly and easily with the help of crepe paper, a balloon and glue. Tear the orange crepe paper into small pieces. Then inflate the balloon of any size and dip it in glue or coat it with glue. Now distribute the pieces of paper over half of the balloon. These should overlap here and there so that there are no holes. Then let the glue dry well, pierce the balloon, remove it and draw a face on it with a black felt pen or edding. It’s that easy to make a lantern or a lantern for Halloween.

Tinker cobwebs as window decorations for Halloween

handicrafts-children-autumn-cobweb-ice-cream sticks-wool-spiders-design-house-garden

Children will have a lot of fun on the afternoon handicrafts if the projects are not only interesting but also made easy. These cute spider webs are so wonderfully suitable for handicrafts with children in autumn and for Halloween. You will need popsicle sticks again, as well as white wool and toy spiders. Three popsicle sticks are glued together like a star. Then the wool thread is threaded around the stems so that a net look is created. You can also apply a drop of glue here and there to hold the thread in place so that it doesn’t slip. Do not cut the end of the wool thread too short! It should be able to hang down a bit. Glue a spider and decorate the house.