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DIY bracelet made of pretty, colorful rocailles beads

diy bracelet rainbow colors rocailles beads jewelry

You’ve probably made many types of rocailles bead bracelets, but have you ever tried one with a woven pattern? If not, get to work right away because that DIY bracelet Rocailles beads, which we show you in this article, will be anything but an ordinary bracelet. To do this, the first thing you need to do is make small rings out of the pearls. You tie these together in a chain. You need three of them in total.

DIY bracelet – First make three chains

DIY chain beads make step 1

The colors you choose for this depend entirely on your taste, but the more colorful the better! Then tie the rings together as shown in the photo. When you are done with this and are the length you want, tie ribbons on both ends or a pretty button on one end so you can tie the bracelet around your wrist. As you can see, this wonderful one is not difficult at all DIY bracelet to make from rocailles beads even if you are still a beginner. Finally, we will show you another interesting variant of the bracelet made from rocaille beads. Have fun trying it out and wearing it!

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A wonderful DIY bracelet, bracelet or bangle

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DIY bracelet – Put the chains together

make bracelet yourself easy diy colorful step 2

The DIY bracelet in step 1 and 2

colorful bracelet rocailles beads diy step 3

DIY bracelet in bright colors – Step 3 and 4

thread diy chains simply with colored beads

The three chains must be threaded into each other

thread rainbow bracelet chains make rings yourself

… until you get to the end.

DIY armband rocailles beads make colorful yourself

The finished bracelet is reminiscent of a rainbow

make bracelet yourself pearl clasp purple

Finally, add a closure

diy bracelet friendship colorful project band

The bracelet ensures a good mood due to its colorful pearls

make bracelet twist rainbow colors variant yourself

Another variant of the DIY bracelet in rainbow colors