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Fingerprint tree template & other motifs for free to print out

Would you like to have something more original ready for your wedding or other special occasion instead of the guest book and keep it as a souvenir? A big trend at weddings is to use a tree designed with the guests’ fingerprints instead. Here you have the choice between the most diverse tree variants, which you can also print on paper or have printed on a canvas.

tree with fingerprints for wedding pink flowers-leaves-diy-guestbook

If you have also decided on this type of guest book, you can choose any fingerprint tree template from the following ideas and print it out for free.

Fingerprint tree template for printing

fingerprint tree template brown-trunk-birds-heart

Of course, this type of guest book is not only suitable for the wedding. Any other big occasion where many guests are expected is also suitable. The fingerprint tree template is anything but rarely chosen for baby showers, for birth or birthday parties, as well as for baptism. Trees can also not only be used in the form of a guest book. It is also suitable as a gift. Relatives and friends of a birthday child can immortalize themselves on it or you can help your child to design such a tree for the teacher by all classmates adding their imprint.

fingerprint tree template branches-ornate-twigs-romantic

The guests are also happy to write the name under their imprint so that you will later know exactly which one belongs to which and who was present at the respective party. You decide for yourself whether you want this on the fingerprint template. Some people prefer a pretty fingerprint picture without lettering. A lettering under the trees is absolutely recommended. There you can write down the names of the bride and groom, the birthday child or the newborn, as well as the date and place of the event. If there is no space under the tree, just use another place.

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fingerprint tree template bag-stork-boy-blue

But now take a look at our original templates and choose the perfect design for your occasion. Also, get finger paints in the desired color nuances so that they can be placed next to the template during the party. These are offered in small containers especially for these design ideas. Of course, the guests should also be able to clean themselves afterwards. You can provide wet wipes for this purpose. We wish you a lot of fun and success in planning and a happy party with many good-humored guests!

fingerprint tree template diy-handicraft-idea-children-adults

fingerprint tree template baby-birth-baby shower-scrapbook-birds-lovers-bird nest

fingerprint tree template diy-trees-design-tinker-easy-birdhouse-owl

fingerprint tree template finger paint-scrapbook-flowers-leaves-paint-heart-shape-nest

fingerprint tree template love dove star pattern tree decoration

fingerprint tree template girl-pink-birds

fingerprint tree template wedding-birth-baptism-idea-guests

fingerprint tree template mothers day fathers day teacher gift

fingerprint tree template heart-trunk-print-free

fingerprint tree template autumn-spring-summer-winter design

fingerprint tree template autumn-leaves-leaves-children-play-design

fingerprint tree template halves-black-leaves-bride-groom-relatives-friends

fingerprint tree template diy-ornament-leaves-birch-birds-in love

fingerprint tree template rustic-heart-shape-branches-brown

fingerprint tree template abstract-design-accent-birds-blue-aqua-turquoise

fingerprint tree template swing-garden-landscape-children











Other motive ideas

fingerprint-tree-template-dandelion-shape-seeds-blades of grass-green

Of course, the fingerprint tree template is not the only way to get this kind of guest book or decoration. There are also many other motifs that can be used for this purpose and we have put these together for you in this article. The fingerprints are also used to paint drops of water or raindrops. Or how would you find a beautiful peacock whose feathers are decorated with colorful prints? The prints can also represent balloons. You can also color in black and white motifs as you like before using them as a guest book. You can use colored pencils on paper, for example, or create a romantic color scheme on a canvas with the help of watercolors.


Peacocks templates





Create balloons from fingerprints

fingerprint wedding bride groom flying with balloons


fingerprint wedding bike bride and groom balloons




fingerprint-tree-template-children's room-decoration-wall-design-giraffe-yellow









Templates for designing water and raindrops



fingerprint-tree-template-baby shower-dot-pattern-pregnant-mother-pink-umbrella




Motifs to be filled in with fingerprints

In addition to the fingerprint tree template, there are also templates that can be easily filled in with the prints. Depending on the occasion, it can be a heart or an umbrella. On a children’s birthday party, why not have a printed mason jar filled out with the children’s prints. Designing with finger paints will be especially fun for the little ones. This idea can also be used as a gift so that every child can take home a souvenir from the birthday party.




fingerprint wedding newlyweds-just-married-fireworks-painting

fingerprint-tree-template-fireworks-idea-new year's eve-party-guestbook-colorful





Templates for improvising


Finally, we also have a few templates where you can improvise with the fingerprints. In the variant with the two birds, for example, you can use the fingerprints to create a large heart over the birds or you can come up with something yourself. There are no limits to your imagination with these templates. No matter which variant you choose, in the end you will have an original memory that you can keep in an album that can be used to decorate a wall. Combine the fingerprint tree template on a canvas with a wedding photo on the wall or create a decoration for the baby room by framing the tree motif or another motif and think back to the beautiful occasion every time you look at it.