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Creative drawing techniques for painting with children – 28 original ideas

Painting and drawing are among the most popular activities for children of all ages. So that Painting with children For even more fun and further enhances the creativity of the little ones, you can try some original painting and drawing techniques. You will find many beautiful and creative ideas in this article!

Painting with children fingerprints-drawing-technique-birds-branch

Painting with children – the frottage drawing technique

Painting with children creative-drawing-techniques-frottage-autumn leaves

Frottage is an old printing technique that is also very popular among children. To do this, an object with a structured surface is placed under a sheet of paper and the sheet is then painted with pastel crayons, crayons or a blunt pencil. In this way, the surface structure is transferred to the sheet and a beautiful picture is drawn.

Creative painting with children – dot pattern

Painting with children dab-drawing technique-cotton swabs

Dabbing is a popular technique that is also useful for painting various pictures and objects. With simple cotton swabs that everyone has at home and gouache or acrylic paints, the children can paint certain elements or even entire pictures.

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“Dot-painting” – The art of the Aborigines in Australia


This form of dot painting was created in 1972 in Papunya, a small Aboriginal settlement in Australia. The young school teacher Geoffrey Bardon asked the Aborigines to present their stories of the dream time on canvas. Aboriginal art became known worldwide as a new art style and was called Papunya Tula.


Dot painting is perfect for elementary school art lessons and for elementary school children in general. This simple technique has a fascinating effect and can also be implemented in a modern way. You don’t have to be a talent for painting either. Motifs associated with Australia, such as kangaroos, lizards and snakes, are particularly suitable. In this way, the children can also learn more about the distant country through play.

Printing with bubble wrap


Hardly anyone who picks up bubble wrap can resist breaking the air bubbles with their fingers. But the bubble wrap is a beautiful material that is well suited for handicrafts. Air cushion film printing is particularly popular, as it creates a large number of random structures.

paint-kids-blister foil-fish-mural

With bubble wrap printing, children can paint a beautiful underwater picture. First the blue background is made. Then the silhouettes of two fish with orange acrylic paint. A piece of bubble wrap is then cut to the shape and size of the fish. Now paint on the bubble wrap with a brush and acrylic paint. Then turn the bubble wrap over, place it on the fish and carefully press it down. The same method can also be used to make white bubbles in the water. To put the finishing touches to the picture, children should paint the details on the fish and some seaweed.

Drawing technique for children with sponge

Painting with children creative-ideas-drawing-technique-sponges-paint

For creative painting with children, you can use different tools instead of the usual brush. With a sponge and gouache paints, your children can paint beautiful landscapes, bouquets of flowers and any animals. You can also cut the sponge into smaller pieces in a certain shape and use them as a stamp.

Paint with stains of paint

Painting with children creative-ideas-color-splatter-paper

Simple spots of color can be transformed into real works of art with this drawing technique. Give your child a piece of paper, paints and a brush. It should now paint several blobs of paint on the paper and then fold the sheet while the paint is still damp. Finally, unfold the sheet and find out what the picture looks like.

Painting with children – hand and footprints

painting-with-children-handprint-footprint painting technique

A very popular drawing technique that is really fun is painting with hand and footprints. There are special finger paints that allow children to draw creative pictures with fingers, feet, and hands. Painting with finger paints is not only fun, it also has positive effects on the children and their imaginations.

Paint creative pictures with finger paints


The drawing technique is simple – the child should simply dip their foot, hand or finger in the finger paint and then make an impression on a piece of paper. Then you can conjure up a popular animal or beautiful landscape out of the print together.

Painting with children – drawing technique with fingerprints


The special finger paints are suitable for both large and very small children, as they do not contain any harmful substances. If you use special finger paints instead of acrylic paints to paint with children, you can’t worry about your child’s hand accidentally ending up in their mouth.

Fists for painting with children


When the little ones paint with their hands, not only the fingers and palm can be used. With your fists you can conjure up creative pictures as well. The imprint of the fist is perfect for painting pumpkins or seahorses, for example.

Painting techniques for children in autumn


Impressions are always a good idea when drawing with children. If you’d rather keep your hands clean, you can consider drawing methods using different objects. With autumn leaves and matching colors, the children can paint colorful autumnal pictures.

