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Great handicraft templates for autumn as a basis for creative and fun handicrafts with children

Print out handicraft templates for autumn for free and do handicrafts with children

Those who like to do handicrafts will particularly enjoy it in the colder seasons, when the weather gets worse. Above all, parents who are looking for something interesting for their children to do on rainy days are very grateful for ideas for autumn handicrafts with children. And so that your next project can be carried out without any problems, we have some handicraft templates for autumn that you can use to print out. There are also some creative and beautiful ideas for which you can use the autumn handicraft templates so that you get a few suggestions right away. Since these are typically autumnal motifs, you can use them for many different purposes, be it for garlands, mobiles, window pictures or just for coloring. Print out our handicraft templates for autumn free of charge and the fun can begin on this dreary autumn day!

Craft templates for autumn with autumn leaves

Craft templates for autumn with leaves for making garlands, mobiles and more

Whether you are making an autumn garland, a mobile or window pictures or simply want to decorate leaves with colors, glitter, natural materials, buttons, thread or other things, the task of cutting out leaves becomes much easier with handicraft templates for autumn. Especially if the handicraft templates for autumn are intended for children, it is so much easier to work than if the leaves first have to be painted on by hand.

Beautiful autumn leaves to cut out for garlands, window pictures and other handicrafts

Simply print out any handicraft templates for autumn leaves, then cut them out (or paint them in directly on the sheet if you want the leaves to be used as coloring pages). You can then process them into anything you want. Make holes (e.g. with a hole punch) to transform them into a garland or a mobile or use them as templates to transfer the shapes onto parchment paper, cut out the leaves and stick them to the windows. Leaves are one of the most important autumn motifs and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Color and craft kites

Handicraft templates for autumn - print out, color and tinker a kite

After you’ve printed them out, cut out the elements and color them in. After that you just glue the yarn to the kite and the paper bows on the hanging cord.

Printable template for dragon here.

Craft templates for autumn – Halloween box

Handicraft templates for autumn - make boxes and boxes yourself with motifs for Halloween

Make small boxes to stow away the sweets or other things to match this popular autumn festival. You can find several variants in the links.

Box with ghost and cobwebs here.

Box with funny pumpkins here.

Box with red monsters here.

Box with scary pumpkins here.

Box with spooky house and trees here.

Turkey for autumn handicraft templates to print out

Craft templates for autumn for window pictures in the form of turkeys and ideas for other motifs

The turkey is an important symbol in the USA because it is a traditional dish for Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t prevent you from tinkering with this autumn motif as well. You can hang a turkey on the window, for example, or attach the printed and colored picture (or cut out of colored paper and glued together) to a cardboard stand on the back and use it as a table decoration. Would you like to make a wreath in autumn? How about if you just clip the turkey in the middle of the ring? The variants are numerous!

A picture of a turkey to decorate with children in autumn

Make mini witch hats with handicraft templates for autumn

Cute mini witch hats as handicraft templates for autumn as a project for children

Print out as many autumn craft templates as you want, cut out the templates and transfer them onto black paper. Shape a cone, cut tabs in the inner edge of the ring and glue the cone to the tabs.

Template for printing here.

Trees as motifs – print out templates for crafting for free

Print out a bare tree and stick it with leaves

Chestnuts, acorns, beechnuts and maple, but also pine cones are very popular and wonderfully suitable for handicrafts in autumn. Thus, handicraft templates for autumn of this kind are a great idea and can prove to be very useful. Like the leaves, they can also be used for garlands and mobiles or if you are making autumn decorations for windows. Or would you like to make a squirrel and would like to equip it with an acorn? Then you will also find suitable handicraft templates for autumn.

Bare tree to design with real or artificial leaves

You can use a bare tree trunk to decorate it with real or homemade leaves. But you can also design other types of leaves: fingerprints, dots from cotton swabs or balls and leaves you have painted yourself can be used.

Mushroom cards for gifts

Cards with autumn mushrooms as handicraft templates for autumn

Print out these likable mushrooms, punch holes and tie them to a gift. These simple handicraft templates for autumn can also be used as bookmarks, place cards and for other ideas.

DIY bookmarks with toadstool and ribbon to give away

Cards for printing here.

Tinker 3D acorns

3D acorns as an autumn template for folding and gluing for a beautiful table decoration

Print the template on white paper or directly on beige cardboard and cut it out. You then transfer the elements for the hats onto brown cardboard. With a craft knife cut out the inner triangles of the acorns (below the long dashed lines) and fold all the short dashed lines, as well as each of the middle long dashed lines inwards and the others outwards.

The cones are cut on the straight lines and also folded on the dashed lines. Tape the triangular tabs you get on the inside of the squares with glue or double-sided tape. Finally, put the hat on the folded acorn and you can use them to decorate the house.

Instructions and template for acorns and hats here.

Print out other handicraft templates for autumn free of charge

Make your own owl with elements to cut out and glue together

You can also enlarge the templates on the computer and then print them out if our variants are too small for you. In the following you will find pictures and links for printing out typical autumn motifs and get started with handicrafts right away.

Handicraft templates for autumn for acorns to cut out, glue on or color in

Print out maple leaf and use it for any craft projects

Print turkey and tinker scarecrow from individual elements

Autumn motifs to design with dots - squirrel, owl, apple, pumpkin, leaves, acorn and sunflower Beautiful pumpkin as a coloring picture or for making decorations yourself