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Fold envelopes in different sizes & shapes – 12 DIY ideas

Tinker envelope with ideas-instructions-shapes-diy-colorful-gift

Everyone is sure to be happy about a real letter that has been nicely wrapped in a nice envelope. But envelopes are not only suitable for letters. Cards, photos, money and other things can also be given away in it. And this type of packaging is even more beautiful if it is also homemade. You will be amazed how easy it is to fold an envelope yourself. To prove this to you, we have put together some great instructions with which you can make an envelope in different shapes and sizes. Find the perfect model for your needs!

Small envelope fold in the shape of a flower

tinker envelope-flower-print-template-cut-out-strips

You can fold this original envelope using any type of paper. This can be simple craft paper, but also cardboard or wrapping paper. You can find a template for making an envelope with this shape if you follow the link at the end of the article. Depending on what kind of paper you want to use for the envelope, you can print out the template on plain paper, cut it out and then transfer it to the material for the envelope or print it directly on the respective paper. The dashed lines show where to fold.

Tinker envelope with forms-interesting-template-print

You can also get original envelopes with geometric shapes. In this way, a visually appealing envelope can be created even from a circular shape. You determined its size with the help of the diameter of the circle, so that in principle there are no limits to you here. You will also find a template for this at the end. But even without a template, the idea is quickly made: Draw a circle of any size with a pair of compasses and then draw an equilateral triangle with a ruler, the points of which are on the edge of the circle. The sides of the triangle are the fold lines.

Tinker envelope with triangle-circle-flower-rectangle-square

An irregular and abstract shape is also very attractive and can be considered if you want to wrap a particular gift in an interesting way. Simply fold the paper back where the dashed line indicates and the model is ready. Really original, isn’t it?

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Fold envelopes out of circles

Tinker envelopes-cut-glue-circles-easy-tinkering-instructions

Cut out several circles of the same size from sturdy paper and you can fold such an interesting envelope. The individual circles overlap each other, but are folded once in the middle before gluing them together. This fold line also serves as a guide to where the circles should overlap. In principle, the lines form a square. Just put the circles together for now. Then fix them in place with a little glue. The other halves of the circular shapes are used to close. Use glue again for this or, even better, a nice ribbon that you tie in a bow.

Make an envelope with a heart


For this envelope you start with a square piece of paper of any color. The corners are folded inwards and should overlap a little in the center of the square. The crease will be especially straight if you use a ruler. Now you can fill the envelope as you like. It is easily closed with paper hearts that you glue in the middle where the corners intersect. The best way to get this is with a punch or a self-made template. Of course, you can also choose a different motif depending on the occasion.

How to fold an envelope from a heart shape?


This is also an interesting heart envelope. The envelope itself has a heart shape. If you want to make this envelope, you need a stencil. To do this, fold a sheet of paper in half. Along the crease, draw half a heart and cut it out. If you unfold it now, you will get an even heart. You will now use this template to transfer the heart onto colored paper for making your own envelope. You can also use the technique for the stencil for the selected paper, provided it is not too tight to fold.

Then fold the heart again as shown in the instructions. Only when opening the gift does the recipient find out what an interesting shape the pretty packaging actually has.

Craft idea without glue


No less impressive is this idea that you can use to make an envelope. Would you like to make an envelope yourself without glue? Then this variant is perfect. It has a classic square shape. The special thing about it is the closure. The top flap is not simply glued to the envelope itself. Instead, the side corners are hooked together and in this way form a small heart. For this purpose, print out the following template, which you can also use as a template, and then cut it out.

Make envelope template square heart hook-original-easy-do-yourself

The dashed lines are again the areas where folding is done. First fold the top and in the corner at the bottom inwards. After that, simply fold the left corner to the right and the right corner to the left. The half heart shapes with which the left and right corners are provided with incisions, which you then simply hook into each other. And the envelope is already well closed.

Fold the rectangular envelope


The interesting thing about this example is also the way in which the envelope is sealed. With the help of rivets, buttons are made out of paper, which are then tied together with colorful cord. Use stronger paper when making this envelope and cut out the shape shown. The flap for closing and the area of ​​the envelope underneath are then provided with the rivets. Instead of paper circles, you can also choose other shapes, which you then attach with the rivets.

The flap with which you close the envelope does not necessarily have to be straight. You are welcome to design a wavy edge or one in a vintage style that is reminiscent of lace. It can also be nicely designed with various decorative elements such as rhinestones, washi tape, fabrics or stickers. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild here.


You can also create something pretty with the cord that you use to tie. This does not necessarily just have to be wrapped around the “buttons” (you can also sew real buttons onto the envelope instead of the rivets). You can create a cross pattern or other shapes. Just experiment.

Make an envelope – Instructions for rectangular paper A4


If you want to make an envelope out of A4 format or another rectangular shape, this idea is a great way to use the paper without cutting. The four sides are simply folded interestingly as shown in the instructions. This envelope is a wonderful way to give away greeting cards or money and to present stylish packaging instead of the usual and boring white envelope.

Make envelopes by redesigning them


You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch if you want to make an original envelope. Instead, a ready-made one can be used, which can easily be redesigned as desired. This is how these unique tie wraps were made. The envelopes that you have laid out are first sealed as usual. Then cut open one of the short sides.

The same side is then slightly incised, namely on the side of the envelope on which the closure is not located. Now fold the two flaps down at an angle to imitate the collar of a shirt. Finally, cut out a tie from colored paper and glue it under the collar you made yourself. If you are making an envelope for a card or other content that does not slip out easily, you can easily make a model that does not seal.

Original origami – make an envelope out of paper

envelope-tinkering-origami-video-instructions-folding instructions

There are quite a few origami folding instructions for different animals, and you may have already tried some of them. But other figures are also possible with Japanese art, including such unique and beautiful origami envelopes. Glue is not required for these instructions. Everything is easily folded. You can see exactly how in the following video tutorial.

Leather idea


Materials other than paper can also be used if you want to make an envelope. In addition to felt and even foam rubber, leather is particularly suitable. Synthetic leather is just as suitable and is offered in different colors and even with patterns and motifs, so that something suitable can be found quickly.


In addition to the leather or fabric, you will also need a rivet that is suitable for the thickness of the leather. A finished envelope is again used as a template. Unfold this and place it on the back of the leather. Trace the outline, then cut out the shape. After that, fold the corners (except the top one) together again, but this time with the leather. Pin them together with the rivet and make a hole in the top corner. This hole is then put on the rivet to seal the envelope.

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