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Design a parasol – spice up the old sun protection

design parasol watermelon-motif-idea-garden-beach

There are really many different designs for parasols. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for you to simply not find the right one. Fortunately, everything can be changed quickly, especially when it comes to the colors and patterns. Or maybe you have an old parasol that no longer looks so attractive, but that you still want to use? Then today’s idea is for Design a parasol just right for you. In just a few steps you will learn how you can put any motif on your parasol to create an individual look.

Design a parasol with watermelon as a motif

design sunshade sun protection-terrace-furniture-cores-black

In the example, a watermelon was chosen as the motif for designing a parasol. This goes wonderfully with late spring and summer and transforms the practical sun protection into a refreshing and peppy accessory. In addition to a brush, you need pink, black, as well as light green and dark green paint, a primer in spray form and possibly adhesive tape for masking.

Design a parasol – cleaning in advance


So that you can enjoy the new parasol look for a long time and the paint can adhere well, it is particularly important that you clean the parasol thoroughly before designing the parasol. Use a damp cloth for this or wash it off really nicely with the garden hose.

Check parasol

design sunshade white-old-recycling-idea-accessory

You should also make sure that the frame is otherwise still intact. Rust stains on the fabric can also not be covered by paint alone, at least if it is a light color. So think in advance whether the old accessory is really still suitable for a parasol.



As with all dyeing and painting projects, you need a primer at the beginning. This is especially important if the fabric of the umbrella is very thin. Practical primers in the form of spray are offered to make application easier. Apply the primer to design the parasol on the inside.

Color the inside


Then it is the turn of the color to design the parasol. A pink shade is required for the watermelon motif. Apply the paint first and then let it dry well. Then a second layer is added. Do not dye the drooping edges this color.

Green colour

design-parasol-decorate-summer-lounge-sun protection-deco

While you wait for the paint to dry after the first pink layer, you can color the inside of the hanging parts to make the parasol. Use the dark green color for this. Leave a gap of approx. 7 cm between this dark green and pink color. This is namely painted in the light green color. Both color nuances are completed with a second layer, whereby the first one is very important to dry well.

Use tape

Create a parasol foam-brush-green-paint-paint

It is not compulsory to use two shades of green for the parasol. However, the watermelon motif looks more real in this way, because the fruit also consists of different shades of green. If you want all three colors to be perfectly straight, you can use insulating tape or adhesive tape.

Design the outside of the parasol


The next step is to design the outside of the parasol on the rows. The individual triangular elements are colored alternately in light and dark green. Since the parasol usually has an even number of such elements, this should not be a problem.

Dye covering

design-parasol-decoration-outdoor-patio-garden furniture-relax

Again, two layers are needed to design the parasol, proceeding as for the inside. An opaque result is very important, otherwise the pink color will show through. You can also add a third layer if necessary.

Paint the kernels


Finally and after all the other colors have dried well, add the cores to the design of the parasol with the black color. You can paint them freehand, or you can design a stencil in advance if you want all the cores to look the same. The cores come into the inside of the shade on the pink color.

Put up the parasol


Once you have completed all the steps to design a parasol, you can finally set it up in the garden. You will receive an attractive accessory that will bring you into a wonderful spring or summer mood. But the new old parasol is not only a real eye-catcher in your garden. After designing the parasol, you can also use it for the lake or on the beach to protect yourself from the strong sun. You are guaranteed to put everyone in a great mood as well.