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Crafting with lavender – 3 great DIY ideas with simple instructions

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If you are able and have your own garden or at least a balcony, then it is definitely worth growing a lavender plant or two. Because only a few plants are as universally applicable as lavender. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also used in various cosmetic products and cleaning agents. Both children and adults tolerate the fragrant herb very well and with practically no side effects. The distinctive scent avoids ants, moths, mosquitoes and lice and works perfectly as a natural, environmentally friendly means of repelling insects. In teas and herbal blends or in the form of an essential oil, lavender helps with its aroma against sleep disorders, restlessness and blemished skin. The lavender oil can be used wonderfully for body care. You can also make wonderful decorations and small gifts yourself from the dried flowers of the plant. Handicrafts with lavender are a lot of fun and really great things can also result. We present 3 DIY ideas with simple instructions.

Handicrafts with lavender – fragrant decorations, gifts and body care

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Fragrant lavender sachets are a wonderful DIY idea that you can easily realize yourself with a little time and skill. The result exudes an irresistible fragrance and pleases not only the eye, but also the senses. The scented sachets become a beautiful home accessory and at the same time have a particularly useful side effect – they keep the moths away. So you can immediately make a small cloth bag filled with dried flowers and hang it in the closet. When the sachet slowly begins to lose its fragrance, take it in your hands and simply knead it vigorously. It will give off a pleasant lavender scent again. Of course, over time, the scented sachet loses its effectiveness and the filling has to be replaced with fresh ones.

Crafting with lavender: scented sachets


If you feel like doing handicrafts with lavender and would like to make fragrant lavender bags yourself, then you need the following:

  • a piece of fabric of any size (rectangular or, best of all, square)
  • dried lavender flowers
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • optional: a piece of ribbon to tie and hang

In principle, you can use all parts of the plant for your lavender sachets, but the flowers are the most aromatic. If you want to make a larger bag, stone pine shavings from untreated wood or spelled grains are suitable as fillers. Mix these with dried lavender herbs depending on the size and the desired fragrance intensity. The best material for the self-made lavender bags is linen or pure cotton. Fabrics of natural origin are breathable and resistant and are therefore perfect for our purpose. They also have a decorative character that is ideal for craft ideas.


First cut the fabric. You can either cut two equally sized, square pieces of fabric or take a larger one and fold it in half. This saves you sewing from one side. If you have decided on the variant with two pieces, then place the two next to each other so that the pretty side faces inwards. Now sew the hem on three sides and leave the fourth open. Now you have to fill the bag. First turn the sack so that the beautiful side is on the outside. Fill with lavender flowers that you have mixed thoroughly with spelled grains beforehand. This works best with a small teaspoon. When the small bag is relatively full, fold the top end so that it almost touches the filling. Now sew the folded edge of the fabric shut so that the lavender does not fall out and the opening is nice and clean. Finally, you can also tie a gift ribbon so that the bag can later be hung on the hanger or elsewhere.


Similarly, a herbal sleep pillow can be designed and filled with enough lavender flowers. It soothes, contributes to a sound sleep and helps with sleep disorders. It will also keep the house dust mites away.

Handicrafts with lavender – decorative scented candles


With self-poured scented candles you conjure up a decorative light and an individual room fragrance at the same time. We show you how it works. Design a scented candle in a glass according to your own taste or as a gift for your loved ones. Basic materials:

  • (old) candle wax and / or candle wax granulate
  • wick
  • Wooden skewer
  • Jar for the candle
  • Lavender flowers
  • Optional: additional fragrance and possibly wax color


Put the candle wax in a saucepan and slowly heat it in a water bath. Note that after melting, the wax will decrease in volume a little. Let it melt completely.


In the meantime, prepare the desired candle shape or glass. Cut the candle wick so that it is longer than the height of the vessel. First you need to fix the wick to the bottom of the candle with a few drops of wax. Then attach the top end to the wooden skewer and set it to the edge of the glass so that the wick stays in the center upwards.


Now you can pour in the wax in portions and when it has become a bit hard, sprinkle a few lavender flowers on it. Lavender oil or other essential oils can be added as desired.

Handicrafts with lavender: Lavender body peeling

tinker-lavender-body-care-diy-body-scrub-body peeling

This body peeling or body scrub is really easy to do yourself. It consists of only a few ingredients, but they have a flattering effect on the skin. The sugar removes the dead skin. The coconut oil cares for dry skin and keeps it moist. The lavender oil has an antiseptic and calming effect. After application, the skin becomes soft and tender. Try it out!

  • 250 grams of sugar
  • 60 g coconut oil
  • 2 – 3 teaspoons of dried lavender flowers
  • 10-20 drops of lavender oil

First, put the sugar and lavender flowers in a bowl and mix in thoroughly with a mixing spoon. Then add the lavender oil. Be careful as it is very intense. Lastly, give the coconut oil. It should be liquid or you will have to melt it beforehand. Let the coconut oil cool down at room temperature, otherwise it can melt the sugar. Fill the finished body scrub into a clean jar with a lid and your homemade body scrub is ready. It is perfect as a present for Mother’s Day or a birthday. Otherwise, of course, you can use it to improve your beauty & Complement wellness products.