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Decorate your home – curtains, drapes & pillows with bobble ribbons

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Surely you have already seen the bobble ribbon as an accent on various textiles, just not really paid much attention to it. With its help you can simply wonderfully Decorate apartment and that by decorating pillows, curtains or other things in the house. For this purpose, the bobble ribbon only has to be sewn on, which even beginners can do.

Decorate your apartment with a finished bobble ribbon


The bobble ribbon is conveniently available to buy ready-made. Mostly it is wound on a spool like thread. It is also great that the bobble ribbon is offered in different colors and sizes, so that you can achieve an individual design. If you decorate the apartment with bobble ribbon, you can set great accents in different colors or in neutral black or white.

Decorate your apartment – make a bobble ribbon yourself


Your ideas for decorating your home will be even more unique if you make the bobble ribbon yourself. That sounds complicated at first, but it’s actually not at all. At the end of the article, we have two great guides for you. In it, you will learn how to make pompons out of wool, as well as how to sew the pompoms onto a ribbon.

Glue or sew the bobble ribbon

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The bobble ribbon cannot only be sewn onto or to the fabric. You can also achieve a good fixation with glue. In this case, it is best to use textile glue or a hot glue gun. Also keep in mind that the glue may lose its effectiveness when it is washed in the washing machine and the bobble tape could fall off over time. In this case, it is best to wash by hand.

Ideas for decorating the apartment

decorate apartment-four-poster-idea-white-bobble-ribbon-bedroom

In this article, we would also like to give you some ideas for decorating your home with pillows and curtains, which in turn have been enhanced with bobble ribbons. You will be amazed what a wonderful impression this subtle accent makes in the interior. let yourself be inspired!

Curtains and drapes with bobble ribbon


In principle, as already mentioned, you only have to be able to sew something. Even beginners can dare to come up with ideas for decorating their homes. The bobble ribbon can be attached to the textile either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Colorful mix


You can combine different types of ribbons on the curtain to decorate your home. Create a monochrome or such a colorful design by using ordinary, shiny and bobble ribbons.



Black and white is a popular color combination for interior and apartment decorating. You can do the same with white curtains by adding a black bobble ribbon. In this way, the new accent also comes into its own.

Contrasting colors


Not only simple curtains can be nicely decorated with bobble ribbon. A patterned one is also suitable. Especially a combination of yellow and red looks very attractive and creates a happy mood.

Pompons and linen


Even rustic-looking fabrics such as linen are wonderfully suitable for decorating your home. If you find the fabric too subtle and boring, you still have the option of adding more pep with simple sewing work. You can do that again with a bobble strap. In this example, several rows have been created from the ribbons.

Decorate blinds and pleated blinds


Do you have no curtains or drapes in your apartment? No problem, because blinds and pleated blinds can also be wonderfully decorated with the bobble ribbon. For the pleated blind in this example, the lower edge was chosen for this purpose. But you can also decorate every fold.

Bathroom idea with a bobble ribbon


And the simple shower curtain in the bathroom can also handle a few colored accents, don’t you think? Especially in a neutrally furnished bathroom, you can add pep when decorating your apartment. Decorate the curtain, for example, at the top and bottom.

Linen in a brown tone

decorate apartment linen-rustic-brown-beige-curtain-bobble ribbon

The linen fabric can also be decorated with a similar shade of color. It doesn’t always have to be colorful. So if you prefer a neutral interior, you can use this example as an inspiration for decorating your home.

Decorate apartment – art deco bathroom


Black accents also look elegant in a white bathroom. The more discreetly these are used, the better. A black bobble ribbon adorns a simple, white curtain and goes wonderfully with the black mirror frame.


decorate-apartment-pink-throw pillows-pattern-white-romantic-vintage-bobble-ribbon-white

Even pillows look much more personable with a bobble strap. And since the decorative cushions should not be missing as a design element in the interior, you can highlight them wonderfully with subtle accents. We have put together some ideas for decorating the pillows with bobble ribbon below. Find the perfect inspiration for home decorating.

Bobbles of different sizes


Different large pompons can be wonderfully combined. Here you can see, for example, a combination of three pillows that are alternately decorated with larger and smaller bobble ribbons. This ensures a livelier look that you can also use to decorate your home.

Design flowers decoration

decorate apartment throw pillows-jewelry-pompons-flowers-colorful-sweaters

Would you like to decorate such original flowers for your home and use them to decorate the throw pillows? That is absolutely no problem. Simply wrap the bobble ribbons in a snail shape and sew each row to the next. After that, the finished flower can be sewn or glued onto the pillow.

Big pompons

decorate-apartment-gray-pillow-dot-pattern-white-bobble ribbon

Whether with small or large pompons, these accents make the decorative pillow look fantastically beautiful. If you have chosen a dot pattern for the pillow cases, we recommend that you choose the pile in the same color as the dots. In this way you avoid creating too colorful and intrusive designs when decorating your home.

Combine decorative pillows


If you decorate the sofa cushions with bobble ribbon, you don’t have to redesign all the pillows. But on the contrary! A single one is even more noticeable and comes into its own in the midst of the other pillows. When decorating your home, the following applies: less is more!

Festively decorate the apartment


You can design such decorative pillows depending on the season and even use scraps of fabric. These ideas are suitable, for example, for Valentine’s Day. But wonderful pillows for decorating your home can also be created for Easter, Christmas, spring or autumn. Let your imagination run wild!

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