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Crafting with straws – 3 great instructions and other tips

Handicrafts with straws lampshade-instructions-silver-geometric-decorative-silver

Handicrafts are so much fun when you can use the products properly. Materials that are easy to find in the household and do not require any special processing make the crafting process easier and also make it suitable for beginners and children. Crafting with straws is a very inexpensive leisure activity that encourages creativity and, with a little skill, can result in artistic works.

Handicrafts with straws – 1 step: Insert the drinking straws into each other

Crafting with straws-inserting-tips-procedure-ideas

The first step to a successful product made from straws is how they are inserted into one another, so that ultimately a stable configuration is created. From a purely static point of view, the simple construction of triangles is characterized as being really stable. This makes sense to build the desired figure from constructive triangles.

Handicrafts with straws – 2 step: Form structuresHandicrafts with straws -procedure-geometrical-structures-building-diy

When tinkering with straws, it is crucial how the individual elements are inserted into one another. One option would be to cut a bit of the starch crosswise so that the tube fits easily into another. Another variant would be to integrate a connecting element in it, which additionally stabilizes the structure produced and enables complicated figures.

Handicrafts with straws – make lampshades yourself

Handicrafts with straws -lampshade-instructions - geometric-body-figure-structure-decoration

Imaginative decoration can be tinkered with straws, and it is often not possible to tell that it actually consists of the cheap tubes. One idea of ​​this kind is to make a decorative lampshade that is similar to the very recent ones – made of wire. For this you need about 36 straws, string (thin thread or embroidery thread) and which small decorative beads made of wood or plastic. A suitable lamp suspension is also required to attach the lampshade to the ceiling.

Handicrafts with straws – lace up the drinking straws


The straws used in our example have a length of 12 cm, which can vary depending on the situation. You adjust the cords accordingly, but in principle 12 cords are each at least 36 cm long, preferably 40-42 cm. You pull the string through the tube with the help of a halved straw that is slit at the front. Alternatively, use a large embroidery needle.

Handicrafts with straws – connect the drinking straws


Follow the picture instructions step by step and first form triangles and then rhombuses – there should be 6 in total. Tie the cord tightly at the tip of each triangle and cut off the usual rest.

Handicrafts with straws – forming and connecting geometric structures


Crafting with straws and inserting decorative elements


You connect the diamonds with each other in the middle axis (as shown in the picture above with the dotted line). You are welcome to insert decorative beads made of wood or plastic between the elements. You should only pay attention to a suitable size so that you do not make the lampshade look “heavy”.

Crafting with straws – connecting the triangular structures into one whole


After making a row of diamonds, close the open edges at the top and bottom with other straws with other straws. A closed chain should result, which has a typical geometric structure of triangles. Now you should tie the chain together in a voluminous body.

Crafting with straws – forming a network of drinking straws


Tie the ends of the chain together as shown in the picture: a with a and b with b. Make sure that one end ‘b’ is left open. Tie together in an even ring and fasten in the three horizontal axes. The resulting figure should be a little more closed at the top and a little more open at the bottom.

Handicrafts with straws – lampshade with a geometric structure


The lamp suspension will be fixed to the slightly smaller edge above, which is why it should be really stable. In addition, fasten them straight through with whichever straws. There the figure is closed and produced very consistently. Tie tightly and cut off the excess string.

Handicrafts with straws – stabilize and fix the lampshade


The straws on the upper edge, which are marked with yellow and red dotted lines in the picture, stabilize the light lampshade construction made of straws. The lamp suspension is attached between the two yellow ones.

Get the lamp suspension and match the color of the lampshade


You can attach the lamp suspension to the ceiling as normal and adjust the length according to your personal wishes. To lend a ‘metallic’ character to the self-made lampshade, spray the straws and the lamp hanger with a suitable color in silver, copper or gold. Make sure that straws are made of plastic and that some spray paints are not suitable for this.

Handicrafts with straws – modern lampshade with a metallic character made from drinking straws 


Attach the lamp hanger to the lampshade produced and mount a light bulb. Our styling type: since the lampshade appears very reduced and the lightbulb is not covered, choose one with an unusual design that will emphasize the individual character of the lamp even more.

Make an attractive lampshade with a geometric structure yourself – from straws


Crafting with straws – DIY vase 

Tinker-straws-vase-instructions-tin-can-decoration-materials-hot glue

Nothing creates a happy mood more than fresh flowers and colorful motifs. You design two in one yourself with which particularly inexpensive materials. Make a vase out of a tin can and decorate it with colorful paper straws. To fix the drinking straws you still need transparent hot glue.

Decorate the tin can vase with colorful paper straws


First, clean the tin can of any label residue and sand off the sharp edges at the opening. Then adjust the straws to the size of the tin can and cut part of them if necessary. You attach the drinking straws around the tin can using transparent hot glue.

Crafting with straws – attach the paper straws to the tin can using hot glue

tinker-straws-vase-instructions-tin-can-paper-straws-hot glue-fix

Pull thin strips of transparent hot glue and attach the straws straight away so that no unclear glue residue is visible. Do not squeeze the straws too hard so as not to deform them. Please also note that the vase is used purely for decorative purposes and will not survive careful rinsing with water.

Handicrafts with straws – colorful vase with an individual character


Handicrafts with straws – make wall decorations yourself with children

tinker-straws-children-decoration-monogram-colored-paper-straws-picture frame-white

Straws are particularly suitable for handicrafts with kids. The colorful patterns of the paper straws look very cheerful and the material can be described as child-friendly. A great idea is to make a monogram with a colorful grid very easy. For this you need a template of the desired letter, a sheet of construction paper, straws, pencil and scissors.

Handicrafts with straws – make your own monogram with children


Use the template to record the desired letter. Consider the right size – the picture frame in which the product will be placed later comes into question here. Cut pieces from the straws that you will fit in the shape of the letters. Fix with suitable glue and after the drying time put in picture frames.

Crafting with straws and putting in the frame


Make DIY wall decorations with children – monogram


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