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Design handprint pictures – cute ideas for children in kindergarten

handprint pictures children-family-elephant-frame

Most children love this painting technique: paint hands or feet and stamp on a piece of paper! Even if the prints are not so perfect, you can conjure up great pictures with a little imagination. Animal motifs such as birds, fish, elephants, giraffes and hedgehogs are very popular for handprint images. Seasonal motifs such as elk, snowman, chick, ghost and butterfly are also ideal for designing greeting cards for any occasion.

Make handprint pictures

handprint pictures children-owl-bird-canvas

You can create great pictures even with babies and toddlers. But what color can you use to paint children’s hands? Acrylic paints are usually non-toxic, water-soluble and can be used safely on the skin. It is best to wash it off while it is as damp as possible. Special, very well covering finger paints are an alternative. When buying finger paints, read exactly what is stated on the packaging. DIY enthusiasts can even make finger paints themselves, for example from water, flour and non-toxic food colors. This variant is perfect for those who have suddenly found inspiration to paint with the children, but do not have any colors immediately available.

Make handprint pictures

handprint pictures children-owl-bird-family-fathers-day

Even if handicrafts are not necessarily your thing, you can just give this cool idea a try. Pictures with the children’s handprints can be made quickly and are perfect as gifts for parents or grandparents. Homemade cards for Christmas or Easter are also particularly popular. In addition, children have a lot of fun painting with finger paints and they always look forward to it. In this way their creativity is encouraged and their imagination is stimulated.

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Tinker unicorn


The children’s handprint forms the basis for the picture. The rest is done by the imagination. Markers, googly eyes to stick on, construction paper, colored threads, cotton balls, glitter and even cheerios are then used. Everything that you can stick on the sheet can be used. The more colorful and unusual the decoration, the more creative the handprint pictures will be. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas! We have a motif ready for every occasion!

Handprint owls in picture frames

handprint pictures kids-owl-picture frame-saying

You will usually need: finger paints, paper plates, brushes or sponges, kitchen paper (to wipe your hands). First put the desired color tones on the paper plate. Paint the child’s hand with a brush or sponge or dip it directly into the paint and then press it onto the paper. Further details should be added so that the handprint becomes a real picture.

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Create an owl picture with a handprint

handprint pictures children-owl-gift-frame-grandparents

These cute owls are based on two white handprints. Then the shapes are cut out of construction paper and glued. If you want to make exactly these owls, then you need four ellipses each for the wings – two large and two smaller, as well as circles for the eyes. The finishing touches are given by small orange pieces of paper for the beaks and feet. You can also make the owls standing on a branch by cutting one out of dark brown construction paper. Now the picture with cute owls is ready. A nice saying for the grandparents would definitely merge their hearts. It would be appropriate: “Grandparents have cupboards full of cookies, words full of wisdom and hearts full of love”.

spring flowers


While the little ones simply have fun being able to mash with paint, older children can, for example, depict entire landscapes and flower meadows by combining prints. First prepare the surface and then let the children take the impressions. Provide different colors for this so that the children can create colorful handprint pictures. Colorful color combinations are particularly suitable for spring flowers or landscapes.

Caterpillar and butterfly


Outside, the first signs of spring are blooming and the sun is laughing. Another symbol of spring is the caterpillar, which turns into a beautiful butterfly. Crafting on the subject of caterpillars and butterflies gives children the opportunity to learn through play. This caterpillar is made from individual handprints and is also wonderfully suitable for group work. The palm is painted green and the fingers blue. In order to paint a complete picture with many elements with the child’s handprints, in addition to the caterpillar, you can also design its offspring – the butterfly. The shining sun is also a great addition to this spring picture and can be wonderfully painted with handprints and yellow paint. With all of these elements, you and your child have created a complete, colorful picture.

Handprint picture butterfly


Butterflies fascinate with their beautiful wings and can easily be designed with handprints. The child’s two hands are painted and pressed onto the paper. The fingers point in two opposite directions. The wings of the butterfly are ready. Then ask the child to paint the body in the area between the two handprints, paint a face if desired and draw the feelers. For a colorful picture, the wings can be spiced up with other colors and motifs.

Easter pictures with handprint 


In spring, the Easter bunny prepares for its big appearance. You naturally ask yourself: What can you do with these works of art? One possibility would be to frame the handprint pictures and use them as room decorations. If the pictures are made on a stretcher frame, you don’t need a picture frame. As far as the motifs are concerned, not only Easter bunnies fit, but also carrots, chicks, sheep and usually everything that can be designed with both hand and footprints.

Make Easter cards with handprints


The bunny made from a handprint is a nice handicraft idea on the theme of Easter. Children can also decorate the Easter cards with this motif. To conjure up the rabbit, the palm and only two or four inner sides of the fingers (not the thumb) are painted with paint. After it has dried, two googly eyes are glued to it and a mouth and whiskers are painted on the rabbit with a black felt pen.

Sheep handprint with cotton ball


These sheep are super easy to make! Make a handprint with black paint and let it dry. Then stick cotton balls on the sheep’s body. Then stick a googly eye on the thumb. A mini loop gives the sheep picture the final touch.

tinker cute chicks for Easter


Fluffy chicks are often made from a variety of materials. Whether made of wool, wadding or paper, they are a real eye-catcher and are particularly popular with young and old. The wings and feet can be made from handprints as in the example above. A nice alternative is a handprint chicken and several small chicks made from fingerprints.

