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Do handicrafts with children in winter – 6 simple DIY ideas for different decorations

winter handicrafts with children ideas easy handicraft instructions snowmen fingerprints

Children love to do handicrafts. Therefore, you should also use every opportunity and occasion to create something interesting with them yourself. And then handicraft ideas for children with helpful handicraft instructions are just the thing to get inspired and easily achieve the desired result. And if it all fits in with the season, so much the better! So if you want to do something nice in winter with children, get started right away. In addition to natural materials, a wide variety of things can be used to while away the afternoon or to make pretty decorations.

Simple craft ideas for the winter – make funny cups out of popsicle sticks!

winter handicrafts with children ice cream sticks wood wadding cup cocoa snowflakes

In the summer, collect all the ice cream sticks that are left over from the ice cream meal, sooner or later you can use them for handicrafts and implement interesting projects in the process. This is also the case with this funny mug. If you want to do this project with children in winter, you will need 10 popsicle sticks, as well as cotton balls, acrylic paint and paper. First place two of the stems on a surface, parallel to each other. Then glue the rest of them next to each other.

Give the glue a little time to dry and in the meantime make the handle of the mug out of paper. Now the popsicle sticks can be painted. Instead of blue, any other color can of course also be chosen. Then let the paint dry and finally glue the handle and the cotton balls that are supposed to imitate cocoa foam. The finished cup can also be decorated with stickers and other decorations. Various self-painted winter pictures are also suitable.

Tinker lanterns with children in winter

winter handicrafts with children lantern idea snowman mason jar bobbing artificial snow

This funny lantern represents a snowman and can decorate not only the living room or the kitchen, but also the children’s room if an LED candle is used for lighting. Then your child can enjoy their self-made decoration at any time. You need air-drying craft clay in orange, two buttons, artificial snow, a mason jar with a perforated lid, red pompons, red and white pipe cleaners, a hot glue gun, glue for decoupage and a sponge to apply the glue.

winter handicrafts children instructions snowmen make lantern diy yourself

Start with your nose if you are making this idea with children in the winter. Make a carrot shape out of the clay. As soon as this has dried, you can glue the nose and the buttons for the eyes onto the glass. Before doing this, make sure that the surface of the glass is clean so that the glue can stick well. Put artificial snow in a deep plate or bowl. With the help of a sponge or a brush, you can then paint the glass with decoupage or similar glue. Now dip the glass in the artificial snow. This sticks to the adhesive. Set the jar aside to dry.

The last step when making the snowman with children in winter is to make the earmuffs. To do this, cut the pipe cleaners in half and roll in a white and a red one and form a U-shape out of them. Now first glue the pipe cleaners to the outer edge of the lid and then the red pompons. So that the pompons are finally in the right place on the snowman, you can unscrew the lid and mark the places before gluing. You can now use the self-made lantern for decorating.

Craft ideas for toddlers – paint simple pictures

winter handicrafts children snow fingerprints tree ear sticks cotton swabs

It is also easy to work with small children. If you would like to do handicrafts with children under 3 in winter, you can choose such a picture. You can either print out the tree trunk or paint it yourself, if you think it is too complicated for your little one. With simple fingerprints, the snow can then be shaped on the branches and on the ground. Finger or acrylic paints are great for this. It is important that the colors used are not dangerous for children. You can paint the falling snowflakes very easily by using ear sticks. These are immersed in the white paint. Then dab small dots on the picture.

Tinker winter hats with toddlers

winter tinker children cap paper coloring template cotton wool garland window decoration tinker

You are sure to get in the winter mood if you make such hats with children in winter. You can either draw the hats yourself or you can use the template to print out, which you can find in the link at the end of the article and then just color it in. Any pens and colors can be used for coloring. Let the children try out different ones and provide them with colored pencils, felt-tip pens, wax crayons, acrylic and watercolors.

After the hats have been colored, only one thing is missing: If you want to make the hats with children in winter, they have to be provided with cotton balls. To do this, first cut out the hats and then glue on the cotton wool. You can use the finished hats for a garland or if you want to make a window decoration. For the latter, transparent or crepe paper is great, because then the light can shine through the paper.

