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Develop fine motor skills in children with games and exercises that they can do themselves

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Fine motor skills describe all those small and precise movements that we perform with fingers, toes and face. These are everyday movements such as tying shoelaces, buttoning up a shirt, eating with a knife, fork and spoon, writing, speaking and the like, but also others of this kind such as playing the piano. In children in particular, these fine motor skills are not yet fully developed, which is of course quite normal. Still, you can Promote fine motor skills with children and support and motivate them. And that is possible with very simple games, which you can even make yourself quickly and partly from household items. We would like to introduce you to such craft ideas in the following.

How can I promote fine motor skills

kids-paper-plate-sewing-plush-wire-christmas-tree-punching-fun promote fine motor skills

The best way to develop fine motor skills is through toys or other fun activities. After all, your child should have fun with it and not lose interest. In time for Christmas, you can try these ideas out. A triangle is cut out of a paper plate and holes are punched around the edge. A Christmas tree can then be made with plush wire that is threaded through the holes.

Promote fine motor skills – tinkering with pipe cleaner

promote fine motor skills children-pipe cleaners-tinker-beads-learn-numbers

If you are learning numbers and counting, you can use fine motor exercises to train. At the top end of the pipe cleaner, flags with the numbers that your child already knows are stuck on. Then it is the child’s turn. The marked number of beads must be threaded onto each plush wire. With such precise movement exercises, you can wonderfully promote fine motor skills.

Handicrafts with felt for early childhood education

promote fine motor skills children-felt-chain-tinker-buttons-rings-design

The fact that you develop fine motor skills in a playful way is that your child has a lot of fun with it and can shed a little energy. Children love to puzzles, think and do handicrafts, so make use of them. What’s great is that there are plenty of projects out there that even beginners can make for your kids, like these strips of felt that are buttoned into a ring that can in turn form a chain. This is a great way to teach your child the colors and let them sort them.

Promote fine motor skills in young children

promote fine motor skills children-felt-rainbow-triangles-sewing-toys-color-arranging-tips

Another great color sorting idea that you can use to promote fine motor skills is to have a mat like this, which is also made out of felt. The colorful rainbow mat serves as a base to sort building blocks and other existing toys of your child by color. Don’t forget to help your child with this if necessary and, at the end, to praise them too.

Fine motor skills exercises with colors

promote fine motor skills children-sort-colors-buttons-plastic-bowl-colorful

Alternatively, you can also use colored plastic jars with slits cut in their lids. It is not just toys that are sorted here, but rather ordinary, colorful buttons. However, this exercise may be more suitable if you are promoting fine motor skills in elementary school children. There is a risk of swallowing in small children. Or you can keep your eyes on the children while playing!

Simple games to develop fine motor skills

children-playing bobbles-colorful-playing-muffin-tin-doing-household-tinkering

Everyone in the house is sure to have a muffin baking pan and colored craft paper. Then you can make this simple toy and use colors again to encourage fine motor skills. You can then easily use the pan again for baking. Cut out colored circles from paper and place them in the shapes. Then your child should put colored pompons or other items of their choice in the same color. You can make the exercise a little more complicated by asking the child to use a spoon or tongs.

Fine motor skills games with popsicle sticks

promote fine motor skills children-sort-color-jars-lid-slots-coloring-ice cream sticks

You should of course be present for this exercise. How else do you know if your child has always chosen the important color. A soft plastic lid for cans is incised and the incisions are marked with any color. You then use the same colors to paint several popsicle sticks. The trick here is not only to recognize the color correctly, but also to hit the slits, which is great for promoting fine motor skills.

Make toys for fine motor skills yourself

promote fine motor skills children-lego-building-blocks-building-a-maze-ball-bell

You can also promote motor development in your child with a self-made labyrinth. There are various ways of doing this. It works particularly quickly and easily with building blocks such as Lego. A ball or bell must then be balanced by moving the plate from start to finish without the ball falling out. Maintaining balance is a great way to develop fine motor skills.

Train fine motor skills and practice balancing

promote fine motor skills children-diy-building-blocks-sponge-cutting-building-tower-balancing

This game is also about balance. If you don’t have any building blocks in your house, you can simply cut hard sponges into small bars for this purpose. Now towers and other buildings can be built. Make a bet on whose tower will be tallest without setting time limits. Carefully stacking them on top of one another can promote fine motor skills and is also fun.

Promote fine motor skills in children – lines and buttons

Fine motor skills-promoting-children-creating-patterns-buttons-arranging-lines-spiral-zigzag-waves

Incidentally, many of the ideas are perfect for entertainment and activities at children’s parties. You can promote fine motor skills with this idea, for which you simply draw any pattern on a sheet of paper. The children then have to distribute buttons along the lines. These lines can be designed both colorful and in one color. The buttons can also be glued on.

Print out motifs for handicrafts

Fine motor skills-promoting-children-decorating-the-Christmas-tree-printing-paper-sorting-bobbins

Print out any motifs that you can choose to suit certain occasions and let the children design them with pompons, buttons or other things. Coloring pages are also a great exercise that you can use to develop fine motor skills. You can then use the finished works to decorate walls or the refrigerator and make the children proud.

Thread on mini Christmas tree balls

children's-foam-fir-tree-toothpicks-hanging-bells-promoting-fine-motor skills

Make a cone out of foam. The children can then turn this into a Christmas tree. Insert toothpicks into the foam here and there and have the children put mini balls or bells on them. Bear in mind that these are sharp and small parts that can be swallowed and are not suitable for every age group. When choosing a game that you want to use to develop fine motor skills, it should be based on the age of the children.

Playing with pasta

Fine motor skills-promoting-children-idea-diy-rods-dough-noodles-precise-movement-exercise

Plasticine is a great toy. Because with it you can promote fine motor skills by kneading. Any figures can be designed, but it is also suitable as a stand for this idea. Sticks are put into the clay so that you can stand upright. Then hollow balls are put on the bars. This also works with straws if wooden sticks are too risky for you.

Promotion of fine motor skills through handicrafts

promoting-fine-motor skills-children-scissors-cutting-circles-arranging-creating-pictures

If you are old enough to use the scissors, prepare various materials such as paper, felt or other material that the child should cut into circles. The different materials can be cut with different degrees of ease, so that the child learns to apply the necessary pressure. A great exercise with which you can develop fine motor skills. The circles are then spread out on a sheet of paper until it is covered as much as possible. They can also be glued on right away.

Sewing without needles

fine motor skills-promoting-buttons-sewing-net-mat-plastic-children

A mat with a grid pattern is great for “sewing” buttons onto it. For this purpose, cord is simply threaded through the buttonholes and then through the stitches. You can also use the mat without buttons. Any motifs and patterns can be designed with yarn, with the design of which you can promote fine motor skills in children.

Promote fine motor skills – games to build on

children-develop-fine-motor skills-do-it-yourself-weave-paper-strips

You probably know this craft idea from your own childhood. Would you have thought that this would also promote fine motor skills? A sheet of paper has several slots equidistant from one another. You also need several strips of paper in any color. Now the child can weave pretty patterns.

Write and paint in flour

Encourage fine motor skills for children to draw, write, and train in a playful way

Spread some flour in a tall tray or low bowl. The child can then write and paint in it. You can also give your child certain patterns or words that they should copy or write. In this way, you can also promote fine motor skills by using finger paint. This will be even more fun for the kids!