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Crafting with bark for Christmas – 23 creative ideas

tinker bark pretty stars christmas tree pendants decorate

We have a great idea how you can give your Christmas decorations a rustic look or add to it. Use bark. You have the option at Crafting with bark cut out certain figures directly from the bark. Another variation is to use smaller pieces of bark to shape the surface of a particular figure. However, if you want to cover things like lanterns or other cylindrical decorations with bark, you should use bark that is as thin and elastic as possible. Birch is particularly suitable for this.

Handicrafts with bark in gray

tinker with bark door wreath deco rustic christmas gray

We have put together wonderful inspirations that you can use while crafting with bark to create unique decorations. You can also combine these wonderfully with other natural materials. But such rustic bark accents also look wonderful in modern furnishings. But the best thing to do is to get started with handicrafts with bark.

Handicrafts with bark – poinsettia

tinker with bark star decoration birch branches pieces of christmas

Cut a star out of a piece of wood without removing the bark first. This gives the star an original look. Frame the star with sliced ​​twigs.

Funny reindeer idea

tinker bark reindeer wall decoration outdoor eyes nose rudolph

You can also use bark to make such a reindeer as a wall decoration. Use split bark for this purpose or split it yourself. To make bark for this figure, add eyes and a red Rudolph nose.

Small bark reindeer

tinker bark reindeer idea pendant jewelry rustic

Cut out reindeer from a piece of wood. Again, you can keep the bark. Another variant of this decoration for handicrafts with bark is to cover the wood with the bark by gluing it on. You can also use small pieces for this, like the stars on the cover picture.

Dress up Christmas candles with bark

tinker bark candles dress up rustic bowl wood birch

You can create a rustic Christmas decoration by using bark to cover candles. As already mentioned, birch bark is best suited for this, as it is flexible.

Owl made from bark

tinker bark owl idea natural materials simply deco

Decorate the apartment with a rustic, personable owl. You can use some other natural materials to create a beak and eyes. This crafting idea is really extremely easy to implement.

Idea for a wooden owl

tinker bark owl cut eyes funny figure

Here you have another idea for crafting with bark, where you use the bark to stick on. The Christmas decorations are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Bark heart

tinker bark heart idea diy natural materials yarn

In addition to Christmas motifs, you can also use romantic hearts for Christmas decorations. After all, the festival is associated with love. The hearts are not only suitable as wall decorations, but also to decorate the Christmas tree or the windows.

Christmas tree decorations made from bark

tinker bark evergreen trailer romantic glue loop

This Christmas tree decoration is extremely original and not at all difficult to make afterwards. Cut out flaky pieces from thin bark. Other shapes are also suitable for this purpose. In principle, as with any handicraft project, you can let your imagination run wild.

Tinker with modern table decorations

tinker with bark fir tree diy instructions glue table decoration

Besides you get an afternoon off and you can tinker with this idea with bark. Shape a cone out of paper and glue the ends together. After that, prepare pieces of bark that you glue onto the cone as shown.

Make acorns and squirrels

tinker with bark christmas tree decorations fir-green squirrel mushrooms

The pretty bark was cut into the shape of a squirrel, acorns and mushrooms and then decorated with gold paint. If the bark is thin enough, you can just use scissors for this purpose.

Christmas figures

tinker bark christmas tree decorations fir stars wood design

If you want to design your Christmas tree in a rustic way, you can make several pieces of the figures with bark. Then add holes and thread or string and you can hang up the jewelry.

Craft idea for a Christmas tree ball

tinker bark styrofoam balls glue instructions jewelry christmas

Get some styrofoam balls. With them you can not only design this great Christmas tree ball, but also many other things. If you would like to try this variant for handicrafts with bark, simply follow the instructions.

Crafting with buttons

tinker bark rustic fir deco buttons metal sticks

Stick buttons on triangular bark and you will receive mini Christmas trees in a rustic style. You can now stick the decorations in flower pots or use them as pendants.

Garland of bark

tinker bark garland rings christmas tree snow

You will need elastic bark for this idea too. The rings can form a great garland that you can use to decorate the fir tree, mantelpiece, wall or window.

Handicrafts with bark – decorate the table

tinker bark diy table decoration napkin ring pendant heart flower

You can easily make a napkin ring from bark, which you can use to decorate the banquet table. The flower and heart shaped pendants can also be used wonderfully for Christmas decorations.

Combine moss and bark

tinker bark letter birch christmas ornament glass transparent

The letter stands for “Merry Christmas”, which means “Merry Christmas” in English. But if you turn it over, it is also perfect for decoration in a German household. Another idea is to fill a transparent glass or plastic ball with bark. We hope you enjoyed the ideas for crafting with bark.