DIY with children – make snowmen from toilet rolls as winter decorations

children tinker winter toilet roll snowman simply bob up pipe cleaner paper

If you want to make these snowmen with children, you first need a toilet roll. You also need felt-tip pens in orange and black, as well as ribbons, small pompons, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. It is also best to use white toilet rolls. Alternatively, you can paint them white or cover them with white paper. Then glue the googly eyes to the roll and tie a ribbon around it. Next, paint on your nose and mouth and move the tape in place. Now you can fix it with a little glue if necessary. Next, paint on the buttons with a black felt pen and make the earmuffs as described in the instructions for the lantern above. The snowman is ready!

Make snowflakes

children tinker winter snowflake pipe cleaner beads toddlers decoration

Making a snowflake with children is easy with pipe cleaners and beads. We also recommend that you use winter colors such as white, blue, purple or silver if you are tinkering this idea with children in winter. Otherwise, the instructions are very simple and no problem even for small children. However, do not leave the little ones unattended, as there is a risk of swallowing due to the pearls. Shape the pipe cleaners into star shapes, as you can see in the instructions. Then thread the pearls on it. Leave the tips free so that the wire can still be kinked. Put it through the bead again so that a loop is created that prevents the beads from sliding off the wire again.

Handicrafts with children in winter: make snowmen from egg cartons yourself

Winter handicrafts with children make your own snowman from egg carton and buttons and pipe cleaners

The first craft idea is very simple: conjure up funny snowmen out of egg cartons. Fold two 6 egg boxes together. Glue two buttons on it, tie a decorative tape, paint a face. Glue two googly eyes and make earmuffs out of pipe cleaners. Complete! This craft idea is ideal for children in kindergarten and elementary school. Since the children attach the individual parts with glue or with hot glue, you have to practice using glue and hot glue first. Never leave the little ones unattended because there is a risk of injury.

Winter handicrafts with children: snowman made of cardboard 

Handicrafts in January with children, paint a snowman and glue it together

You can cut out numerous beautiful figures from cardboard and glue them together. You can find templates on the internet or make them yourself. A snowman, for example, can be conjured up without much effort. This craft idea is well suited even for complete beginners. You can simply draw the outlines of the individual details on the cardboard and then ask the children to cut out the details and glue them to white cardboard. This cheerful decoration idea is guaranteed to put you in a good mood even on dreary winter days.

Handicrafts with elementary school children: coloring ice cream scoops

tinker january make ice cream scoops yourself with children of kindergarten age

When the temperatures outside are below 0 ° Celsius, you can make colored ice cream scoops with the children. You will need: balloons, water and food coloring. Fill the balloons with water, add the food coloring, and tie the balloons shut. Put the balloons outside in the snow and leave them overnight. In the morning you can carefully cut and remove the balloons with scissors. Leave the colorful ice cream scoops outside and use them as decoration on the terrace or in the garden.

Do handicrafts with children in January: make snowmen yourself from popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners

january with children in winter DIY idea for ice cream men from popsicle sticks and price cleaners and buttons

Do you have popsicle sticks left over? Then the next craft idea is just right for you. The snowmen pictured above are ready in a few simple steps. Decorate the popsicle sticks with buttons, decorative ribbons and pipe cleaners, paint a face on them and glue googly eyes. This handicraft project is ideal for children in kindergarten because it is uncomplicated, requires little experience and is done quickly.

Handicrafts with children in winter: make your own snow globe out of jam jar

Handicrafts with elementary school children make snow globe out of jam jar yourself

The next craft project for a jam jar snow globe is also ready in less than an hour. You will need: 1 jam jar, a small Christmas tree model (you can make a Christmas tree out of bottle brushes), waterproof glue, distilled water, artificial snow (in powder form) and washing-up liquid. First glue the mini Christmas tree to the inside of the lid and let it dry for some time. Put a pinch of artificial snow in the jam jar and then fill it with the water. Add a drop of detergent and screw the lid on and turn the jam jar over.