Sunflower hand print


Sunflowers simply cannot be missing in summer. To enjoy them longer, you can paint sunflower pictures from handprints. Each sunflower is made from many individual handprints with yellow paint. The pips in the center of the flower are dabbed with the fingers and brown finger paint.

Pisces handprint


Beautiful fish can also be conjured up from children’s handprints. This time the hands are not dipped in the paint, but the different colors are painted on the hand with a brush. After the paint has dried, the eyes and mouth are drawn with a felt pen. This idea for handprint pictures is perfect for handicrafts in kindergarten in summer. In this way, the children can conjure up beautiful water worlds, which can then be used as beautiful gifts for their parents or grandparents. To make the picture complete, the little ones can paint on the water, some algae and other sea creatures.



In the case of fish, the handprints are aligned horizontally so that the fingers represent the fins. However, when making a jellyfish from handprint, fingers should be pointing down. This is how the tentacles can be designed. When choosing the colors, the children can choose either classic blue or white, or they can paint colorful jellyfish with handprints. Finally, glue on the googly eyes and add other elements to the picture if you wish.



Even if the handprints don’t look perfect at first, they can easily be touched up with paint and a brush afterwards. This task is more suitable for older children. The imagination can also be encouraged by playing: children can decide for themselves what kind of animal the handprint is to be transformed into.



Their colorful suspension is typical of parrots. So let the children choose their favorite colors and mix them as they please. Two circles of different sizes made of paper form the body. Three colorful handprints are therefore perfect for the suspension.



As you have already convinced yourself, you can depict many animals with finger paints and a handprint. This painting technique goes particularly well with the elephant because the thumbprint forms the perfect trunk. White tusks can still be painted on the elephant. The ears and tail can be easily cut out of foam rubber in matching colors and stuck on the handprint. A googly eye shouldn’t be missing either. The elephant is a great idea for a birthday card.

Handprint pictures – Giraffe


Another great idea is a handprint giraffe. Here is the first variant: after drying, extend the handprint itself by adding a long neck, while the thumbprint forms the giraffe’s tail. The children can stamp the giraffe with yellow paint and then paint the spots and hair with brown.

Giraffes with long necks


A nice idea would be to paint just the heads of the giraffes as well. Only four inner sides of the fingers and the arm up to the elbow are painted. This is how the long neck of the giraffe, the ears and the small, antler-hard horns are created. To touch up the handprint picture, you can outline the giraffes as in the example above.

Hedgehog painting with handprint


The hedgehog is a popular motif for autumn handicrafts and can easily be made from children’s handprints. First, the contours of a hedgehog are drawn or a printed template is used. The spines are then pressed down with the hands and brown finger paint. Other handprint pictures, such as autumn trees, pumpkins and flowers in matching colors, are also suitable for handicrafts with children in autumn.

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Handprint pictures – Halloween ghosts


Children like to do handicrafts for any occasion and thus learn more about the respective season or celebration. Celebrations like Mardi Gras and Halloween offer lots of great ideas for handicrafts and are a lot of fun. These ghosts made from handprints are a great inspiration for Halloween handicrafts. It is best to use a black cardboard box and white finger paint. After the paint has dried, the eyes and the opened mouths are drawn onto the ghost prints with a black felt pen.

Handprint pictures as room decorations for Christmas


Christmas time is crafting time! With a handprint you can not only paint great pictures, but also embellish Christmas balls or make new Christmas tree pendants. There are also a lot of Christmas motifs that can be made from handprints. You can then use the handprint pictures as part of the Christmas decorations and use them to decorate the walls or the mantelpiece. The children also take part in decorating the apartment and together you create a wonderful, festive atmosphere at home.

Christmas tree picture on canvas


The handprint Christmas tree, for example, is a nice idea and can also be nicely decorated with colorful fingerprints. The little ones can stamp a star at the top and it’s done!

Christmas cards with fir tree handprint


Glitter powder is often used in Christmas crafts and gives every picture a special touch. Carefully apply the glue. Wherever it sticks, the glitter will stick. For example, you can only conjure up individual garlands and balls on a handprint Christmas tree.

Angel handprint on paper


After the paper has been coated with glue, the surface is quickly sprinkled with glitter powder – before the glue dries. The remaining glitter should then be shaken from the card onto a sheet of paper and carefully poured back into the can. Another great idea for handprint pictures with glitter for Christmas are angels. To do this, you can brush the child’s palms with white finger paint and then press them onto blue construction paper. With the glitter powder, the white angel wings become something very special.

Santa Claus hand print


If the desired motif for the handprint pictures has already been selected, then you can consider whether it can be brushed with suitable colors directly on the hand. Like this handprint Santa Claus, for example. The red pointed cap can also be made from red cardboard and a white cotton ball.

Paint elk from foot and hand print


This handprint moose, which is made on a Christmas card, also adds to the holiday mood. The elk head is made from a footprint, while the antlers are painted with two handprints.

Snowman handprint pictures


Another fun craft idea for the winter is the snowman handprint. The snowmen are created from the individual fingers of the imprint. A little more precision is required here because eyes, mouths, carrot noses, hats and scarves are drawn on the imprint with pens.