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DIY wine rack made from a chest of drawers for all wine lovers

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If you are a lover of good wine and would like to flaunt your precious pieces, this is it DIY wine rack from an old chest of drawers and roof tiles just right for you! You do not need to have any special skills for the project. You will be amazed how easy it is to recreate the shelf.

In case you don’t have an old chest of drawers that you need for the DIY wine rack stop by a second-hand or antique store, or buy a new one right away. It all depends on your tastes and the budget you have set yourself.

DIY wine rack made from an old dresser

DIY wine rack dresser drawers build lovers

In the dresser, stack the bricks on top of each other. A small disadvantage of the chest of drawers in the example was the fact that it was divided for the individual drawers and that it did not represent an empty frame after removing the drawers. For this reason, the bricks cannot be arranged one above the other as you wish, because you are limited by the height of each compartment. So you should go for that DIY wine rack either buy a chest of drawers that doesn’t just divide boards or you can simply remove it so that only the outer frame remains. Or you can only leave two compartments in total and fill them with bricks. That would perhaps even be the better option, as this way the weight of the bricks can be kept better. Now you can arrange the roof tiles however you like.

DIY wine rack – arrange the roof tiles

Arrange roof tiles make wine bottles shelf drawer yourself

The layout of the chest of drawers prevented the bricks for that DIY wine rack stack on top of each other continuously, which is again the case in the next picture.

wine shelf do it yourself roof tiles

Arrange the wine bottles however you like

By reusing an old chest of drawers and old roof tiles, not only can you save money, but you are also protecting the environment in some way. Best of all, you don’t even need nails, screws, or tools for this project DIY wine rack to imitate, it is that simple. And the motto of this project is: “Trust in cheap on the wine rack, but not on the wine itself.”

Have fun building it! We wish you cozy evenings in good company with delicious wine!

Wine rack brick rustic metal frame DIY imitation

You can also make a metal wine rack

wine collection bricks diy replica piece of furniture

A wine rack for the special wine collection