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Crafting with iron-on beads – 12 ideas & templates for Christmas

Fuse beads are an original and practical thing and perfect for handicrafts. A wide variety of figures can be made with them. And the system for Crafting with iron-on beads is not difficult at all. After you have put the desired figure together on a mat, place a piece of baking paper on top. Make sure the figure is also on a flat surface. Turn your iron on and let it get warm. Then move it over the baking paper in a circular motion so that the pearls begin to melt and stick to each other. You are also welcome to proceed in pieces. Then let the figure get cold and you can remove the baking paper and enjoy your decoration. Crafting with iron beads is a great idea if you are looking for an easy way to craft.

tinker iron beads decorations christmas fir candy cane bauble

Crafting with iron-on beads – colorful snowflakes

Crafting with iron-on beads, snowflakes, colorful stars, winter deco

In the following, we have put together some great ideas for crafting with iron-on beads for Christmas, which you can use as a template. So this is perfect when you have no ideas or you are having a hard time putting together a character without a template. We wish you a lot of fun and success with crafting with iron-on beads. And don’t forget to let your children be part of it.

Angels tinker with iron on beads

Handicrafts with iron-on beads christmas angel idea children pendants

Angels are a popular figure at Christmas time. For this reason, you can also use them as an idea for crafting with iron-on beads. If the angel had to be imagined freely, it would be a complicated task. With the right template, like this one, it’s certainly no longer a problem, right?

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Snowman as a craft idea

Crafting with iron beads snowman idea template winter

You can use the snowman as a decoration not only for Christmas, but throughout the winter. You can of course choose the colors for the scarf yourself. There are no limits to tinkering with plug-in beads.

Christmas tree decorations made from iron beads

tinker iron beads christmas tree balls idea light blue red white

Decorate your Christmas tree with this type of Christmas tree ornament. You can choose a wide variety of colors and shapes. Perhaps your child would also like to have their own Christmas tree in their room this year. In this case, it can also design the jewelry itself.

Make snowflakes in white and blue

tinker with iron beads winter snowflakes white blue easy

Snowflakes are a must for winter and Christmas time. Whether as Christmas tree decorations, window decorations, as coasters or as decoration for the wall, a wintry atmosphere is guaranteed. When making snowflakes with iron-on beads, shades of blue and the color white are particularly suitable. But colorful variations are of course also allowed.

Iron on beads in the oven

tinker iron beads diamond fir heart butterfly idea simply bake

An equally very interesting and even simpler variant for crafting with iron-on beads is this one with the use of cookie cutters. These are filled with the pearls and put in the oven until they melt.

tinker iron beads cookie cutter plaetzchen melting oven

However, the molds should definitely be heat-resistant. You can hang up the finished figures together with the cookie cutters or remove them beforehand. But let the figures cool down beforehand!

Tinker 3D figures

tinker iron beads 3d reindeer idea wall decoration christmas

If you want to be able to set up the figures, then such 3D variants are a great choice. Two or more parts are plugged together. This original reindeer as an idea for handicrafts with iron beads is wonderfully suitable as a wall decoration.

Christmas tree instructions

tinker iron beads 3d christmas tree instructions green yellow star

Here are instructions for a Christmas tree that can be set up. For this purpose, small gaps are left in the two parts, which, as mentioned above, are then plugged into one another. There is also a small pad on which the tree itself is stuck.

Fuse beads templates for Christmas

tinker iron beads bell ornaments christmas decorations diy instructions

Here you can see great figures that can be used as Christmas tree decorations. There is a bell, a Christmas tree ball and other shapes. The templates can be changed as required.

Fuse beads template for a snowflake 

Tinker iron beads template snowflake idea romantic decoration

 Do you want to decorate your house for winter with lots of snowflakes. Then you can choose this shape. After tinkering with iron-on beads, you can tie a string to one of the prongs and use the figure as a pendant. But the snowflakes are also well suited as coasters for a winter table.

Iron-on bead ideas for Scandinavian elves

Tinker bead ideas for Christmas elves

Fuse beads template for Christmas Swedish Gnome Tomte

Fuse beads ideas for Christmas Scandinavian pixies templates