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Decorating candles with dried flowers – DIY summer ideas

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Finding the perfect summer decoration is not that difficult. Especially if you just design them yourself. We have an original and simple crafting idea for you that is guaranteed to have a lot of fun. It is an original variant of the Decorate candles, which you can do alone, but also together with the children or friends.

Decorate candles with colorful flowers

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For the idea of ​​decorating candles, you need materials that you can quickly find on hand. Collect any flowers. Many of these can be found in your own garden, but a walk in a meadow can also come in handy when it comes to finding the right flowers. Grasses and leaves are also wonderfully suitable.

Decorating candles – instructions

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The flowers that you use to decorate candles can be attached to the candle in different ways. In all techniques, however, the heat is the crucial point. The easiest and easiest way to design the candles is to use a metal spoon and a tealight.

Cover candles

Candles decorate tealight-idea-meadow-flowers-glue-wax

Heat the spoon over the flame of the tea light. After that, take the chosen flower and place it anywhere on the candle. With the hot spoon you can now brush over the free areas of the candle to take up some wax and then over the flower until the flower is fixed. The wax can then cool down again and harden, enclosing the flower. Be careful not to leave any dents in the candle.

Simple decoration idea

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The technique is reminiscent of decoupage with candles and napkins and the principle is really the same. You can put as many flowers as you like on the candle. The hot air of a hairdryer or an iron is sometimes used to decorate candles with dried flowers. Parchment or wax paper is placed on the flowers and removed again after the flowers have been fixed. Decide for yourself which variant is easiest for you.

Gift idea made from natural materials

Candles decorate decorate-inspiration-natural materials-flowers

The nice thing about this idea for decorating candles is that you only use natural materials. This also makes the candles the perfect gift that gets even more value because it is homemade. You can decorate the candles in an individual way and choose a design for each friend.

Leaves and grass

Candles-decorate-leaf-red-pansies-blades of grass-tender-design

As already mentioned, you can incorporate not only dried flowers, but also grasses or even leaves into the self-made design. Keep in mind that thin grasses can be torn up quickly, so you need to be even more careful when painting. Otherwise you can decorate breathtaking candles in this way.

Decorate candles yourself with a spoon


Spread the blossoms wildly all over the candle or create a nice arrangement like here. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild when decorating the candles. Combine brightly colored flowers, grasses and leaves or choose different shades of a color to adapt the candle to a specific color theme in the room.

Room design with candles


If you decorate the candles with dried flowers, you will get a perfect decoration for every room. It looks great both in a romantic vintage room and as a romantic accent in a modern interior. Spread candles around the bathroom and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Drying flowers


The flowers have to be dried first, you already know that. On the one hand, this makes them more durable and, on the other hand, they are also easier to attach. They are pressed flat and thus adapt better to the surface of the candle, so they can be sealed better.

Seal the flowers well


Over time, protruding elements only dry out more and become more brittle. Plus, you can fall off on touch, which could turn all your work into a waste of time. So if you want to decorate candles in this way, plan a little patience for pressing and drying the flowers.

Practical tools


The tweezers also prove to be a very useful tool for decorating candles with flowers. With it, you can better grip and hold the fine flowers and other elements. Plus, you’ll also protect your fingers from smearing wax on them. Of course, you can also come up with other aids. The main thing is that your work is made easier.

Craft idea for every season


You can make the decoration at any time of the year in which flowers and other elements can be found. This time begins in spring with the spring flowers and extends into autumn, which offers autumn flowers and colorful leaves. You are also welcome to stock up on dried flowers and leaves so that you can have something to do in winter and decorate candles.

Dry properly


Drying the flowers to decorate candles should also be done right. Usually a book is used for this, as it is the best way to press the flowers. If you don’t want to ruin the pages with stains, put paper between them. Paper is important because it absorbs moisture well. You are welcome to put more books on top of the book to make everything easier to press.

Colors of the candles


The flowers are particularly well expressed if you use a white or very light candle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a colored one too. In this case, you can easily use flowers in contrasting colors or create an attractive ombre effect from similar nuances when decorating the candles.

DIY project for beginners


Decorating candles is so easy that even beginners can easily implement the idea. There is even a risk that you will become addicted to this craft idea. And the great thing is that no two candles become alike. You will surprise yourself every time and you can create a wide variety of designs.

Make candles yourself


If you feel like it, you can also make whole candles yourself. Blossoms can be worked into it again without any problems. You can then additionally decorate the finished candles by decorating the candles with flowers and other elements from the outside.

Different shapes for the candles


Since there are candles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, you are welcome to use any model if you want to decorate candles. As a decoration, they are also very good in groups and can thus represent different arrangements and images. Even thin table candles can be nicely decorated.

Flaunt candle


Whether as a group arrangement or individually, you can display the candles in a wide variety of ways. Combine with fresh flowers or grasses and decorate side tables, chests of drawers and other storage space both indoors and outdoors to enhance the atmosphere.

Crafting with wax


If you like the idea of ​​decorating candles, then it’s best to start this weekend or as soon as you have the time and inclination to do handicrafts. Take a walk through nature with family or friends and gather all the necessary materials.