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DIY ideas to do it yourself in under an hour – 10 interesting instructions

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Creative minds always need new jobs, the next challenge. And when the days get a little shorter and the weather outside is not so lush, it is the right time for creative leisure activities. Elaborate projects take up a lot of time and you often lose your passion for them. Because of this, we have 10 exciting ones DIY ideas selected that need less than an hour of crafting time and the useful materials can usually be found in every household. Make someone smile with a homemade gift or beautify your home with one of the next handicraft ideas.

DIY ideas that take less than an hour and make someone smile

DIY ideas -stool-ikea-play kitchen-painting

Every little girl dreams of a play kitchen where she can imaginarily prepare delicious food. However, children quickly lose interest in the toy. Again and again new acquisitions not only cost a lot of money, they also take up a lot of space. Save the two and design an imaginative play kitchen from a step stool. It is desirable for the flawless workmanship that the stool is made of wood. The one in the picture is available from Ikea for around 13 euros. A metal basket is still needed, which should be a little narrower than the stool and which can be used as a drawer. Water-based paint, as well as which kitchen utensils are also used.

Quick DIY ideas – # 1 tinker play kitchen out of an Ikea stool


Paint the two steps in any color – gray makes sense, but doesn’t have to. You mount the wire basket like a drawer under the first or second step. The basket should correspond relatively exactly to the distance between the two stool legs. Screw two narrow strips, like rails, on each side to enable the drawer to be pushed in and out. Mount the hooks for kitchen towels and utensils. You are also welcome to design a small kitchen wall from used cabinet fronts, narrow shelves made of slats and fix everything to the back. If the child loses the urge to do it, everything is unscrewed and the drill holes filled with wood kit.

Funny DIY ideas to imitate – # 2 toilet roll holder dinosaur

DIY ideas -toilet-paper-holder-funny-dinosaur-colorful

DIY ideas should make you smile and be funny as much as possible. The next DIY idea is exactly like this – making a toilet roll holder. The only thing you need is a dinosaur figure and color, preferably in the form of a spray. You can find the dinosaur in the toy shop or used at the flea market. Look for exactly one Brachiosaurus dinosaur that is perfect for a holder due to its extremely long neck.

Coloring a Brachiosaurus dinosaur figure

diy-ideas-toilet paper-holder-tinkering-instructions-dinosaur

Now wash the plastic figure carefully and treat the surface with nail polish remover to partially remove the shine of the original color. Then you can spray in any color, for example blue. Pay attention to the legs and folds of the skin, which color is difficult to get to. Let it dry out completely for 12 to 24 hours and place it nicely on the toilet water tank.

DIY ideas with a vintage flair – # 3 Photo holder made of teapot lid 


Old porcelain and ceramic teapots are unfortunately not as popular in the household today as they were then and usually collect dust on a shelf. but great things can be tinkered with for less than an hour. The teapot lid becomes a wonderful photo holder or table name tag for a tea party, for example. All you need is wire, which you wrap around the button of the lid several times and then make two more turns upwards. In the leftover teapot, add a small pillow, cotton wool or sponge covered with fabric and create a decorative pincushion.

Useful DIY ideas that can be realized quickly – # 4 spice holders made of porridge jars

diy-ideas-spice-stand-porridge jars

The leftover porridge jars can be used really chic in the kitchen. Make a spice holder yourself, which can optionally be mounted directly on the kitchen wall or on a plate. First, all baby food jars are carefully cleaned, the labels are removed and, if desired, decorative ribbons are attached at this point. You screw the lids of the screw jars onto the selected surface with a gap of 7-10mm between them so that you can use them properly afterwards. A sticker is attached to the bottom of each porridge jar and the spice is labeled on it. Cut out stickers yourself from self-adhesive film.

DIY ideas to do it yourself in under an hour – # 5 Basket made of newspaper


Recycling paper is considered to be upcycling, and creating something beautiful for the home from used paper products such as newsprint or packaging is to be appreciated. Baskets are used in almost every area of ​​the home. One can be quickly woven from strips of waste paper. All you need is a ruler and paper. If it is relatively thick and tear-resistant, like cardboard, it can be cut into strips. Otherwise, fold the strips out of several layers of paper. An appropriate width of the strips is 1.5-2cm and the length is determined depending on the basket size.