Fruits and vegetables for painting


Another creative drawing technique to paint with with kids would be to use existing fruits and vegetables. For example, if your child wants to paint an apple or a pear, you can cut the corresponding fruit in half, dip it in color and make an exact impression.

Make your own stamps out of fruit and vegetables


You can make stamps for your children yourself from various fruits and vegetables in any shape. Then use the stamps while painting with children and create creative pictures. If a specific shape is required for the stamp, it is best to use a rough potato.

Make pusher paint for painting with children


With this drawing technique, beautiful pictures with a structured surface can be drawn with children. For this purpose, a pusher color is made from a tablespoon of flour, a tablespoon of salt, water and various food colors. When the picture is ready, it can be microwaved for 10-30 seconds to allow the color to set.

Painting and handicrafts with children

paint-with-children-cut-out-glue-tinker with motifs

The next drawing technique is a combination of painting and handicrafts. To do this, sheets of paper are first painted in any color and stencils are cut out of them. Then stick the stencils on a separate sheet and design a creative picture with the children.

Making marbled paper with children – the Ebru painting technique


This painting technique is called Ebru, and it involves painting pictures on water, or in this case milk, and then transferring them onto a sheet of paper. Oil paints and solvents are also required for this, as well as a container that is large enough for the sheet of paper.

Paint with soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are fascinating. It’s always great fun when the bubbles float through the air and eventually burst. You can also paint with soap bubbles and conjure up the greatest works of art! When painting with soap bubbles, children also experience what they can achieve with different uses of their breathing power. Blowing gently leads to a different result.

paint kids soap bubble idea pattern

You will need: Soap bubble mix (made of dish soap, water, sugar and glycerine), food coloring or watercolors, a baking sheet, a glass, a straw and white paper.

* If you are worried that small children will come into contact with detergent, you can use milk as an alternative. The milk bubbles are heavier than soap bubbles, but are just as suitable for abstract motifs.

Mix the bubble mixture with a few drops of food coloring in a glass. Place the glass in the middle of the baking sheet. Gently blow in with the straw. Lots of soap bubbles climb out of the glass and spread out on the tin. Then set the glass aside. Take a sheet of white paper and carefully place it on top of the soap bubbles. Then just let the work of art dry.

Drawing and painting with children – scratch pictures


Scratch marks are a creative activity for young and old. To make a scratch image yourself, you should paint a piece of cardboard with colored oil pastels. Then cover the sketch with a mixture of black gouache paint and soap. When the paint is dry, any pictures and motifs can be scratched on the cardboard with toothpicks or wooden skewers.

Drawing technique with cardboard


If you are looking for another alternative to the conventional brush, you can use small strips of cardboard. This makes it easy for the children to draw vertical and horizontal lines for houses and other buildings.

Use a dish brush instead of a paint brush for painting


When painting with children, all kitchen utensils and tools are a possible alternative to the brush. The following applies: the more unusual, the better. With the dish brush, for example, you can paint beautiful landscapes with autumn leaves or green leaves.

Nice drawing technique – the cracked paper


An interesting cracked effect is achieved with this drawing technique. First paint a whole picture with oil pastels and crumple it up. Then smooth the sheet again and paint it with dark paint. Finally, rinse the drawing with water and let it dry.

Painting with children – cling film for a marble effect

painting-with-children-drawing-technique-cling film-marble-effect

Creative effects can also be created on painted pictures with cling film. When the colors are still wet, the picture is covered with the plastic film. Now you should pinch the cling film a little to create a great marble effect.

paint-kids-kitchen roll-cling film

The cling film can also be wrapped around an empty kitchen roll, brushed with acrylic paint and then rolled over the paper. With yarn, bubble wrap and other materials, very different looks are created! Let the children experiment!


Stamp printing with toilet roll for the little ones


To print circles, take the bottom edge of the empty toilet roll. Put some color on a paper plate and dip the toilet roll into it. Now print on the paper with the stamps as you like. If the toilet roll is bent from one side, a heart stamp is created.

Watercolor and salt for nice effects


If you sprinkle some salt on a still wet painting with watercolor, the salt will soak into the colors and acquire a grainy effect. The illustrated drawing techniques for painting with children are fun, stimulate their imagination and encourage creativity.