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DIY window decoration for summer – 8 instructions for creative jewelry and privacy screens

The summer is spent more and more outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect the windows. Because even during the warm season these can be nicely decorated. Of course, you can buy numerous summer window decorations, but homemade things have a special charm, don’t you think? That’s why we’ve put together some creative ideas for window decorations for summer that you can imitate. There are both handicraft ideas for adults and those that you can create together with the children.

Tinker window decorations for summer – discreet privacy screens made of lace

Tinker window decorations for summer - fly screens and privacy screens with lace for vintage flair

This romantic privacy screen not only discreetly protects against prying eyes, but also adorns the window in a wonderful way. This window decoration is made for summer like a fly screen. You can choose any size, although the privacy screen does not necessarily have to take up the entire window. You need:

  • Lace of any density and pattern
  • Wooden strips
  • Stapler and staples
  • Wood glue
  • Wood varnish and brush

Make your own window decoration for summer with lace - instructions for a fly screen

Measure out your window to determine the length required for the wooden strips. Then cut them into the necessary lengths, making the ends a 45-degree angle. You can have wooden elements cut to size in many hardware stores. It is best to find out more on site. Use wood glue to assemble the strips of wood into a frame. You can also secure the corners with the stapler for more stability.

Now you can paint the frame in any color you like. As soon as the lacquer has dried, you can cover the frame with the lace fabric. The best way to do this is to staple one vertical side first, stretch the fabric and then gradually work your way to the other side by fastening the fabric at intervals on the horizontal sides. Finally, the other vertical side remains and you can put your work in the window.

Window decorations for summer – flower boxes for indoors

DIY window decoration for summer - build flower boxes out of pallets

The beautiful succulents have become the summer decoration in the last few years and decorate not only indoor but also outdoor areas. The reason for their popularity is not only their beautiful appearance that impresses with their different colors and interesting leaf shapes, but also because they are very easy to care for. If you want to put together such pleasant flower boxes as window decoration for summer, you need:

  • Wooden boards for the flower boxes (e.g. from Euro pallets)
  • Cordless screwdriver and screws
  • Plastic wrap
  • Potting soil
  • Succulents
  • optional: wood varnish

Plant narrow flower boxes as window decorations for summer with succulents

You can buy new wooden boards or recycle old ones, for example by disassembling a Euro pallet. The flower boxes look particularly pretty if they are as long as the window is wide, but of course you can also choose a different size. Use the screwdriver to build small boxes from the cut wooden boards, which you can also paint as you wish.

Once the varnish has dried, line the boxes with foil to protect the wood from the moisture and prevent the water from running out when you water the succulents. Then you can plant your plants. It’s best to combine different types of succulents so that the arrangement looks even more interesting. Ideally, always water your new plants using a spray bottle to avoid waterlogging.

Hanging glass vases as window decorations in summer

Hanging window decorations for summer - make vases out of mason jars

  • wire
  • Mason jars or other glass containers
  • Wire cutter and needle nose pliers

To make the window decorations for summer, take the wire and use the needle nose pliers to bend an open loop. Then wrap the wire around the mason jar once. It is important that you pull the wire nice and tight so that the glass does not slip out later when hanging. Then put the wire through the open loop and press it shut with the pliers. Now you can determine the length for the handle and cut off the excess wire.

Shape the handle and tuck the end under the wire around the glass. Wrap it around this wire several times to make sure everything is secure. Your first vase is ready!

Blue mason jars provided with wire for hanging

Tips for the summer window decoration:

  • The window decoration for summer becomes even more summery if you use colored glass.
  • Instead of disposable glasses, other glass containers are also suitable. It is only important that these have a slightly protruding edge so that the container cannot slip out of the wire.
  • For hanging, you can screw hooks into the window frame or use a curtain rod. If you do not want to drill and screw, you can also use a curtain rod that can be clamped into the frame (see example with blue glasses)

Suncatcher with flowers and leaves

Summer window decoration with natural materials - leaves and flowers in self-adhesive foil

Suncatchers are popular decorations not only for the window, but also for terraces and balconies and can be made from a wide variety of materials to suit every season. The craft idea is also well suited for children, so you can use it if you want to make a window decoration for summer with children. For this pretty garland you will need:

  • self-adhesive cling film
  • scissors
  • Edding or felt pen
  • Flowers and leaves from nature
  • String for hanging

If you are doing handicrafts with children, it can be an advantage to draw a few circles on the foil with a felt-tip pen or edding to serve as a template. So the children know in which area they can distribute the natural materials. Then peel off the protective film and the children can attach the materials. Then peel off the protective film from the other transparent film and stick the adhesive side onto the other film to seal the parts of the plant.

Now you can cut out and punch the circles. Then they can be hung up like a garland as in the example or you can use each circle for a single suncatcher and hang them at different heights as window decorations for the summer in front of the window (e.g. on a curtain rod).

