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Decorate with pine cones for Advent – 9 simple craft ideas with instructions

tinker with pine cones for advent ideas instructions diy natural materials

The beautiful Advent season is approaching and you get back into the craft mood. If you are currently looking for beautiful craft ideas suitable for the Christmas season, you can try one of the following instructions. Namely, we found some Christmas crafts that you mainly use pine cones for. So if you like to do handicrafts with natural materials for Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our ideas for handicrafts with pine cones for Advent and, with the help of the instructions, create a great decoration with pine cones yourself, with which you can make your home Christmassy every year. The decoration ideas are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

What can you do with pine cones – a pretty little tree

tinker with pine cones for advent trees decoration inside outside garden veranda entrance area

This attractive decoration is unquestionably reminiscent of a boxwood in the shape of a ball, only that this variant does not require any maintenance. Get a styrofoam ball, lots of pins, glue and cones to make the tree with pine cones for Advent. You can buy pine cones or even better – collect them yourself while taking a walk in the forest or park. In itself, the tree is made very simple. It just takes a little more time. Glue the pin on the tip of the pine cone, after which you stick it into the styrofoam ball. You can also paint the styrofoam ball brown in advance to hide any gaps between the tenons. You can now display the finished ball in a bucket and make it frosty with a little white paint.

Tinker Advent decorations with cones and artificial snow

tinker with pine cones for advent artificial snow deco idea tinker ideas wind light

If you tinker with pine cones for Advent, you can use them for a wide variety of decorations. The cones can thus be made as a basis for other projects, so to speak. In addition to the pine cones, you also need glue and artificial snow and paper plates. Put some glue in one of the plates and the artificial snow in another. Now proceed in principle as with breading: Dip the cone first in the glue and then in the artificial snow and let it dry on a surface. By the way, you can also use desiccated coconut instead of artificial snow.

Gnomes tinker with pine cones for Advent

tinker with pine cones for advent imp gnomes elves felt instructions

If you are doing handicrafts with pine cones for the Advent season, you can also combine them with other popular materials. Felt, for example, is one such material that is also easy to work with. Decorate your home with such cute elves! To do this, first prepare the felt elements shown. Use the triangles to sew or glue the hats, the strips as a scarf, the heart-shaped parts for the feet and the rest as gloves. You glue all these elements to the pine cone with hot glue and you can set up the figures. They are also ideal as gifts, you don’t think so?

Make Christmas decorations with pine cones

tinker pine cones advent trailer ornament christmas decoration star stick

To make this beautiful star pendant look even more interesting, you can use two different types of cones. And apart from that, you don’t need anything more than glue for handicrafts with pine cones for Advent. Glue three of the smaller types of cones together. It is particularly easy to work with hot glue. Then use the larger pine cones to make the star tips. The pendants as craft ideas for Christmas are not only suitable for decorating the Christmas tree. They can also be used in other areas. Decorate the table, the window, the door or the wall.

Tinker mini fir trees for Christmas

tinker pine cones advent mini christmas tree seeds natural materials just do it yourself

You can even make small fir trees with pine cones for Advent. For this, however, you do not use the whole pine cones, as with the other projects, but only the seeds. You can easily cut these off with scissors and then sort them by size. In addition, you need a cardboard or paper cone, which you can make yourself if necessary. Now start to glue the seeds to the bottom edge of the cone with hot glue. When you have finished one row, continue with the next, with each new row overlapping the previous one a little. The seeds can get smaller towards the top. Smaller versions are desired, especially for the tip, so that a row can be designed without the cardboard underneath being visible.

Advent tinkering ideas – cute owls tinker with pine cones for Advent

tinker pine cones advent children owls cotton wool felt snow owl

How about this idea for a Christmas handicraft? For this purpose, pine cones are simply “stuffed” with white cotton wool to get the plumage of a snowy owl. Again, the easiest way to get the face and wings is with paper or felt and googly eyes. Really easy, isn’t it? Get started right away if you feel like making these owls with pine cones for Advent.

Make garland with cones

tinker advent pine cones garland gold eyelets screws simple christmas decoration

A garland with which you can decorate your home for the first time in Advent is extremely simple. Whether hanging freely in the room, on the wall or for the Christmas tree, the garland will undoubtedly be a real eye-catcher, especially because of the golden accents on the seeds. Using a brush, decorate the cones with gold paint. As soon as this has dried, insert such eyelets into the cones, they are used for hanging. Thread string through the eyelet and tie a knot to keep the pine cone from slipping. Otherwise the cones would all collect at the lowest point when hanging. In this way you can make a garland of any length with pine cones for Advent. All that remains is to decide where to hang it.

Make an advent wreath with pine cones

tinker advent pine cones wreath yourself make door wreath advent wreath styrofoam ring

Our last ideas for Christmas crafts is one of the most important decorative elements during the Advent season. What is meant, of course, is the beautiful Advent wreath, which delights us with its pleasant candlelight. It doesn’t always have to be a complicated arrangement. Just use a styrofoam ring that you decorate with pine cones. For designing, you can choose the technique from our first example with the pins or you can simply stick the pegs in place with glue. Then place the four candles in the middle, which you can write on or add such labels to.

tinker advent pine cones advent wreath christmas time christmas handicrafts plate

Alternatively, you can simply put the candles on a Christmas plate and spread pine cones around them. Use the cones in their natural color or paint them with transparent or colored paint, with golden paint, glitter or decorate them with artificial snow as above. You have the choice!