Craft ideas

Do handicrafts with children in spring and create flowers against boredom during quarantine

Due to the epidemic caused by the coronavirus, the government recommends leaving your home as rarely as possible. This is the only way to prevent further spread. However, this quarantine at home can be quite exhausting in the long run, especially if you also have to employ little bullies who were used to let off steam in the playground or kindergarten. Ideas are needed! Children love to do handicrafts, so how about an afternoon of handicrafts in keeping with the new season? Paper is wonderful for tinkering with children in spring and flowers are created in this way to beautifully decorate the apartment! Here are a few craft ideas for children.

Crafts with children in spring and making flowers from circles

Handicrafts with children in spring and making flowers in rainbow colors from paper circles

These flowers are super easy to make and in any size. If you want to make paper crafts with children in spring and make flowers out of circles, you don’t even need special materials, because most likely you already have everything at home. Therefore, the idea of ​​spring handicrafts with children should be perfect for quarantine due to the coronavirus. You need:

  • white and colored paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • Felt pens or colored pencils
  • round object for drawing the circles or compasses

You can really use any round object to draw the circles, which will then serve as petals if you don’t have a compass: a glass, a plate, a round sharpener, etc. Simply place the object on the paper, trace the outline and cut out all the circles at the end. Fold them in half and glue one of the two halves onto the paper, forming flowers as shown in the picture.

Finally, draw the stems and leaves and your flower is ready. If you make small blossoms with children in spring and make flowers out of them, you can also use them for self-made greeting cards and send them for Easter or any other occasion.

Handicrafts with children in spring with paper – roll up paper strips

Handicrafts with children in spring and making flowers with the quilling technique for greeting cards

The so-called quilling is a very popular handicraft technique that is also very popular with children and can also be very simple. The paper strips are usually available ready-made at the craft store. But since you shouldn’t leave the house due to the quarantine and the coronavirus, you can simply make them yourself. If you want to make these paper flowers, you will need:

  • Colored paper
  • Glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil

Instructions for crafting with children in spring and flowers strips of paper

If you cut the strips yourself, just take a sheet of paper and draw evenly spaced lines with a pencil and a ruler. Then cut out the strips. Then wrap each strip around the pencil to get the spirals. Depending on how thick the pen is, the size of the paper spirals also changes.

Then you can paint stems and leaves with a felt pen, acrylic paint or watercolors or make them out of paper. Put a drop of glue on the paper and fix the first spiral for the center of the flowers. Then repeat this with the petals and you are done with the first flower. The idea is great for handicrafts with children in kindergarten in spring.

Making flowers out of paper – Instructions for chrysanthemums

Handicrafts with children in spring and flowers from strips of paper in bright colors - chrysanthemums

You will also need strips for these flowers, which you can prepare as explained above or you can use the handicraft templates for spring flowers at the end of the article. It is not only suitable for colored paper. If you prefer to tinker with crepe paper with children in spring, you can also use this for the flowers.

Handicrafts with children in spring and making flowers out of paper yourself from paper strips as an idea for the kindergarten

Simply prepare strips of two different widths and glue the ends together to create teardrop-shaped petals. Glue the flower with the narrow stripes on top of the flower with the wider ones. For the yellow center of the flower, simply roll up a strip and glue the resulting spiral onto the flower. All that’s missing are stems and leaves made of green paper.

Flower wreath for girls

Homemade flower crown for girls as a craft idea for quarantine due to coronavirus

Distract yourself from the stress caused by Covid-19 or the news about it and try out this craft idea with the children. If you want to do handicrafts with children in spring and make flowers out of paper, it is great. The flowers can be used not only for a wreath, but also for simple pictures or greeting cards.

  • Colored paper
  • scissors
  • adhesive
  • duct tape
  • pencil

Make a colorful wreath of flowers out of paper with children - simple instructions

First, cut out a strip of green paper that is longer than the circumference of your head. Then cut out squares of any colored paper for the flowers (approx. 6 to 7.5 cm) and then fold them again into small squares. Then draw a petal of any shape on each of these small squares, whereby the lower end should be where the center of the large square is.

Technique for cutting out flowers for various craft ideas

Cut out the flower and if you unfold the paper you will get a flower made of four petals. You also need yellow dots for the center of the flower and leaves. Then spread flowers on the strip and a second one in a different color over each one. End the flower with a yellow dot and sprinkle a few green leaves here and there. Place the crown around your head, pull it slightly taut and glue the ends together. complete!