Window decoration for summer – fairy lights with shells

Glue small seashells from vacation to LED fairy lights for a maritime window decoration

Do you still have a few clams from your last beach vacation and are not sure what to do with them? We would like to offer you such a chain of lights as an idea. And this wonderful window decoration for summer can be tinkered really quickly and easily. It couldn’t be more summery!

  • Shellfish
  • LED fairy lights
  • Glue (super glue or hot glue)

Make fairy lights yourself with mussels and sea snail shells

You can glue a shell or two to each lightbulb as you wish. Wait a moment for the glue to dry well and then move on to the next light bulb. Once the maritime light chain is ready, you can use it as a perfect summer decoration for the window by hanging it down from a curtain rod, sticking it directly to the pane with adhesive tape or placing it on the window sill and arranging it with other suitable decorations. Be creative!

Privacy screen for the summer in bright colors

Pretty decoration for the window as a privacy screen - decorate the glass pane

Leaded glass windows with their colored glass are really beautiful to look at and go very well (but not only!) With vintage and country house styles. Unfortunately, they are not that cheap to find either. Fortunately, you can imitate such a design with cheap and simple means. You get an extremely attractive decoration that also serves as a privacy screen and, with its bright colors, goes perfectly with the summer. If you would like to make the window decorations for summer yourself, you will need these things:

  • Glass pane of the desired size (you can have it cut to size by a glazier)
  • self-adhesive lead tape
  • Window colors
  • Paper that is at least the size of the disc
  • Felt pen
  • sharp knife or scissors
  • Ruler or drawing rail

Design the glass pane with lead tapes and paint it with window paints

Place the glass pane on the paper and trace the outside of the glass. Put the disc aside again and draw any design inside the rectangle. Then place the glass pane on top. The drawn pattern now serves as a template and you can transfer it to the glass. You use the lead tape for this. It is best to always cut off slightly longer pieces, which you then glue on. With a sharp knife (e.g. carpet knife) you can then cut off the excess parts.

Now you can paint in the individual segments with the window colors. Make sure to distribute the color to the edges and also fill in the corners well. The color can be distributed well with a toothpick. You can also easily burst bubbles with it. Then let the colors dry and you can put your self-made panel in the window as a window decoration for summer.

Summer window pictures from coffee filters

Window pictures made of coffee filters with summery colors and patterns - instructions for kindergarten

What would a list of summer decorations for the window be without the good old window pictures. They are a wonderful option, especially for children. You can make this type of window decoration for summer in kindergarten, but also in elementary school on project days.

  • coffee filter
  • Iron
  • Watercolor and water
  • paint brush
  • Paper towels
  • Documents (e.g. newspaper)

Prepare and tinker with coffee filters for the window picture for summer:

First of all, you need to iron the coffee filters to make them smooth and more suitable for painting. Choose the highest level without steam! If you want to make the window decorations for summer in elementary school or kindergarten, you can do this step in advance at home or ask the children’s parents to do it. By folding the coffee filters, you can now easily create symmetrical patterns with the colors:

Handicrafts window picture with watercolors and folded coffee filters with children

  • For a Striped pattern: Fold the coffee filter like an accordion into approx. 2.5 cm wide strips so that you get a long rectangle. Then fold this again into approx. 2 cm segments and you will get a small rectangle.
  • For round designs: Fold the coffee filter in half three times so that you get a cone shape. Unfold it again to a semicircle. The folds now serve as guidelines for folding a fan along the radius of the circle. At the end you should get a thin triangle. Fold one corner of the round side down to the opposite side, creating a triangle. Then fold the paper two more times like an accordion, with the corners meeting the opposite sides again. The result is a trapezoid.

Fill some small cups or lids with a little water and color the water with the water color in any shade you want. Briefly dip the corners of the folded coffee filters in a color. Then place it on a sheet of kitchen paper and place another on top. Squeeze excess water out of the filter by pressing on the paper towel. Now you can carefully unfold the filters and place them on a mat to dry. The first summer window picture is finished, which you can now use as a window decoration for summer!

Recycle and do handicrafts – curtains made of plastic flowers

Recycle plastic bottles and make flowers for a curtain

A somewhat more time-consuming, but still simple craft idea for window decoration for summer is also such a curtain, which at the same time provides a certain privacy screen. But it doesn’t just look great in front of the window. It can also be used as a room divider or garden decoration. All you have to do is cut off the bottom of plastic bottles with a sharp knife and you will promptly get a bloom. You need a lot of that for a lot.

Paint colored plastic bottles or clear plastic for flowers

Not only colorless, empty plastic bottles can be used. You are welcome to work colored ones into the curtain so that it looks even more summery. You can then make small holes in the many flowers and tie them together to make several garlands. Attach these garlands to a pole or directly to the window frame and the pretty window decoration for summer is ready.

Tip: You can easily melt the edges of the flowers with a lighter. This makes them less sharp. You can also use this to create irregular shapes so that each flower looks different.

Window decorations for summer - simple ideas for children and adults