Handicrafts with children in January: Olaf, the snowman, from toilet rolls 

Do handicrafts with children in winter Olaf the snowman from toilet rolls yourself

Another very simple craft idea is to make fun snowmen out of toilet rolls. You will need the following materials: white, brown and orange cardboard, pencils, black fineliner, black pompoms, glue. Print out a template for the Olaf face and transfer it to the white cardboard. Cut out the nose from the orange cardboard and the hair from the brown one. Then cut the white cardboard to size, use it to wrap a toilet roll, and glue the two ends together. Then glue the three pompoms and the cute snowman from the Disney film “Frozen” is ready.

Handicrafts in January with children: make your own door wreath out of paper gloves

Handicrafts with children Winter garland made of paper gloves make ideas yourself

Christmas is over and the festive door wreath is back in the closet? A colorful winter wreath lights up the front door and creates a happy atmosphere even on dull days. You need: A template for a glove, cardboard or wrapping paper. First, transfer the design onto the cardboard and then cut it out. Then glue the gloves on a wreath made of cardboard and tie a decorative ribbon to it.

Craft ideas in winter: paint wooden houses and decorate them with artificial snow

Winter handicrafts, paint kindergarten wooden houses, sprinkle with artificial snow

Numerous painting projects are also suitable for children in primary school. For example, you can paint colorful wooden houses and spray them with artificial snow. But instead of tinkering a typical winter village in red, green and gold, you can paint the wooden houses in bright colors. Pink, mint green and pink look super cute and make the anticipation for the coming spring even greater. And in the summer months, the decoration houses can adorn the girls’ room and even serve as dolls houses.

Handicrafts in January with children: snowman made of cotton pads and felt 

Winter tinker kindergarten snowman from felt and cotton pads and ice cream sticks barteln

Charming snowmen can be made from cotton pads, popsicle sticks and felt. This craft idea is great for children in elementary school. You need the following materials: 3 cotton wool pads per snowman, popsicle sticks or tongue depressors made of wood, pompoms, felt in green, black and orange. First, stick three cotton pads on the popsicle stick. Then cut out the hat, scarf, eyes and nose from felt. Then glue the details and at the end decorate the snowmen with the pom-poms.

Handicrafts with children in winter: snowman made of popsicle sticks

January Handicrafts with children Snowman made of popsicle sticks and a hat made of felt

Handicraft projects are a nice pastime for children because they promote their ability to concentrate and stimulate their imagination. If you want to spend a nice hour with the children, then the next idea comes up. Glue 6 popsicle sticks together, then glue two more popsicle sticks across the sides. Then paint the popsicle sticks in white with acrylic paint. In the meantime, you can cut out the details from felt. You need two large and four smaller squares for the eyes and teeth, as well as a triangle for the nose, a motif for the scarf and one for the hat.

Winter handicrafts: ideas for children in kindergarten

Do handicrafts in winter with children. Make a tree yourself from puzzle pieces

Handicrafts in January with children: penguins and snowmen made from Coca Cola bottles

Do handicrafts with primary school children penguin and snowmen out of cola bottles yourself

Craft ideas for the winter: make Grinch out of paper plates

Craft ideas winter Grinch face from paper plate make yourself

Crafts with children in January: mistletoe-shaped footprint with pom-poms

Handicrafts in January with children, paint mistletoe out of footprint, sweet DIY idea

Winter handicrafts with children: make a snowman out of an old sock

Handicrafts in winter with children make snowman from old sock yourself

Handicrafts with children in winter Another Grinch from a paper plate 

Handicrafts with children in January, paint Grinch from plastic plates

Handicrafts with elementary school children: transform transparent Christmas balls into Sesame Street characters Elmo and Grover

January handicrafts with children decorating Christmas balls with Sesame Street faces

Craft ideas winter: Ice balls make beautiful decoration ideas for the garden in winter

Crafts winter elementary school coloring ice ball DIY ideas for children

Print template for winter hats here.