Craft ideas in spring – pinwheel with blossom

Pinwheel with blossom and pipe cleaners for the balcony

While you spend a fun afternoon of handicrafts together, you can also use the relaxed atmosphere to talk to your child about Covid-19 and provide the most important information about it. In this way, your child can also survive the tense quarantine period better and does not believe in the many rumors that are being told. In the meantime, make this wind turbine!

  • 2 green pipe cleaners (each 30 cm)
  • small flower pot
  • brown paper
  • Green paper square (8cm)
  • Yellow paper square (8 cm)
  • small square made of orange paper (3.5 cm)
  • Sample bracket
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • Template (see below in the article)

Instructions for making a flower made of paper and pipe cleaners

You can make the pinwheel a little faster and easier if you use the crafting templates for spring for paper. You are also welcome to draw yourself. Take the first pipe cleaner and form an infinity sign out of it to get the leaves. Then tie the second for the stem by bending in the middle and twisting the two halves in slightly. Cut out the templates and use them to transfer the shapes onto the paper and then cut them out. The gray colored areas are those that are glued together.

Make a wind turbine out of paper and with a template to print out

With the wind turbine, take a corner and glue it to the center. Then leave out one corner and glue the next one back in the middle. Finally, glue all the elements together and also fix them to one another with the pattern clamp. You also attach the loop of the flower stem to the back. Crumple the brown paper into a ball and fill the flower pot with it. Put the flower in, done!

Handicrafts with children in spring and creating flowers with paper and acrylic

Idea for toddlers - cut out flowers from paper and design them with fingerprints

How about if you pass the time and make these pretty flowers with children in spring? You need:

  • Craft cardboard or scrapbook paper (or old greeting cards for a recycling project)
  • Acrylic or finger paint
  • Buttons
  • Pipe cleaners
  • optional flower pot

Craft ideas for quarantine due to Covid-19 - flower made of buttons

Draw flowers on the cardboard and cut them out. The children then design each petal with colored fingerprints and the center with a button. The finished flowers can then be glued onto a picture, tied together in a garland or used for other things. Another nice idea is this one from the example, in which the flowers are provided with stems and put in half a pot.

Tip: The project is also possible the other way around: you design the petals with buttons and the middle with a fingerprint each.

Flowers made of felt

Handicrafts with children in spring and making flowers out of felt for a bouquet

Do you feel like doing handicrafts with felt with children in spring and creating flowers for a nice decoration? Felt flowers can be purchased ready-made, but of course you can also do it yourself. Since this fabric can be cut quite easily, it is also suitable for children. Glue the different flowers on top of each other and create as many layers as you like. Finally, decorate the middle with a button.

Felt handicrafts are ideal for children

You can then glue the finished flowers to straws or wooden sticks and decorate them with ribbons. Put several of them in a vase and you have a spring bouquet that will last a long time. But you can also make curtains, garlands and even table runners out of them.

Crafts with children in spring and making flowers for Mother’s Day

DIY spring flowers for kids and adults - tulips, hyacinths and daffodils

It’s still a little while until Mother’s Day, but you can also make the following spring flowers for another occasion or simply to decorate the house. See the video below for instructions on how to make tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Don’t think the results are beautiful too?

For the tulips you will need:

  • red, yellow and green colored paper
  • Glue
  • pencil
  • Gift ribbon
  • Spider monkey

A bouquet of paper tulips for Mother's Day or as a spring decoration

Cut out several equal-sized rectangles from the green paper and place them on top of each other. Then use the spider monkey to punch a slot in the paper on the right and left side of the center line. Then start rolling the paper. This is how you get the stems of the tulips, all of which together form a bouquet (see video). Then cut out the green leaves and glue them between the rolls. Then cut out the flowers, cut them slightly at the bottom and place them on the rolls, where you can also fix them with glue. Tie the ribbon around the bouquet.

For the hyacinth you will need:

  • green and colored paper (any color for the flower)
  • scissors
  • toothpick
  • pencil
  • sharp knife (cutter or carpet knife – only for adults!)
  • Glue
  • optional: thread, brown paper and small mason jar

Instructions on how to make a hyacinth from colored paper yourself

Make a roll from a green sheet of paper by starting at one corner and rolling the paper to the opposite one. For the flower, cut into strips of paper on one side to create fringes, which you then roll up with a pencil. Cut out leaves, glue them to the stem and gently bend them outwards. Then glue three rows of fringed paper to the stem and you’re done.

How do you do that Make Easter bells can also be seen in the video instructions. You need:

  • yellow paper
  • white paper muffin liners
  • green straws
  • Glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • optional: acrylic paints, toilet roll, brush, white paper and lace doilies for making a vase

Template for chrysanthemums here.

Template for wind turbine here.