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Easy to preserve dandelion and use for decorating

Dandelions delight young and old. Children just love to blow the seeds in the air, while for many adults they make a lovely motif for decorations and even tattoos. But would you have thought that you could even do handicrafts with these beauties? “Impossible!” You might be thinking now, “The seeds are far too sensitive and fall off far too quickly.” But we want to teach you better today. Have you ever seen these breathtakingly beautiful decorations with dandelion in a glass? This is by no means the only option for decorations with dandelions! If you preserve the dandelion, you can use it for various purposes and as a gift. We’ll show you how it works!

Making dandelion durable – How is it possible?

Preserve dandelion and use it for decorations

You are likely to expect tricks like spray glue or hairspray that holds it all together or some other sticky thing. And that is also a possibility, as you will find out below. However, our first method of preserving a dandelion doesn’t require chemicals. Instead, go on the hunt for suitable dandelions.

Preserving dandelion seeds and umbrellas - tricks and tips

You don’t need the fully ripe dandelions, but the dandelion that has just faded. It should look like a bud that is already slightly open so that the white umbrellas of the seeds peek through and are visible. Pick any amount of future dandelions. In addition to the flowers, you will also need the following things:

Dry unripe dandelion

Making dandelion durable - plucking unripe flowers and letting them ripen

  • wire
  • Pad to stick in place (e.g. styrofoam sheets, bowl with sand, egg carton, floral foam, etc.) or clamps to hold the dandelions
  • Wire or kebab skewers

Once you have gathered everything, you can make every dandelion durable – in the simplest possible way. Simply insert a piece of wire or a skewer into the tubular stem to allow the flower to stand upright. Then put them in the styrofoam sheet. Make sure that there is enough space between the individual flowers so that the seed umbrellas can later unfold freely.

Crafting with natural materials - dried flowers in a jar

If you don’t have styrofoam available, just use your clothespins when you want to make the dandelion more durable. Shorter flowers can be clamped in place using the clamp as a base, while longer flowers can be fitted with wires or spikes. Now all you have to do is wait (around 2 to 3 days). The picked flowers still contain enough strength to allow the seeds to ripen. Afterwards, however, these will no longer be able to detach and fly away. This will not apply to some flowers. Just test it out by gently blowing on them.

Ripe dandelion to preserve blowball

Flowers and blossoms dry for handicrafts and decorating the house in summer

Alternatively, you can use two other methods of preservation for mature dandelions:

With hairspray

Preserve the dandelion with hairspray and then pick

Find the most beautiful dandelions in a meadow and carefully spray them with hairspray. Then let the spray dry for a moment. Then you can pick the flowers. Depending on whether you want to make a decoration from the blossom only or use the flower with the stem, you can then cut off the stem. So that the flower with the stem can also stand upright, you can put a skewer or wire into it again. Another nice variation would be to cut off the stems and attach a thin twig with glue in their place.

Preserve dandelion with cat litter

Make dandelion durable with cat litter to remove moisture

Put some cat litter in a shallow container and carefully place the dandelions inside. The cat litter will preserve the dandelion by removing moisture from it. Use the finished trinkets with the stem that you can prop up with skewers or wire, or remove the stems and use just the flowers if you like.

Make decoration with dandelion yourself

Making dandelion durable - ideas for decoration and gifts

The finished copies are just gorgeous, aren’t they? And that’s why it’s a great idea to use them for a wide variety of DIY projects – whether to decorate your own home or to give away. The possibilities are really numerous:

Preserving dandelions in synthetic resin - DIY idea to give away

You can glue standing flowers to a tree slice or how about displaying individual flowers in a test tube? In a larger vase you can also put together small groups after you have made each dandelion durable. The romantic flowers can be combined with other flowers and materials under a bell jar. Another nice idea is to color the dandelions and put together colorful arrangements.

Arrange the dandelions under a bell jar

If you are looking for a glowing decoration, you can put the flower heads without stems in a mason jar and combine them with a string of lights. The flowers without stems are also ideal for making a garland, but can also look wonderful in synthetic resin. In order to inspire you completely and also to put you in dandelion fever, we would like to provide you with a few such ideas to imitate in this article.

Dry the dandelions and use them to decorate