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Funny packaging for gifts for children – How to transform the packaging into a cat, penguin or shark

If the classic wrapping of gifts with simple wrapping paper is too boring for you, you can opt for one of our ideas today. We’ll show you how you can fun wrap gifts for children in the form of different animals. Depending on the shape of the gift, you can choose between a penguin, shark or cat and make the children’s faces shine in a very special way. Get the boxes ready, wrap them with paper as usual and then transform them into the selected animal in a few steps.

Funny packaging for gifts for children - ideas and instructions for cats, penguins and sharks

Funny packaging of gifts for children – materials

Fun packaging of gifts for children - boxes and paper as materials

  • Colored paper in different colors, depending on the animal
  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • Hot glue or glue for paper
  • black felt pen
  • optional: punch for circles

Wrap gifts for children in the shape of a cat

Wrap gifts for children funny like a cat out of yellow paper

  • Take the box with the present and wrap it with colored paper in the selected color, as you would otherwise (yellow in the example). Then you can go ahead and wrap the gifts for children in the form of cats in a funny way:
  • Cut the first ear made of: a triangle with rounded corners and a straight flap on the lower side of the triangle, which you can then fold down and use for gluing (above in the picture, to the left of the box).
  • Use the first ear as a template for the second (or put two pieces of paper on top of each other and cut out two ears of the same size all at once).
  • Then cut out a smaller pink triangle as well and use it as a template for another one.
  • Fold the tabs of the large triangles back, glue the pink triangles in the center of these ears, and attach them to the box.

Funny packaging of square gifts for children - cat with a tail

  • For the Paws you need two longer elements in U-shape as well as three small and one larger circle in pink. You can also use punches for the circles.
  • Glue the pink circles onto the yellow paws and glue the paws under the box again so that they protrude from the front.
  • For the tail cut out a snake-shaped element and glue it to the back of the box with the tail pointing up.
  • Now all that’s missing is a pink triangle for them nose as well as two white circles and two smaller black circles for the eyes, which you glue together as shown in the picture. The small white squares represent reflected light.
  • Draw that with a felt pen mouth and the Whiskers on.

tip: If you want, you can cut out a few strips in a different color for a tabby cat and glue them to the back and tail when you are wrapping the gifts for children in a fun way.

Wrapping gifts for children for Christmas

Playful and funny gift packaging for children's birthdays

The penguin is a typical winter motif and is therefore also very suitable for Christmas gifts. If you would like to creatively wrap gifts for children in the form of a penguin, you can do this in the following way:

  • Wrap the gift with white paper as usual. Now you can pack the presents for children in a funny way in the shape of a penguin:
  • For the head you will need a gray piece of paper that is the same size as the top of the gift box and then merges into a triangle on one side (tapers to a point). After you’ve cut it out, stick it on the packaging.
  • Then glue a triangle for the at the top beak.

Funny wrapping of gifts for children - penguin for gift wrapping in winter or for Christmas

  • the Fins are also made of gray paper. First transfer the measurements of the top back onto the gray paper (the same as for the head earlier) and then add long U-shapes on two opposite sides. Fold the cut-out element as shown in the picture above and glue it on the penguin’s head.
  • Cut them out of yellow paper Feet off: First one foot, which you then use as a template for the second, or place two pieces of yellow paper on top of each other and cut out both feet at the same time. Glue them under the box.
  • Cut small circles for the black paper eyes the end.
  • If you want, you can cut out an oval-shaped piece of white paper that you can use for the belly stick on the front of the gift. The funny gift packaging is ready!

Funny wrapping of gifts for children – gray shark

Funny shark in gray for a slim present

Boys in particular are sure to be happy about a wild predator. If you want to wrap gifts for children nicely, you can therefore also choose this impressive shark. It was used for a narrow present box. And this is how you can fun wrap gifts for children in the shape of a shark:

  • Wrap the gift with gray paper as usual. Then you can pack the gifts for children in the following steps:
  • Fold gray paper once to make two layers, draw one Fin up and cut them out. Thanks to the two layers, you get both fins at once. Fold the straight sides once to get tabs to stick on. Tape the fins to the sides of the gift.

Instructions for a shark - tinker fins and tail for gift wrapping

  • In the same way as the side fins, adjust the Dorsal fin here. Fold the bottom edges outward to get tabs and glue the two fins together. Then glue the finished fin to the top of the gift using the tabs.
  • Now you need one more tail. This should be as wide as the back of the gift. You can see a suggestion for the tail shape in the picture. Fold the straight edge over again to get a glue flap and glue the tail edge to edge to the gift (the flap points down).
  • Punch or cut two black circles for that eyes and glue it to the packaging.
  • Cut two more zigzag strips from white paper for the teeth as well as two small squares for the gloss of the eye. Glue these elements in the designated places and your gift is ready!