Craft ideas

Design summer pictures with children – paint and do handicrafts for pictures and collages

Are you in the mood for a summer mood? Then grab a sheet of paper and paint and try out one of our creative and, above all, fun ideas for summer pictures that you can design together with your children! The little ones are guaranteed not to get enough of the projects. So if you want to create summer pictures with children and celebrate the beautiful summer, you will definitely find something suitable in our collection. And best of all: you can even imitate the painting ideas outdoors!

Create summer pictures with children with paints, scraps of paper and natural materials

Design summer pictures with children – paint pictures with water guns

Create summer pictures with children - paint pictures with watercolors and water guns

What kid doesn’t love spraying with water guns? Combine this fun toy with your plan to create summery pictures! You can easily create summer pictures with children by mixing water with paint for this purpose. This is how it works:

You need:

  • a stand (e.g. a blackboard, a screen tripod, a clothesline, a tree or whatever else you have on hand)
  • Watercolors
  • water
  • Paper for watercolor
  • something to fix the paper (staples, thumbtack etc.)

Summer fun in the garden - paint abstract pictures with water spray guns

If you want to design such pictures with children, just hang up the paper and mix the colors with water. You then fill a water pistol with this colored water and you can start spraying. It’s best to use bold colors that go with the summer. Once the children are happy with the color combination on the paper, the pictures can be removed and set aside to dry. If you paint such summer pictures with children, you can then use them as decoration for the children’s room.

Design pineapples with fingerprints for a summer picture with children

Design summer pictures with children - Happy idea with a colorful pineapple made from fingerprints

You can create such super simple summer pictures with children even with small children. The pineapple is an exotic fruit that reminds us of summer and is ideally suited as a motif for summer pictures. But you can also come up with other motifs. They are made in the following way:

Paint pictures on canvas with fingerprints - yellow pineapple with blue background

You need:

  • Paper or white cardboard
  • Paper plate
  • Acrylic or finger paints

Put several colors on the paper plate. The blobs should touch each other. Then dip your thumb in several colors, one after the other, or in the place where the colors touch. Then make four rows of thumbprints on the paper, the first and last being three and the middle two being four. After each print you should wipe off the paint and dip your thumb into the paint again.

Idea of ​​painting pictures with small and large children - pineapple or other exotic summer fruits

You design the leaves with your index finger and green paint. Dip your finger in the paint, place it on the pineapple fruit and pull a strip upwards. This is how you design several sheets. Let all the colors dry well and you can hang up the picture or give it away. This is a great craft idea for children’s birthdays.

Beach collage

The beach is a great summer motif for self-made pictures

You can not only paint beautiful pictures on the subject of “summer”, you can also glue them. In this way, great collages can be made as summer pictures with children who the little ones will love. In the example, the beach was chosen because it is immediately associated with summer without a doubt. But other pictures are of course also suitable: marine animals, the sun, a colorful meadow, a lake, etc. This is how such collages are made:

Create a beach-themed collage with poster paper and paint

You need:

  • white poster paper
  • wide brush
  • Poster or acrylic paints (poster paints)
  • Glue
  • Felt-tip pens

Idea for a collage with mountains made from scraps of paper

First paint the paper in the basic colors of your planned picture. For a beach, for example, you might need a sheet of paper painted yellow for the sand and a blue sheet for the sea, as well as a few other colors for umbrellas, beach towels, toys, etc. Let the paints dry before you can tear them into strips and pieces to get the items for the collage. For example, the blue paper can be torn in a wave shape to get the effect of waves. Multiple layers also create a 3D effect.

Wheat field with ears of wheat, green meadow and blue sky

Then you can stick these elements on white paper and design any summer pictures with children. Smaller motifs can be added with felt-tip pens. How about a picture of a mountain range next to the beach picture? Or a wheat field with a meadow and sky in the background?

Do handicrafts with natural materials and create summery pictures

Handicrafts with natural materials such as flowers for summery pictures and collages

Go to the garden or meadow, forest, or any other place where you can collect various natural materials such as leaves and flowers. With them you can conjure up beautiful pictures! They can be folded up in various ways on a sheet of paper, so that you can make any shapes and motifs out of them. Yellow petals are suitable for making a sun, for example.

Make beautiful collages out of leaves with children

But also simply folded together on the paper, the result is a colorful and beautiful picture. Finally, all you have to do is glue on all the materials and your picture is ready. This idea is fun for children of all ages. And because the natural materials can be combined in so many ways, the project is never boring and every picture is unique!