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Great DIY projects with melted crayons to do it yourself

wax crayons melt crayon various colors craft ideas

Everyone knows the colorful crayons from their childhood. If you have children, you will find remnants of crayons on every corner in the nursery. Perhaps you have found some in your pocket or washing machine at one point or another. Do not dispose of used and broken crayons. They can be reused for countless great craft projects. Because the wax crayons can be melted down wonderfully. This technique creates beautiful and creative pictures, works of art, decorations and much more. Read on to learn how to melt crayons and what to conjure up from them.

How wax crayons melt?

melted crayola wax crayons make abstract art yourself

You can melt crayons using several methods. First of all, you need to remove the paper covers from the wax crayons. If the paper is difficult to remove from the crayons, you can soak it in hot water. Next, sort the pens by color and cut them into small pieces so that they melt quickly and completely. You can use the microwave to melt the crayons. 2 minutes with occasional stirring is sufficient.

diy ideas wax crayons melt remnants recycle

The oven and suitable baking or silicone molds provide another method for melting the crayons. Heat the pieces of crayon at 90 degrees for 10-15 minutes so that they melt. You are also welcome to melt the Crayola wax crayons in a water bath. Among all the ways to get melted crayons, blow-drying wax crayons is certainly an exciting way to conjure up colorful art.

Create a picture with crayons – instructions

picture wax crayons melt hair dryer craft supplies

With the hair dryer you can, for example, create a beautiful picture with wax crayons. You can create the colored pencil works of art in just a few steps, require only a few materials and a little time. The following images illustrate the steps involved in creating a great picture. The materials you will need for a picture with crayons and hair dryer are:

Colored pencils in several colors (number depending on the size of the canvas)


Hot glue gun or glue


old newspaper or paper

hair dryer pictures abstract rainbow wax crayons melt

Choose the colors you want to use for the picture and align them on the canvas so that there is no empty space on the long side. Now apply some glue along the pen and arrange the pens close together with the point down. Before you blow-dry the wax crayons, you should line the floor or wall in the immediate vicinity with old newspaper because it can sometimes splash. Then lean against the canvas and start melting the wax with the jet of hot air.

crayola wax crayons melt ideas picture for hot glue

Experiment a bit with the temperature and direct the air jet towards the tips so that the wax can flow straight down. Focus on small areas and work your way up slowly. So that you get a beautiful gradient and rich colors, a little patience is required here. A 40 cm canvas takes about 50-60 minutes.

rainbow colors arrange stick on crayola wax crayons melt

Once you’ve melted all of the colors, you can focus the heat on the center of the canvas or on a specific color so that the wax droplets reach the bottom and create great wax crayon art. Instead of a rainbow, you can come up with different color samples. Let your imagination run wild and come up with different motifs with which you can make your hair dryer pictures even more exciting.

instructions wax crayons melt hair dryer pictures

Make creative hair dryer pictures – couples under an umbrella with crayons yourself

picture with wax crayons hair dryer melting couple umbrella

For example, how do you find the picture with a couple with an umbrella under the rain? For this you are welcome to stick on a couple silhouette or attach a great photo of you and your partner. Such crayons picture ideas as above are easy to imitate and a perfect individual gift for Valentine’s Day or any other festive occasion.

Make a heart out of crayons yourself

wax crayons melt heart picture diy ideas fà ?? ¶hn

A heart made of crayons is another motif for a great feat. To do this, glue the wax crayons in a heart shape and let the wax melt outwards so that a white heart remains in the middle of the canvas. If you want to personalize this picture with crayons, you can use the heart as a picture frame and create a pretty collage with photos.

heart from wax crayons melt ideas tinker hair dryer

heart made of wax crayons hair dryer melt personal gift photos

wax crayons melt heart blow dryer pictures

Blow-dry wax crayons and create great pictures

picture wax crayons hair dryer melt wall decoration paper pictures

Let your creativity run free and think of different motifs or combinations with which you can create a fascinating and unique Crayon Art. For example, you can use melted wax crayons as a background for beautiful and creative wall art or work out the melting wax as a unique motif. Under the hot air, beautiful flower stems are created from wax crayons in various shades of green and the pretty flowers can be made quickly from paper.

picture wax crayons melt flowers paper

Melting Crayola wax crayons – hair dryer pictures with stencil

wax crayons melt hair dryer pictures seahorse stencil

You are also welcome to use stencils for your self-made wax painting. Cut out the desired motif from cardboard and attach it to the canvas with painter’s tape. Leave a small piece free where you will start working with the wax. Gradually remove the painter’s tape and spread pieces of crayon on the edge of the figure. Melt the wax with the blow dryer and keep working your way. Finally, remove the stencil and marvel at the beautiful traces the wax drops have left on the canvas.

Melt picture with wax crayons, glue stencil on hair dryer

wax crayons melt hair dryer pictures ideas seahorses

Melt the remains of the wax crayon and create a new shape

Remnants of wax crayons melt in an oven heart-shaped

A great and simple craft idea with the remains of the wax crayons would be to fill them into various silicone and baking molds and let them melt in the oven. Then let the wax cool down completely in the molds. The new wax crayons are now ready in the form of hearts, stars, crescent moons, butterflies, etc. If you mix different colors, the molds look even more beautiful. Your child will be enthusiastic about it and will love to paint with it.

Heart wax crayons melt leftovers in the oven

handicrafts with children heart wax crayons melt paint

wax crayons melt leftovers heart child paint

heart shape card wax crayons blow dry melt gift idea

Decorate the heart garland with crayons

heart garland wax crayons melt blow dryer iron ideas

You can easily imitate such a pretty garland at home. Put a sheet of wax paper in front of you and put on it sharp wax crayons of different colors. Cover everything with a second sheet of waxed paper and place a thin towel on the topmost layer of paper. An alternative to blow-drying wax crayons is the iron. Iron on the entire surface over medium heat. Once the wax has cooled, cut out a heart, punch a hole in it and thread a ribbon or string into it. An undoubtedly original way to make a heart out of crayons yourself.

wax crayons pictures ideas heart crayola

wax crayons melt crayola art ironing diy

wax crayons melt heart decorate iron

Melt wax crayons and make great decorations yourself

pumpkin decoration wax crayons melt blow dryer

wax crayons melt pumpkin decoration ideas hair dryer craft ideas

Decorate hot stones with melted crayons

children make hot stones with wax crayons

With wax crayons you can beautify small stones and use them as decoration indoors and outdoors. For the colorful works of art in small format, the stones are heated in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. Now you can go in the ocean with the crayon and the heat will melt the paint over the stone. Apply several coats of paint one after the other as desired and let the stone cool down well. Be careful with the hot stone and do not touch it with your fingers.

hot stones wax crayons melt diy ideas

wax crayons melt hot stones paint children

diy projects hot stones wax crayons melt