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Crafting with fabric without sewing – 8 creative ideas to make yourself

Crafting with fabric without sewing colored-fabric leftovers-ballet skirt-kaestchen-heart pillow-red-blue-orange-green-clutch-bag

Scraps of fabric – they can be found in every household. If you have more fabric at home that you don’t really need, don’t throw it away. With a little creativity and skill, you can use the scraps of fabric that you don’t know what to do with, for example, to make soft pillows, fashion accessories and much more. Check out our ideas for Crafting with fabric without sewing at. They are easy to make and you don’t even need a sewing machine.

Crafting with fabric without sewing – cutlery bag

Crafting with fabric without sewing cutlery bag-jute-brown-white-glue gun-brown-slip of paper

This chic cutlery bag can be easily tinkered from jute fabric without sewing. All you need is a glue gun, paper stencil, and white acrylic paint. If you want, you can write a small piece of paper with the name of your guest or another short message, as shown in the picture, and attach it to the cutlery pocket.

Crafting with fabric without sewing for the nursery

Crafting with fabric without sewing tipi-tent-wood-slats-colored-fabric-leftovers-pillows-white-fur-carpet

If you have several long scraps of fabric, you can construct this colorful tipi tent for your children. In addition to fabric in strips, you also need wooden slats of the same length, rope, drill, glue gun, and decorations, if you want.

First the construction has to be put together

Tinkering with fabric without sewing tipi-tent-wood-battens-drilling-rope-construction

Drill holes for the rope in one of the ends of the wooden slats as shown in the picture. Tie the ends with the holes together. The rope must go through the holes. The other ends of the wooden slats must be firmly on the floor and far apart. The construction does not have to wobble.

Cover the tipi tent with the fabric

Crafting with fabric without sewing tipi-tent-colorful-fabric-scraps-tie-around-wood-slats

Cut the scraps of fabric into long strips. Braid the strips from top to bottom around the wooden slats. Glue the ends of the strips to the wooden slats. Make sure that there are no holes. The more different fabrics you use, the more colorful and fun the tipi tent looks.

Decorate the finished tipi tent with Indian decorations


Cover the construction to the floor. You can decorate the tent with feathers or with a dream catcher. Put soft colorful pillows and a small rug in the tipi. So the tent is ready for lots of fun games.

Tutu tutu for little princesses

tinker-fabric-without-sewing-ballet skirt-colorful-fabric-remnants-blue-checkered-bow-tinker-with-children

This skirt can be tinkered quickly and easily from colorful strips of fabric. You need scraps of fabric with a floral pattern in pink, lilac, yellow or in other colors of your choice, scissors and elastic band, glue gun. You can use the sewing machine and thread only if you want to.

First prepare the elastic band

tinker-fabric-without-sewing-ballet skirt-white-elastic-scissors-do it yourself

Cut a piece of elastic band, it needs to be long enough to fit your child’s waist size. Tie or glue the two ends of the elastic together. You can also sew them with a sewing machine or by hand.

Tie the strips of fabric on the elastic

tinker-fabric-without-sewing-ballet skirts-colored-fabric-remnants-stripes-white-tie-elastic

Take a piece of fabric in the color you want and tie it around the elastic as shown in the picture. The strips of fabric need to be long enough so that when they are folded in half, they will be a suitable length for your child’s height.

Tie the strips side by side on the elastic band

tinker-fabric-without-sewing-ballet skirt-colored-fabric-remnants-white-elastic

Tie as many pieces of fabric as you want. So the tutu tutu is ready. You can add small bows in the color of your choice to make the skirt even more colorful and beautiful.

Soft dog bed made of fleece fabric


Make this cozy bed for your dog. You’ll need a large piece of fleece or an old fleece blanket, cotton or other filler, and scissors.

Measure and cut the fleece fabric


Cut two equal, round pieces out of the fleece fabric. They must be roughly taller than your dog. Mark with needles about 10 cm from the edge of each fleece circle.

Fill the dog bed and finish


Make cuts with the scissors that go about 10 cm in the fleece fabric circle, as shown in the picture. Make sure that the small strips are about an inch wide. Place the two fleece circles on top of each other and tie their strips together. Before you tie all the strips together, don’t forget to fill the bed with cotton wool.

Small heart pillows without sewing


Crafting with fabric without sewing is easy and a lot of fun. These cute heart pillows are made in much the same way as the dog bed. You need soft scraps of fabric (felt or fleece is best) in two colors, scissors, cotton wool and a ballpoint pen.

Cut heart shapes out of the fabrictinker-fabric-without-sewing-heart-pillow-red-blue-scissors-tie-do-it-yourself

Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other and cut out two equal heart shapes. Draw a heart with lines 4 cm from the edge. Cut small strips as shown in the picture. The cuts only have to reach the marking. Tie the strips from the two layers together.

Fill the heart pillow with cotton wool


Before tying all the strips together, fill the heart pillow with cotton wool. Cut the ends of the small strips.

Crafting with fabric without sewing – a chic cardboard jewelery box and colorful residual materials

Tinker-fabric-without-sewing-jewelry box-round-colored-fabric-scraps-do-it-yourself

You can easily make such a fancy box yourself. You need colorful scraps of fabric, cardboard, paper tape, cotton wool, glue and scissors.

First make the box out of cardboard


Cut strips and circles out of the cardboard and stick them together with the paper tape, as shown in the picture. The result should be a small round cardboard box with a lid.

Continue tinkering with the soft lid


Take some cotton wool or other filling and place it on the top of the lid. Cut a round piece out of the brightly colored fabric. The piece must have a radius that is approximately 1-2 cm larger than the radius of the round cardboard lid. Glue the fabric on the lid as shown in the picture.

Cover the edge of the lid with fabric


Cut a strip of the brightly colored fabric. Cut out another strip of thin cardboard. Glue the fabric first on the cardboard strip, then on the edge of the lid as shown in the picture. Cut out the leftovers. Cut two circles out of the thin cardboard. You must be able to enter the lid and the box. Cut circles of a different color out of the fabric and place them on top of each other as shown.

Decorate the lid and the box with fabric


Glue the cardboard and fabric circles together. The matching circle goes into the lid and is attached with glue. Another strip is cut out of the colorful fabric. With this the small jewelry box is covered from the outside.

The jewelry box also needs a cover for the walls


The cardboard circle covered with fabric goes to the bottom of the box and is attached with glue. A cover for the inside of the box is made in the same way.

The final step and the round jewelry box is already done


Install the cardboard cover in the box as shown in the picture. Cut a circle, the shape of which corresponds to the bottom of the box, and glue it on.

Crafting with fabric without sewing – cute apron made from two layers of scraps of fabric


To make this cute apron yourself, you need two thin pieces of fabric of the same size (or two old scarves for example), scissors, ribbon, iron and ironing tape.

Preparation of the materials


First, fold the one piece in two. Place ironing tape between the two ends as shown and iron so that they stick together. Repeat with the other piece of fabric.

Glue the fabrics and the bow together


Use the ironing tape to glue the two pieces of fabric and the bow together. So the apron is ready. Of course, you can experiment with the fabrics and colors or add decoration with the hanger band.

Modern clutch bag made from placemat and old belt


Another idea for crafting with fabric without sewing – a chic clutch bag. It is easy to make and the materials are very cheap. Take a placemat in the color you want and fold it as shown. Glue with the help of glue gun and let dry. Make a hole in the belt so that it fits the size of the bag.

A chic clutch bag with a belt is already ready


Tape the belt to the back of the bag so that it doesn’t fall when you open the bag. To make the belt stick on better, put something heavy on it until the glue dries out.

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