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Decoration with candles – 21 amazingly easy DIY ideas

Decoration with candles diy-decoration-candles-egg-bowl-half

If you are bored of ordinary home decorations that you can easily buy, you can make your own candles with candlesticks from natural materials.

21 amazingly easy DIY ideas for decorating with candles

Decoration with candles lemon-schalle-candle-do-it-yourself-idea

The candle ideas in this collection introduce you to 20 amazingly easy DIY decorating ideas. In terms of their uses, they are all very versatile. They can be used to create a romantic atmosphere in a certain room, to throw a little more light into a small setting, can be used as birthday candles, decorations at a wedding and on many other occasions.

A decoration with candles that brings cosiness and warmth

Decoration with candles shells-candles-diy-design-your-own-idea

But all the candles that we feature in our photo gallery have one thing in common: they are really, really simple, you can reproduce them yourself, and best of all, they don’t take up much of your precious time.

What you need is your creativity, of course, plus clams, eggshells, orange peel, etc. and some wax, or you can recycle the wax from another candle. We wish you a lot of fun and success in fulfilling this DIY idea!

Some tips for your safety


Of course, you should be vigilant with candles like these, as they are light and can fall into the hands of pets or children. Place a fireproof support or base under the homemade candles and keep them away from the little ones so that you can spend your party quietly and not have to worry about Brandt.

A fun idea with watermelon 


 For Easter – colorful candles peal in eggs

Decoration with candles easter-candles-shells-colorful-cardboard-diy

 Larger clams shells


 An autumn idea for the decoration 


 Homemade pebble stones of various shapes


The pebbles create beautiful decorations in the garden


 The snail shells with a new purpose


 Fill the empty sleeves with wax


 A heart in white


An imitation of kiwi fruit


A real kiwi bowl serves as a candle holder