Weave a basket from strips of paper – instructions


In the picture tutorial, the blogger from Fall for DIY shows how to weave a small basket out of paper. The basket looks like a cube and as such it has sides of the same size. This means that the length of the strip should be three times the width of the final basket. In this sense, if a strip is 2 cm wide and the bottom of the basket is 10 x 10 cm, a paper strip should be 30 cm +. The video below clearly shows how it works. You are welcome to use different papers, mainly these are of the same thickness.

Video tutorial on trash braiding

Simple DIY ideas for beautiful interiors – # 6 make a pictureDIY-ideas-make-your-own-upholstery-fabric-cover

If you are not an artist yourself, it does not mean that you cannot create a picture yourself. An interior picture is not necessarily painted or drawn by hand. Often a very attractive fabric with an unusual pattern is placed in a frame and decorates the living room or hallway. An important prerequisite for a successful handicraft project is that the colors and styles of the ornaments are reflected in the rest of the interior. After you have chosen a suitable fabric, moisten it a little and use a hand tacker to cover a picture frame with it and hang it on the wall.

Creative DIY ideas – # 7 make your own jewelry box


An old book with a beautiful cover becomes a wonderful, romantic jewelry box. This makes a wonderful gift that can also be personalized. Maybe for a loved one who likes classical literature. Find his favorite novel for him and label the book like that. For the craft project you will need a book, cutting knife and wood glue. First you determine a frame with a pencil, usually the labeled part falls out and the bare paper remains on each side.

DIY ideas with about 1 hour of crafting time – hollow out the book 


With the help of the cutting knife, all pages are processed step by step in such a way that the content of the book is completely hollowed out. Now gradually apply thin layers of wood glue and let dry. It works very simply, only the drying of the glue can take time. However, it is particularly important for the product to be stable and robust in the end. Ultimately, you can give the jewelry box book a title.

Fashion DIY ideas to imitate – top trend tassels


The tassels are currently a top trend and adorn every part of the women’s wardrobe. As a pendant on the bag, as a decorative element on shoes and clothing, up to jewelry, there are various variations made of yarn, pearls or leather. Depending on the situation, one material is more suitable for the purpose than the other. For jewelry, it makes sense to choose more delicate, noble-looking materials, such as silk thread or rocailles, which are threaded on in this way.

Effective DIY ideas – # 8 tassel made of yarn


A twine tassel is easy to make using a pencil as an aid. First, wrap the yarn around your hand until the desired volume is achieved. For smaller tassels, just wrap around 2-3 finders. Then pin on one side with the pin and knot tightly under it and on top too. Exactly it is shown in the picture above. On the lower side, cut the wrapped yarn apart.

Quick and easy DIY ideas – # 9 Fashion Keychains


A tassel as a pendant hanging on the bag or on the key looks chic. Since the area is exposed to significantly more demands, it is advisable to choose a robust material. Leather, suede or imitation are wonderfully suitable for this. All you need is a small rectangular piece, an eyelet, a pendant ring and double-sided tape.

Make a tassel out of leather as a pendant 


Cut the piece of leather in fringes down to the last inch. Leave it whole and bring a strip of double-sided tape. At the beginning of the leather piece, fix an eyelet with a needle and thread. Now roll up to the end of the leather and then tie the pendant ring.

Modern DIY ideas – # 10 jeans pocket


Sewing a bag yourself is usually not that easy. It is not an easy task for amateur sewers or beginners. Or? The bag from the next craft project is only sewn on the floor. All you need is a pair of jeans, at least the leg of it and a narrow belt. Sewing machine is desirable, but also not necessary. Now to work!

Functional jeans pocket made easy 


Cut off the trouser leg of the jeans, depending on how big you want the pocket to be. Sew together on the lower side to create the bottom of the bag. To tie, fix the narrow belt by hand, which ties the bag as a strap from below and above. When the bag is closed, a kind of lid is formed, which is rolled and fixed with the strap. The positive thing about this bag model is that it can vary in size.