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Create a DIY table decoration from a bouquet of flowers


The flowers for the decoration at weddings, including the table decorations, are not the most important part of the preparations for everyone. Some prefer it more simple and do not want to pay too much attention to them. And a simple vase or even a mason jar and some pretty flowers in it can really make a great effect. It really doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to create an impressive one DIY table decoration to shape from flowers. Likewise, there is no need to spend a lot of money and choose any exotic, extremely expensive flowers. With a little motivation and simple yet pretty flowers, you can easily create your own bouquets for the tables without wasting a lot of time and money because one DIY table decoration putting them together is neither a higher science nor frightening, on the contrary. It can be really fun to experiment. And your guests will love you!

Create a DIY table decoration from a bouquet of flowers with anemones


The following guide for a DIY table decoration will help you to put together a great bouquet of anemones that you can also use for your own wedding. The flowers bloom in May. So if your wedding takes place at this time, you can easily order it.

What you need for the DIY table decoration:


  • Flowers of your choice

    Different types of roses were used for the sample bouquet; Anemone; pink ranunculus; white ranunculus; pink pimelea; green, hanging amaranth and butcher’s broom.

  • a pair of flower scissors
  • Floral foam
  • a vessel for the flowers (in this case a bowl with a foot)

The instructions for the DIY table decoration:


  1. Prepare your flowers for pinning DIY table decoration before. Remove thorns, low leaves, and any broken petals. Under running, lukewarm water, cut 2.5 to 5 cm of the stems at an angle of 45 degrees. Then cut off any lower leaves that may later touch the water in your jar. Store the flowers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or drafts. Water the flowers for at least four to six hours.
  2. Cut the floral foam so that it fits into the container for the DIY table decoration fits. Dip the foam in a mixture of water and cut flower food. Simply put the foam in a bucket of water that contains cut flower food. Do not press the foam under the water, but let it sink by itself. The foam is ready as soon as it is under water and no more air bubbles come out of it.
  3. Design the shape and base of the bouquet for the DIY table decoration, by using the binding green. To do this, simply stick the stalks into the foam. Note that the angle you choose for this will determine how the tie green will stand. Butcher’s broom is the perfect choice for this. Because it is stable enough to determine the shape and at the same time fluid enough to create a vintage technique.
  4. Add to the bouquet as DIY table decoration add the hanging amaranth. Use the amaranth at the beginning to allow the hanging elements to come through the main flowers.
  5. First, add the larger flowers for that DIY table decoration added. That should be the roses with the larger blooms. Stick them in the foam and there will be enough space for the next flowers, including the anemones and ranunculus.
  6. So now it’s the turn of the anemones and ranunculus. If you are designing a bouquet yourself, it is helpful if you select a large main flower, secondary flowers, fillers and binding green in advance. In this case the main flowers are the roses, the anemone and ranunculus are the smaller, secondary flowers, the pink pimelea is the filler, and the amaranth and butcher’s broom are the binding green.
  7. The flowers that will be used as fillers come at the end. They should fill in the empty gaps. Use them to fill in any bare areas, as well as those that contain too much green or where the foam can be seen. Look at the bouquet from all sides and check that you have covered all of the areas. Once you are happy with the shape and size of your bouquet, you are with that DIY table decoration done.

The necessary steps 


Wedding decoration in white


A table decoration with spring flowers


 White anemones


 For the summer parties


 A delicate idea 


Centerpiece in white


 Nice idea  


 Anemones – wedding


 Nice decoration