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DIY bed headboard made easy with cozy upholstery!

This project for a DIY bed headboard is easier to imitate than it might seem. Most of the time, upholstered work is an advanced project, but this DIY guide is a breeze.

DIY bed headboard – use a hardboard


You don’t need to spend hours planning and drilling the holes in the sheet of plywood. A hardboard with holes is ideal for such homemade headboards. They are cheap, very light and at the same time stable enough. It is therefore perfect for one DIY bed headboard.

You can, if you want, the plate for that DIY bed headboard Have them cut to the desired size in the shop. The existing holes will be used for the buttons afterwards. It takes a little math to determine which holes to put the buttons in. Once you’ve figured out the formula, all you have to do is count it and mark the holes with chalk.

DIY bed headboard – instructions

hardboard holes diy headboard bed do it yourself

In the example for a DIY bed headboard there were three rows with 9 buttons each and two rows with 8 buttons each. That makes a total of 45 buttons. We wanted a lot of buttons, so you can do fewer if you like it better. You can look for inspiration on the Internet or in catalogs. Once you’ve found an example you like, just count the buttons on that headboard and figure out the spacing you need to get the look you want.

Next you need foam that is 7 cm thick. Keep this thickness as close as possible, as the DIY bed headboard otherwise it will look thin and cheap. An important tip is that you only need enough foam to cover the top two-thirds of the sheet of plywood. In the example, a 60 cm piece of foam was used for the 100 cm plate. The lower part without foam will be located behind the bed and will not be visible.

Mark the holes for the buttons

Measure the holes in the hardboard. Make the headboard yourself

To mark on the foam where the holes for the buttons need to be, simply place the locking plate for the DIY bed headboard onto the foam so that the marked side is facing you. With a Edding or other pen, mark the respective holes for the buttons with a dot. Next, pick up a box knife.

Mark areas for the holes in the foam

cut out holes foam headboard bed diy

So that the buttons for the DIY bed headboard can sit nice and deep later, you have to cut out the foam in these places. And that is extremely easy. Simply cut out a circle around the marked areas with a utility knife.

Cut out the holes in the foam

Look how the foam is only about two thirds of the board for future DIY bed headboard covered.

Glue the foam onto the surface of the plate with an adhesive spray. Make sure that the holes for the buttons overlap.

Glue the foam in place with adhesive spray

adhesive spray foam stick on headboard bed diy

Place a sheet of cotton wool on top of the foam. The stuff for that DIY bed headboard, whoever comes along comes on the wadding.

Add padding as protection

Fabric tip: For this project, it’s best to choose a plain fabric. But if you’d rather take a sample, what a DIY bed headboard using buttons is not recommended unless the size is small, you’ll need to patch two or three pieces of this fabric together so that the fabric is wide enough so that the pattern fits together and goes in the right direction. So, as already mentioned, it’s better to choose a plain-colored fabric. You can fasten the fabric horizontally, which means that you will also need less fabric (approx. 1.8 meters).

button press buttons make diy bed headboard

You are going for a big one DIY bed headboard definitely only need about 1.8 meters of fabric, even if it seems that more fabric is being used up by the buttons that will press in the fabric. But that is not the case at all. Only a few inches more fabric was needed for the entire headboard.

Now we get to the part where you have lots and lots of buttons for that DIY bed headboard will need. To do this, you need a button press, which you can get for not too much money these days. It takes a little more time to do all the buttons. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask a friend for help to make it go faster.

Prepare the buttons with a button press

Using a long upholstery needle and double thread for upholstery, knot the button three times and find the first hole for the button. Do not use all-purpose thread for this, as it is most likely not durable enough.

Sew the buttons on with an upholstery needle

upholstery needle thread button sewing headboard bed

Start at the front of the DIY bed headboard. Insert the needle through the fabric, the upholstery wadding, the hole in the foam and the hole in the sheet of plywood.

Pull as hard as you can and attach the yarn to the back of the DIY bed headboard good with a stapler. But keep pulling on the thread so that the tension is not lost. Tackle the twine in several places so that it runs in different directions. This way you can be sure that the button is as deep as possible and that it cannot loosen.

Secure the thread well at the back

sew buttons tighten plywood panel staple thread

Already your first button is for that DIY bed headboard done. It is best to always start in the middle and work your way out.

Make sure you keep the corners away from the DIY bed headboard do last. If you are not in a hurry, we recommend that you spread the sewing of the buttons over about two days because, as you will find, this work becomes quite strenuous over time.

sewing buttons headboard rows yourself

As with any upholstery project, choose and fold carefully with the fabric you will be using. This is especially true when it comes to finding the right places for the buttons from DIY bed headboard as well as getting the fabric to fold as desired. Form a diamond pattern.

deco headboard pillow bedroom atmosphere cozy

Once you’re done adding the buttons for the DIY bed headboard all you have to do is wrap the corners and edges with fabric. Don’t just wrap and staple the fabric backwards. The key to a well-made upholstery is the lines. Reduce the bumps and wrinkles to a minimum! The fabric, and that applies in particular to the areas at the edges and corners of the DIY bed headboard, should be flat and smooth. To make the edges of a headboard smooth, fold a line that starts from the button and goes straight. The crease takes care of all of the excess fabric so the edges are smooth and stretched and ready to be fastened in the back by you with a staple gun.

bedroom diy bed headboard decoration cozy

To finish the lower part of the headboard, where the foam ends, simply staple a couple of clamps underneath and lengthways. Then pull the fabric down over the bottom edge of the free locking plate, fold it back, and staple it in place at the back like you did with the other three edges. And so that’s that DIY bed headboard already finished!

To attach the headboard to the wall, screw a couple of D-rings into the back of the headboard and a couple of screws into the wall. Hang that DIY bed headboard now just on the wall.

In this picture you can see that the foam only starts above the mattress. That is how it seems DIY bed headboard to sit on the mattress.